Are Rockport Shoes True To Size? Update Your Thoughts On This Famous Footwear Brand

DATE: May 31, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Apart from ruling the footwear industry by offering outstanding orthotic solutions for years, Rockport shoes are also reliable when it comes to saving a few bucks yet getting the highest-quality shoes. But are Rockport shoes true to size?- this has been an endless debate among the customers for so many years. 

The answer is going to make you happy as Rockport shoes fit absolutely true to their sizes. So, if you’re considering giving this believable brand a try, stick to your regular size keeping your eyes closed. You’re not going to regret it! 

As Rockport manufactures a wide range of versatile foot gears, let’s explore some of their most popular walking shoes below to trace what they actually have in store for you!

Are Rockport Shoes True To Size: This Review Let You Find Out the Answer

Rockport combines both class and comfort in their best-ever walking shoes. No other brand can offer such fashionable footwear in the minimum budget. Let’s dig deeper into their commendable craftsmanship by analyzing the seven best Rockport shoes below!

Have a look at the quick comparison below before moving into the elaborated analysis. 

Top Pick

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

  • Unfailing rubber sole optimizes the ultimate lenience 
  • The genuine leather material makes the shoes easy to maintain
  • Fights foot fatigue with the super comfortable latex foam footbed 
  • Absorbs shocks and impacts better with the EVA midsole 
  • The san Crispino construction offers a day-long durability 

First, on the list, we have an amazing rubber sole shoe for men. Let’s explore what core specifications it comes with.

If you need a pair of leather shoes that come with outstanding stability, go for this pair right now!

Apart from providing incredible grip and traction, the reliable rubber outsole also ensures your safety on irregular surfaces. And the breathable mesh lining wicks moisture to make you feel fresh throughout a hectic day. 

Need amazing arch support to fight back foot frazzles? Put your trust in the latex foam footbed that adds some extra cushioning to let your feet relax. 

Moreover, the padded collar comes as an aid to prevent blisters as well. 

However, the only disappointing factor is the sole which could have been a bit more magnificent. And the upper leather could have been a bit softer. Other than that, the pair does justice to the brand’s name! 

Runners Up

Rockport Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe

  • The genuine nubuck leather is great for regular use
  • A soft and breathable interior keeps your feet cool
  • Easily wearable due to the adjustable lace closure 
  • A great fit for your feet being made for different shapes and sizes
  • Superior shock absorption due to the truTECH feature

The second place of this Rockport review is occupied by another pair of walking shoes for a good reason, of course. Let’s see why it has been handpicked.

Being available in two different colors, black and dark brown, this Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe is made to rule over any casual shoe out there. With genuine leather architecture, they steal the show by offering comfort and convenience at their best.

If you are someone who relies on the Rockport shoe sizing reviews, you’ll love these walking shoes more. Because they are outstandingly genuine to the size chart giving the snuggest possible fit ever. 

Besides, the well-arranged rubber outsole is pretty long-lasting to make your walking session pleasant. And the latest TruFLEX technology to give you sufficient heel support. 

Although the pair goes soft pretty quickly, we hope that wouldn’t be an issue.

Runners Up
Rockport Men's M7100 ProWalker Shoe

Rockport Men’s M7100 ProWalker Shoe

  • The lace-up design is meant to offer an ideal fit
  • Fights rash and blister, thanks to the cushioned insole 
  • Long-lasting rubber outsole for long-wearing session
  • A special walking platform construction gives better forefoot flexibility 
  • Provides personalized fitting due to the cradling EVA footbed.

Next, on the list, we came up with a pair of professional-grade walking shoes. The core specifications are as follow.

If comfort is your priority, then put your faith in these Pro Walking boots from your favorite fashion footwear brand, Rockport. 

Not only do they look extremely classy and elegant but also the polished leather upper redefines classic styles of shoes in a new way. No matter how bumpy terrain you have to encounter, rest assured your feet would face no irritation, thanks to the padded tongue and collar.

Being made of pure leather, these are extremely easy to clean. In fact, the sparkling outlook gets better with time. And the wide base of arch support only adds some more amenities to keep you balanced. 

Nevertheless, they don’t work that great in rain and snow. For better support on rainy days, try the Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe from the same brand. 

Runners Up

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

  • The full-grain leather upper looks bright and beautiful 
  • Controls temperature to maintain a comfortable foot environment 
  • Better balance and stability with the wide-base heel construction 
  • Reduces foot fatigue and irritation by providing enough cushioning 
  • Most comfortable walking shoes with the inclusion of Total Motion Technology.

