Are Xtratuf Boots Good for Snow? Get An Insightful Analysis Below

DATE: July 4, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis

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When it comes to combat the toughest terrains, Xtratuf boots are something you can rely on keeping your eyes closed. They are waterproof, well made, strong, sturdy, and therefore, uncompromising on the water.

But are Xtratuf boots good for snow- that is the question. To satisfy your curiosity, our expert team has explored some of their top-ranked snowshoes and concluded that they are highly recommended for any outdoor terrains, be it snowy winter or hot summer.

So, what makes them so dependable to fight back the icy weather in chilly winter? To get the answer, you need to keep scrolling through the review sections below!

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Are Xtratuf Boots Good for Snow? Get An Insightful Analysis Below

Product Review

Xtratuf boots are the ultimate power player in the winter shoe industry. In terms of grip, flexibility, and durability, they outperform any contemporary brand. Before getting into the detailed discussion, here’s a quick overview of the top five products-

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1. Xtratuf Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Ankle Deck Boots 

On the opening spot, we came up with an outstanding ankle deck boot that can cope up with any outdoor terrain. Let’s go through its top specifications below!

Top Pick
Xtratuf Men's 6 Inch Waterproof Ankle Deck Boots 

Xtratuf Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Ankle Deck Boots 

  • Made with 100% waterproof formula that offers added protection
  • Allows you to spend a long time on the water due to the breathable mesh liner
  • The slip-proof chevron outsole offers excellent traction on any terrain 
  • Highest durability due to the front and back pull loops
  • Available in varieties of sizes for men 

If you opt for performance and convenience at a time in footwear, this 6-inch ankle deck boot should be your go-to kick. The 100% waterproof construction allows you to stay on the water for as long as you want. Besides, you get full protection as well.

Furthermore, slip-resistant craftsmanship is something we cannot but praise. No matter how tough terrain you face, you can rely on the slip-proof outsole to keep your steps sturdy enough. 

Another amazing add-on in this fantastic footwear is the no marking policy. The 3.2 lbs boots will leave no trace behind. 

However, as hand-laid rubber is used, it’s not a commercial-grade boot. And the manufacturers recommend ordering half size up, note that before buying!

2. Xtratuf Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Boots

Wondering are Xtratuf boots good for winter? Try these irresistible 6″ boots once and eliminate all your confusion. 

Runner Up
Xtratuf Performance Series 6 Men's Full Rubber Boots

Xtratuf Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Boots

  • 100% waterproof construction 
  • Non-marking chevron outsole 
  • The lightweight ankle-height formulation offers easy walking 
  • Pull loops at both front and back sides allow easy put on and take off facility 
  • Slip-resistant architecture assures safe and secured tread

The performance series boots from Xtratuf surely are something else when it comes to stepping out in wet conditions. They not only let you keep your feet dry all day long but also ensure sure footsteps on the toughest terrain.

Like the Xtratuf Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Ankle Deck Boots, these shoes too offer easy on and off, thanks to the front and rear pull loops. 

Also, you can have a comfortable walking experience due to its lightweight crafting. 

Surely, the attractive navy and the red color combination is another reason for its immense popularity. But the breathable xpresscool lining is also incomparable in terms of comfort and stability. 
Nevertheless, the price range is a bit higher considering its performance. Some customers complained that it lost waterproofness too early. In that case, the Xtratuf Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Ankle Deck Boots are a better option for the same price.

3. Xtratuf Elite Series 12″ Men’s Fishing Boots

Next on the list, meet another power player from Xtratuf, the 12″ neoprene insulated fishing boots for men from their elite series.

3rd Pick
Xtratuf Elite Series 12 Men's Fishing Boots

Xtratuf Elite Series 12″ Men’s Fishing Boots

  • Outstanding traction on any trails with 100% waterproof protection 
  • The reinforced rubber layers make them stable and sturdy 
  • 5 mm water-resistant neoprene bootie works together with spandura high-abrasion nylon to provide a long lifespan
  • Chemical resistant formulation withstands any organic/inorganic acids, oils, and contaminants
  • Permits adequate temperature regulation due to the breathable air mesh lining

Being insulated to -20°F (-29°C), these fishing boots for men are very well built to fight back tough weather conditions. You get slip-free traction on any surface that follows a non-marking Chevron outsole. 

Thanks to Honeywell’s Proprietary RDR oil and chemical-resistant rubber, your feet will be completely safe from any sort of oils, chemicals, and contaminants.

