10 Best Tall Riding Boots For Short Legs (Petite Fashion Advice)

DATE: June 25, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


As you should know, there’s no season that can’t be boot season. But if you are petite, you may find it difficult to look for boots for yourself because anyone who’s less than 157 cm knows the struggle of finding the right boots. 

So whether you are a cold-country girl or are a tropical girl looking for a way (through boots) to add height, style, and comfort to your everyday looks, this article features the 10 best tall riding boots for short legs you have.

These can be your top picks for everyday wear, whether you require your feet to be snugly warm to heavily warm. For shoes that fit the bill and the calves perfectly, here’s a comparison of them.

Comparison Table:

Best Tall Riding Boots For Short Legs for Petite Woman

Here are the details that let you pick the best one for the regular riding or dress boots for petite women:

Popular Pick: WEST Coast Women’s Knee High Riding Boots

The first one on the list of the best long riding boots for short legs is one from the West Coast with its laced, vampy, military-style combat boot option. Embellished, protective and a promoter of military chic, let’s look into the details of its features:


  • Comes with dual buckles around the shoe top that can be laced in the front.
  • Has an interior side zipper and soft inner lining that keeps your feet secure and comfy.
  • The faux leather upper features a round toe in the casual boot style.
  • The buckle strap is also made of faux leather to add decorative details to the pair. 
  • The midsole is quite flexible, while the rubber outsole is durable and allows traction.

This shoe is perfect for petite girls who have a little larger calf sizes. They fit quite well straight out of the package and zip in quite nicely. 

If you wear jeans and previously found boots to not be so supportive around your calf area, these boots will change the old dynamics for your feet and sit nicely around.

It also has a roomy toe box, so if you want to wear it with socks, you can do it easily without sacrificing your freedom of movement. 

Also, for someone who has broken or fractured legs, this can tightly hug your feet and hasten your recovery while supporting the ankles, fashionably.

Perfect Fit: TINSTREE Women’s Knee High Platform Boots

If you thought petite girls couldn’t wear OTK boots, here’s one to change your mind. With a larger calf holding capacity (or whatever you’d like to call it), these platform boots go with almost everything. So here are the details of its features with some similarities like the WEST Coast Riding Boots.


  • Comes with a chunky heel measuring 2.36 inches and a platform measuring 1.77 inches.
  • Also has a round toe and buckle design with an overall compact style.
  • Besides the block heels, the side zippers make these boots easier to fit.
  • The side zip closure also helps you to take it on and off easily.
  • It laces up in the front to allow you an easy adjustment of the calf circumference.

 A very comfortable pair that looks and feels like leather, these boots are as much meant for show off as they are meant for walking. 

Their multi-occasion wearability will make you want to wear them for work, hiking, riding, or any outdoor activity in general.

What is great about it is that it fits you to a T, and if you want to go a little bigger to accommodate your socks in these, you could do it too. The heel is quite large if you like heeled boots and will still be comfortable.

Best for Slim Calves: Vintage Foundry Co. Henrietta Leather Boots

Vintage and boots can never be used in a sentence without making an impact. And the case is the same for Henrietta’s boots. Focusing on premium construction, among other things, here are the details that make it worth a shot for you.


  • The construction features a 100% leather upper made of premium materials.
  • It has a block heel like the TINSTREE Platform Boots for added support.
  • It has a rubber outsole, while the lining is made of 80% textile and 20% rubber.
  • The construction is very sturdy and functional and has a round and natural toe box. 
  • The outsole is quite flexible, so you have the freedom for comfortable movement.

The shoe construction is made of leather, while the lining is made of a smooth, thermal, and cushioned liner. The footbed also features a form of leather, so if you want to get an all-leather boot, this is the one to pick. 

The sizing of this one is very adjustable with zippers and laces. You can wear them for as long as 12 hours and still not feel any rubbing on the heels or the creation of blisters. 

So this is an overall stylish pair with a lovely look that is not too over the top.


The best horse riding boots for short riders on the list today is from Harley Davidson. The grandfather of all things motorcycle, this pair of boots from them can be a rider’s dream come true for its comfort and functionality.


  • Made of 100% original leather in the entirety.
  • The rubber sole adds traction and grip to the wearer.
  • The shaft measurements are approximately 7 inches from the arch. 
  • This is a moto-inspired boot with three-strap harnesses and a metallic hardware ring.
  • There is an instep zipper for ease of wearing and also a logo applique on the shaft.