Now, it’s time to dig into this Rockport legend that came as sensational walking footwear to overshadow all other casual walking shoes. The salient features include-

If you are worried about adding some extra miles to your everyday walking schedule, no need to be. These classic walking shoes are there to help you out!

Perhaps, the most interesting fact about these world-class shoes is that they keep you moving even at your worst. In fact, it takes the word comfort to the next level literally by offering the most flexible footsteps ever. 

However, Rockport didn’t forget your style concern. So, don’t worry. Apart from providing boundless comfort and confidence, these shining shoes match your style preference as well. You can pair them

On this spot, we will discover amazing waterproof foot support from Rockport to explore its core amenities. 


  • 100% leather material makes the shoes easily maintainable 
  • The slip-resistant outsole is great for better stability 
  • Best for rainy days, the waterproof leather keeps the shoes protected
  • The regular lace-up design permits a customized fit
  • Versatile, flexible, and practical shoes with a mid-cut boot outlook 

As a Rockport pair, this versatile shoe is one of the most popular inclusions in the waterproof category. The lightweight feature is no joke when it comes to battle hostile weather conditions, particularly on rainy days. 

One good thing about these rugged and robust foot gears is that they come with slip-resistant outsoles to keep you safe regardless of the trails you’re walking on. Besides, the sleek and smooth appearance makes it a good fit even with suits. 

To add more, the hydro-shield construction says it all with the waterproof leather material, sealed seams, and water-resistant insole. 

Nevertheless, they lack arch support, particularly for those suffering from severe arch issues. In that case, Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe would do a better job.


Runners Up
Rockport Men's Classic Penny Loafer.

Rockport Men’s Classic Penny Loafer

  • The prettily polished pattern of the loafer is meant for any occasion
  • Genuine leather upper to clean and maintain easily 
  • Fast and facile slip-on style makes it effortlessly wearable
  • Amazing shock-absorbing capability with adequate cushioning 
  • The sponge EVA footbed allows a custom fit

As Rockport is synonymous with versatility, next, let us serve you with the review of an ingenious pair of loafers from their top-ranked collections. minent particularities are

If you are looking for the most all-around shoes on a budget, don’t waste your time and bless yourself with these beauties before they run short! From regular use to attending a party, this single pair will let you stroll the street with grace and confidence. 

Furthermore, if you’re tired of dealing with leg fatigue, not anymore. The polyurethane outsole absorbs impacts and shocks at its best to let your feet keep relaxed.

However, a slightly bothersome issue is that they might feel a bit tight at the beginning. But it would be okay over time. Otherwise, the Rockport Men’s Get Your Kicks Blucher Fashion Sneaker can offer you a more comfortable wearing experience.

Runners Up

Rockport Men’s Get Your Kicks Blucher Fashion Sneaker

  • The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole is designed for safety and solace
  • Well-ordered workmanship makes the shoes durable
  • The latest classic delineation keeps pace with today’s fashion fume
  • Incomparable forefoot flexibility due to the Strobel construction 
  • Manage the lightweight ergonomic easily when you are on the move.

Lastly, we have a pair of sneakers from Rockport, reasonably being the most stylish one on the list. Let’s see what prominent features it offers.


  • The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole is designed for safety and solace
  • Well-ordered workmanship makes the shoes durable
  • The latest classic delineation keeps pace with today’s fashion fume
  • Incomparable forefoot flexibility due to the Strobel construction 
  • Manage the lightweight ergonomic easily when you are on the move

Rockport engineered these out-of-the-world men’s shoes to make history in the fashion footwear industry. Needless to say, they did that with these fantastic fashion sneakers right away!

Besides being comfortable and fashionable, they outperform many walking shoes in terms of grip and traction. Also, these shoes are the best deal for people having serious back issues. 

To add more, they are super lightweight. So, you don’t feel a burden even if you wear them a day long. Moreover, the EVA memory foam adds some more conveniences. 

We suggest ordering these in the usual size as these strictly follow the Rockport shoe size chart. 

However, the only issue we found was that the fabrics break down quickly. Other than that, it’s a great deal indeed!

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Clarks Vs. Rockport Shoes

Clarks Vs. Rockport Shoes
Clarks Vs. Rockport

In the fashion footwear arena, both Clarks and Rockport have been close competitors for years. Despite having some resemblances, they do have some contrariety to set them apart. So, between these two tough competitions, which brand is worthier of your belief. Let’s investigate! 