Looking for warmth while fishing in freezing temperatures? These fantastic snow boots are something to give you adequate warmth to combat even the utmost snowy atmosphere. Moreover, the air mesh lining permits the required airflow to keep the feet cool inside. 
A slightly disappointing factor is the inclusion of Spandura nylon that absorbs blood/meat etc. So, it’s better for those who don’t work in the meat industry. In that regard, Xtratuf Legacy Series 6″ Low Cut Fishing Shoes is a wise selection!

4. Xtratuf Sharkbyte Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes

Are Xtratuf boots good for hiking?- has this question ever knocked your head? Then we have a perfect solution for you that equally performs in any outdoor adventure. Let’s have a look at its core specifications below-

4th Pick
Xtratuf Sharkbyte Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes

Xtratuf Sharkbyte Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes

  • Xtratuf’s signature chevron outsole that is durable and comfortable simultaneously 
  • Water-resistant nubuck leather provides added protection 
  • The medial weep holes drain out water fast
  • Removable sock liner keeps your feet fresh 
  • Fast and facile on/off, thanks to the chevron graphic pull tab at the heel

Whether you are fishing in a snowy winter environment or hiking in the countryside, you must need a suitable pair of boots for winter. In that case, these casual Xtratuf shoes can come to your rescue. 

Thanks to the unparalleled traction, you are totally safe on slippery floors or flooded decks. Actually, the water-resistant nubuck leather upper makes this happen. 

Besides, the medial weep holes are another add-on you will be satisfied with, due to their speedy water drainage system. And you can wear them on and take them off very quickly because of the elastic gusset. 

However, the materials become brittle after a while. In this regard, try wearing Xtratuf Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Boots. Other than that, you should definitely give this pair a go right now!

5. Xtratuf Legacy Series 6″ Low Cut Fishing Shoes

Finally, we have come up with an abrasion-resistant fishing solution that belongs to the legacy series of Xtratuf, the most reliable name in producing fishing shoes, particularly good for snow. Let’s explore what amenities it offers-

5th Pick

Xtratuf Legacy Series 6″ Low Cut Fishing Shoes

  • The soft, lightweight, and flexible triple-dipped latex neoprene is 100% waterproof
  • Handy-layered construction permits curve and flex when needed
  • Excellent traction on any extreme trails
  • Shock absorbing and moisture wicking Breathe-O-Prene insoles
  • The heel counter keeps the feet in place while walking around

If you have to spend a long day in fishing boots, these Low Cut Men’s Fishing Shoes from Xtratuf should be your pick. You will love the built-in breathable insoles that offer sufficient support to secure your steps. 

Besides, the Chevron outsole provides comfort and cushioning at a time. Be it rocky terrain or flooded deck, the 100% waterproof neoprene is more than enough to give you adequate grip. 

On top of that, the latex neoprene is way more pliable than regular rubber, therefore these snow boots offer very good strength at critical stress points.
However, they are a bit harder to put on. Apart from this minor flaw, you can consider it as one of the best Xtratuf boots that are very good for snow.

Xtratuf vs Muck Boots 

Both Muck and Xtratuf are leading names in the footwear industry. So when it comes down to choosing any one of them, which one is worth spending? Let’s figure it out!

  • Due to lower thermal conductivity at low-temperature conditions, Xtratuf boots are better for cold and snowy atmospheres than Muck ones. On the other hand, Mucks are suitable for both warm and cold weather. 
  • In terms of longer lifespan on the water, Xtratuf shoes are unbeatable providing the ultimate durability one can expect from waterproof shoes.
  • Talking about the warmth, the Much ones outperform the Xtratuf ones being made of thicker materials.
  • In terms of the price range, Xtratuf shoes are less budget-friendly than Muck boots. As they manufacture varieties of shoes for several outdoor activities, like boots for hunting, boots for hiking, etc.- the expensive price point is reasonable though!
  • The Muck shoes are a bit heavyweight being designed for rugged use, while the Xtratuf ones are softer and lighter to ensure ultimate comfort for the wearer. 

Why Choose Xtratuf Boots for Snow?

Why Choose Xtratuf Boots for Snow?

There are several reasons behind choosing Xtratuf boots for snow. With about 70 years of experience in the footwear industry, the professional team of Xtratuf always makes matchless boots for winter, specially designed to be used in Alaska.

One good thing is definitely its amazing waterproof quality. No matter how hard it snows, the 100% waterproof architecture doesn’t allow any water leakage to wet your feet. Besides, you can stay calm and warm regardless of the freezing temperature around, thanks to the ankle-high form.

Apart from the fresh and dry feel, you experience wonderful traction on slippery snowy surfaces. A subtle symposium of grip and flexibility provides the absolute protection one needs on snow-flooded trails.