You can put about 1500 miles of ride-time with this pair, and it will still be fresh and new, ready for more. Making its way as a low-cut and non-insulated boot, this can be worn without socks in the summer and with one if you want the warmth. The craftsmanship is excellent, and hence it can sustain everyday use. 

The matte leather on the boots looks stunning, well-constructed, and durable. And since they are made of Goodyear welt, you can easily replace them when you need them. 

One of the best things about it is the zipper quality that saves it from busting too soon. Also, since the boots are relatively lightweight, you can break in them pretty quickly and wear them for as long as 17 hours with zero discomfort.

Most Comfortable: Jeossy Women’s 50 Knee High Riding Boots 

Just like the HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men’s Scout, this pair is also made for riding motorcycles. But instead of having the ankle-cut, these are knee-high boots. Being both modern and classic, you can wear it to your office or to the academy, with jeans and with dresses. 


  • The instep of these boots has adjustable metallic buckle straps that allow you to take the shoes on and off easily.
  • Construction of the shoes features a high-quality and synthetic leather upper, premium handmade and fashion look
  • The rubber outsole is made of durable and anti-skid TPR rubber for traction.
  • It has a soft lining with latex padding inside the shoes, making comfortable insoles.
  • The inner zipper of the boots have a top-opening circumference of 15.59 inches for increased comfort.

One of the best things about this pair is a sealed and waterproof upper. This makes riding in these pairs very comfortable if you are riding off-weather, and hence you can enjoy a dry foot environment inside your shoes. 

For an increased element of style, it has a patterned design with metal buckles for adjustability that not only can secure and protect your ankles but also look stylish. And the slightly padded faux leather insole makes sure that you are comfortable all day long.

Best For Dress/Jeans Outfits: mysoft Women’s Knee High Boots

Compared to the Jeossy Riding Boots, this one from Mysoft is quite similar in the sense that the latter can also be worn as dress and jeans boots. With a great fit that feels soft and comfortable on your legs, here are the details on it that make it one of the best shoes for short thick legs.


  • These knee-high boots are made for women and feature a round-toe silhouette.
  • It also has a foldable shoe tube that makes it both functional and stylish. 
  • The upper part of the shoe is made of PU or suede material for weatherproofing and warmth. 
  • The inside zipper closure is along the full length of the shoes and with the buckles, it also allows wide calf adjustments.
  • With a 5mm thick PU and latex combination, the insole makes it easier for the rider to ride daylong in these.

These shoes are made for walking your best way or even riding your best way! Both the internal sides are padded to increase the cushioning you have from these, making it perfect for daylong occasions without feeling tired in the feet. 

Also, the padding in the cotton makes it perfect for warming up your feet in winter. 

Another good thing about it is that the rubber outsole on this pair has a groovy build so it reduces the slippage that you have when riding in wet weather. And with the 0.8 inches heel, you can expect it to match with any outfit, just as it does with any weather!

Great for Kids: TuffRider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

Made for both kids and adults, this one seems to be a little more popular with the juniors than the seniors, so that is what we are going to focus on in the review. For junior girls who have recently developed a passion for horse riding, here’s what it has to offer. 


  • A 100% synthetic leather construction that has good craftsmanship. 
  • The leather lining on the boots makes them sturdy as well as comfortable for the wearer.
  • It has a zip closure making it easy to wear and take off by the wearer.
  • Since this is a starter collection, it is good for beginner riders.
  • It can be used in all weathers without making the shoe wear soon.

Whether you want to use it all day for workwear or occasionally for some occasions, this pair is going to last you for a long time. 

With their traditional look, these boots offer you spur rests as well elastic side gussets for a secure fit along with punched toe caps. The outsole is made of rubber which increases the water-resistance of the shoes.

Also, the weather resistance of the pair is not just a claim. It has actually been tested in different weather as well as in different terrains. So you could be in the Saharas in the summer or experience Manhattan winter and these boots will always deliver!

Premium Boots: Frye Women’s Melissa Button 2 Riding Boot

In the world of boots for petite women, here’s a boss that knows how to make it look stylish and how to keep the style on for long. A beautiful cognac color with impeccable craftsmanship, this shoe is suitable for anyone looking for black riding boots for short legs.


  • Made of original 100% leather, ensuring a premium and sturdy build.
  • The outsole of the shoe is made of both leather and rubber, increasing the grip.
  • The shaft measurements are approximately 15.5 inches from the arch.
  • On the opening, the boot has a measurement of approximately 14.5 inches around.
  • It features a pull-on style with an Equestrian style having a tall shaft.