Between Clarks and Rockport shoes, the first one is constructed with lightweight material and notably lighter than the second one. 


Rockports are a bit pricier than Clarks. So, if you need similar quality shoes on a shoestring budget, go for Clarks. 


Despite being costlier, Rockport overshadows Clarks in terms of its rugged and robust structure. Therefore, they are more durable as well. 


Rockport needs a minimum break-in period to offer a flexible fitting. But they are true to the claimed size. On the other hand, Clarks’ shoes are genuinely on point from the very first day. Although they keep squeaking for the first few days which is pretty annoying. 


Finally, we cannot but commend the Rockport shoes’ wide-width design and tremendous traction to be the comfiest shoes ever. So, they are the clear winner in this race. 

Timberland Vs. Rockport

Timberland Vs. Rockport
Timberland Vs. Rockport

Another everlasting confusion among the footwear fanatics is regarding the supremacy of the two opposing brands, Timberland and Rockport. Let’s explore which brand outperforms the other. 

  • Between Rockport and Timberland, the latter one requires more break-in periods as they are a little tougher in construction. 
  • Rockport, on the other hand, makes more comfortable shoes for distance walking. 
  • Both offer wide arrays of versatile shoes. But Timberland falls short in offering so many variations like Rockport both in casual and formal footwear. 
  • In terms of price, Rockport is ahead again as they are more budget-friendly and reasonable.
  • Rockport runs genuine to their sizes. Besides, they offer more width. Timberland boots, on the contrary, usually run big in most cases. And they don’t have as many options for wide boot collections as Rockport. 
  • In terms of endurance, both shoes are well-built to endure tough terrain. Though, Tims will charge a few more bucks than Rockport. 

Buying Guide

To help you in buying men’s shoes, we prepared the comprehensive guideline below that depicts the deciding factors for Rockport shoes to be worth investing in. Have a close look at the crucial components then!


The first fact you should consider is what the shoes are made of. The making material can really make the difference, you know! For instance, full-grain leather is an ideal shoe material that is very easy to clean, wash, and maintain. 

Furthermore, it’s quite flexible. So, we recommend choosing Rockport offerings that come in genuine leather. 


It’s said that when you are not in your bed, you will be in your shoes. So, comfort should be the topmost priority for picking shoes, be it for casual use or work purposes. 

Rockport shoes are known for their comfy wearing experience in long walking or standing hours. Just check for the specifications whether it has sufficient arch and heel support or not. Otherwise, you will be battling blisters.


As Rockport makes amazing working shoes, you’ll mostly use them outside. In that case, waterproofness is a mandatory feature to look for. In wet weather due to snow or rain, you need better balance and grip, right? 

Then, waterproof shoes with a breathable lining should be on your pre-purchase checklist. 

Size and Width

For any sort of shoes, regular or occasional, proper fitting is needed. Otherwise, you cannot wear them no matter how expensive they are! So, be sure to order the exact size you need. Besides, shoes with a wide base are better for long-wearing sessions.

Insole and Outsole

Last, but not least, both insoles and outsoles are equally important to decide whether the shoe is worth purchasing or not.

Most Rockport shoes come with rubber outsoles to ensure tremendous traction on tough trails. Besides, versatile insoles like synthetic, rubber, or EVA are designed for better flexibility.


Are Rockport shoes comfortable?

Absolutely yes, in fact, comfort is the most appreciated feature of Rockport shoes throughout the years.

When should I size up to my shoes?

If you don’t find enough space to put a finger in between your heel and the shoe’s heel, you should go for half the size up of the shoe.

Is Rockport still a good brand?

Yes, undoubtedly. And that’s the reason they are still equally demandable based on the customer reviews, of course, not calculated by simple average method, but based on trustworthiness.

What’s the difference between 9.5 and 10 shoe sizes?

A 10 size shoe will be ⅛” wider than a shoe labeled as 9.5, as every half size comes with an eighth of an inch more width.

Are Rockports good for hiking?

As Rockport makes some top-notch adventure shoes, some of them are suitable for hiking as well.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have been able to put an end to the timeless debate on are Rockport shoes true to size or not once and for all. Our insightful analysis shows that most Rockport shoes are genuine to the size chart. So, order your usual size shoes and enjoy a comfortable fitting. 

On that note, you can try Rockport Men’s Classic Penny Loafer that suits any occasion. Or go for Rockport Men’s M7100 ProWalker Shoe as a budget-friendly option. 

That said, our top seven list includes all sorts of walking shoes both for casual and professional purposes. So, decide your pick based on your requirements! 

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