However, if you enjoy snowmobiling or hiking in the freezing winter season, navigating through the snow is undoubtedly a tough task for you. You need to maintain balance while keeping your toes comfortable. In this case, Xtratuf shoes are unparalleled as they are made to battle even the most severe snowstorm while keeping you completely safe. 

Most importantly, they last really long. You can wear them for several seasons if properly taken care of. And the latest design wouldn’t make you a fashion terrorist making you look fabulous. 

Another great reason for going for Xtratuf is the rugged and reliable outsole. Apart from comfort, the slip-free construction also secures cushioning.

So, why not Xtratuf boots for an iced and snowy surface- that should be the question!

How to Clean Xtratuf Boots?

How to Clean Xtratuf Boots?

Proper maintenance of rubber boots can surely prolong their lifespan. So, cleaning them regularly is a good job indeed! 

Below are the steps to clean your Xtratuf boots properly to keep them stink-free and odor free-

  • Clean the shoes thoroughly with plain water to get rid of the mud or debris
  • Using a bristle brush is better when the mud gets dried
  • If your boots are full of heavier soil or winter salt, mix some detergent with lukewarm water. Then dip a soft cloth into the mixture and rub the boots with that
  • After that, dip another clean piece of cloth into plain water and clean the entire shoes with that inside and out
  • To prevent a bacterial attack, you can mix white vinegar with water at a 50:50 ratio and spray the solution to your Xtratuf boots 
  • Finally, let the shoe air dry for further use

Things to Consider Before Buying Xtratuf Boots

Xtratuf boots are available in wide varieties. So, there are certain criteria for assessment before purchasing the right pair of shoes out of so many alternatives. However, the deciding factors are as follow-


The first thing to look into is the material. Usually, bean boots are made of versatile materials such as rubber, leather, lycra, neoprene, mesh, etc. Among them neoprene is considered the best material for cold weather. As Xtratuf is a neoprene based shoes maker, their boots are matchless when it comes to keeping feet warm and dry in snowy climate.


Snow boots are for long term use, usually for all day long. So, comfort is the ultimate thing you should look for in Xtratuf boots. Not all the pairs are comfy enough. Therefore, soft and lightweight shoes are preferable. Also, go for shoes that are breathable enough so that ample air circulation lets your feet dry quickly. 


Another crucial factor is the shoe size. Better choose the right size of shoes or regret later. On one hand, it has to be wide enough to fully protect your feet. On the other hand, it should be snug enough to keep your feet in place. A poor-fitting can ruin the entire outdoor game within a second!

Ankle Support

Adequate ankle support is the next thing to consider when you purchase an Xtratuf one for cold winter days. Without proper support, your ankles might get twisted. Medium-cut shoes are better to provide the ultimate ankle protection.


As an outdoor lover, you might be roaming around rocky, slippery, and uneven trails. In that case, proper grip is an absolute must not to slip off. Among so many Xtratuf boots, go for the ones that offer superb traction on even the toughest surfaces.


Do Xtratuf boots break in?- if this query is killing you inside then look for well-built shoes that are both comfortable and durable. However, construction has an enormous effect on the stability and sturdiness of snow boots as it directly decides how the pair will perform in a challenging situation.


Are you supposed to wear socks with Xtratuf Boots?

Yes, it’s better to wear socks with Xtratuf shoes to prevent heel slippage.

Are Xtratuf boots non-slip?

They are. The slip-resistant Chevron outsole is the signature style of Xtratuf boots which make them non-slip in wet conditions.

What kind of socks do you wear with Xtratuf boots?

You need to wear regular socks instead of ankle socks if you are wearing a pair of short ankle boots

Are Xtratuf warm?

Absolutely yes, credit goes to the Xpresscool lining that offers natural insulation giving ample warmth to keep your feet dry.

Why are Xtratuf boots oily?

The manufacturers put an oil coating on the shoes to keep them protected until they reach the customers. It is totally harm-free.

Final Words

Here comes our investigation on the topic- are Xtratuf boots good for snow, to an end. Hopefully, you got the answer by now that they perform incredibly well as snow boots. You can even wear them down to -10°F (-23°C) temperature.

To make your search for the best Xtratuf winter boots easier, let us make some quick recommendations. For commercial fishing boots, Xtratuf Legacy Series 6″ Low Cut Fishing Shoes is a decent deal. And for the most budget-friendly option, we recommend the Xtratuf Sharkbyte Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes.

We hope you make an informed buying decision after going through the elaborated assessment above!

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