Image Credit Compliance

For collecting shoe images, our teammate, who is actually a professional photographer, captures numerous pictures from authentic sources. Besides, he tries to meet the relevance with articles. That’s the very first method we do follow to present something to the users that has authenticity, reliability and attraction. 

In the 2nd spot, we usually buy some stock photos to ensure similarly to the topic, we need to cover from iStock, Shutterstock, 123RF and others. 

And then, we use high-quality images that are free to use with proper licencing from Canva, Pixabay, etc.

Amazon is also a reliable source for collecting shoe images that manufacturers, producers and sellers upload to properly describe the products’ features with images we use in the product’s list. 

The way we go ahead is to collect images to provide the real and correct specifications you all need to know to pick the best shoes.