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What Are Cookies?

In order to enhance and personalize your browsing experience, we transfer small files to your computer called cookies. These files basically analyze your online behavior and monitor your visits to different sites on the internet to better your browsing experience. In a word, cookies belong to a tracking technology of your online presence to improve your internet use.

Cookies from ShoeFilter

Being similar to beacons, tags, etc., Cookies also contribute to aiding you in navigating this site’s Services in the best possible way. They are basically text files set in the browser of your device to remember your interests.

We use cookies to store your settings. Besides, they also store your online activities such as click, touching, scrolling, keystroke, etc.

But they don’t store your personal information to share with third parties unless you willingly choose to share. For example, if you register on this website, we will remember your personal identification, such as your name, phone number, email address, etc. Upon using our Services or visiting our site, we will receive such personally identifiable information.

However, if you disapprove cookies on your computer, you can still access our site but might not be able to enjoy some personalized features.

Cookies from Third Parties

In some exceptional cases, we use cookies supplied by some reliable third-party platforms to analyze your browsing on our site. 

You can read Google Cookies policy:

Cookies Related to Qualifying Purchase

ShoeFilter doesn’t sell any products. So, you need not register or log in to this site.

But we do earn a small commission from each qualified purchase. And this affiliate commission adds no extra cost to you if you buy products through our provided links.

In that case, the third-party platform might remember your cookie for further use once you click on any link that leads to their site.

How We Use Your Information 

Upon collecting information through cookies that track your movements around our site, we try to operate our site based on your interest. And if you agree, we will use your concerns to send you marketing communications.

We rely on Google Analytics, one of the dominating analytics platforms on the internet, to find out your areas of interest on our website. The results show us how long you prefer to stay on this site and which pages you visit frequently. 

Resultantly, we can provide convincing content to improve your browsing on this site. The statistics also let us better understand how we could make this website more compelling for you. 

Disabling Cookies

Of course, you may disapprove of cookies at any time. By altering your browser settings, you might agree or disagree with the use of cookies on your computer. Also, the settings button allows you to manage the settings of cookies based on what cookies you like to pop up.

Additional Information 

ShoeFilter has made things easier for you through its cookies policy. If you don’t know what you are exactly looking for, simply enable cookies so that we can provide you with our exciting features that go with your interest. For further queries, go to the Contact Us page.

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