This boot has been inspired by the Melissa equestrian style. In the construction, you have hard-wearing and antique-washed Italian leather. 

Overall, it has a pull-on closure instead of a zipper style like the TuffRider Paddock Boots. It contours to the shape of your feet, including your ankles, with its modernized topline and a signature button detail from Frye, finished with a slight heel.

For those with slimmer calves, these are easier to put on. Although if you have slightly thicker calves, you can still wear them but will have to struggle a little to pull them on at the start. 

Best for Thick Legs: Minnetonka Women’s Front Lace Knee High Boots

One of the best long riding boots for short wide legs, here’s a pair of fringe boots made from some of the finest materials on the list. So if you need a blend of durability, comfort, and a timeless style in a pair of coziness, read onto the details.


  • 100% Suede construction featuring a rubber sole for traction and grip.
  • The shaft measurements are approximately 16 ½ inches from the arch.
  • The heel measurements are approximately ½ inches around the bottom of the heel.
  • On the boot opening, you have approximately 15 inches around.
  • Has lace-ups along with knee-high boots for a perfectly customized fit. 

A suede moccasin that women love for its construction, this traditional and handcrafted footwear’s best bit is its front lace-up style. Often, pull-on heels or zippers do not have a lace-up closure. But when they do, you know you’re in for some crazy customized fit, and it looks great too!

Also, the shoes run true to size. However, depending on which weather you want to wear them in, make sure you go a size higher (to make room for your socks) or stick to the size that best fits you. You can also coat it with waterproofing seals to make it ready for winter hikes.

Best Value: Ad Tec Australian Leather Work Boot

And the last one on the list is from Ad Tec! While this may not be as famous as some of the brands here, this one sure is worth a watch because of how much value addition it does to your existing boot collection or simply as the first of future boots!


  • Made from pure leather in the upper and entirety of the shoe.
  • Has a rubber outsole like the Minnetonka Boots, patterned for grip.
  • The shaft measurement is approximately at calf height from the arches.
  • The platform measurements are approximately 0.5 inches.
  • Since the construction features cowhide, you can be assured of the sturdiness.

Cowhide inclusion in the construction means that this shoe is made to last for years. 

If you cannot afford to change your shoes frequently, you would be wiser to invest in such a shoe as this. Also, the non-skid and acid-resistant outsole combination makes sure that the durability remains unquestioned.

Since this has a softer toe construction, you can be sure of toe safety in these. 

All in all, this is a street all-rounder that can be worn in both bad and good environments, whether you are working harshly or strutting around just landscaping.

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Zipper Vs Pull-On Riding Boots For Short Legs

Zips are much easier to get on and off and can grant you a tighter fit if that’s what you need. However, for people who don’t like zips, pull-on styles are safer as some badly made zipped boots are prone to bursting.

While zip boots are good for everyday wear, pull-on is better if you are going for a show occasion. Also, your foot size is important here, too, more specifically in the calf region. Some pull-on boots tend to become baggy after being used for too long. In which case, you’d be wiser to go for zipped ones if you have thicker calves despite being petite.

From another point of view, if you are looking for boots for most competitions, then zipped boots are better as they are easier to take off if accidents happen, and they are much less likely to happen when it comes to causing swelling and foot pain. With Pull-Ons, you might need to cut them off to bring your feet out if the injury is too severe.

So if you are going to participate in competitions and if you are going to use it frequently for everyday use, then you should go for zipped boots. If you are going to wear it as dress boots and you do not think there is a chance of a fall and injury where you may be unsure of how to bring your feet out of a grappling boot, then you can go for pull-on. 

Leather and Rubber Boots

In terms of the following factors, let’s compare leather and rubber boots:


A sole that has rubber is more durable than one that has leather in it. Rubber soles can last you ten years, depending upon usage. 

On the other hand, leather boots will last you less than 5 years, even after you take all the precautions and keep them stark clean. Also, rubber-soled boots need a slower resolution than leather-soled boots.


If breathability means comfort to you, then leather boots are more comfortable. They are also good for moisture-wicking, so for those with sweaty feet, this is great. 

However, rubber soles lack this feature and hence might cause discomfort in your feet if worn for too long. But in terms of flexibility, rubber is surely more flexible and can be better for everyday wear.


Rubber soles have impact-resisting properties that can curb natural elements and push with power through rain or snow. The same can’t be said for leather, especially since it cannot go against snakes or too hard and sharp rocks. 

Also, it isn’t the best for water resistance either.


Since leather soles are stitched to the outsole, they are quick to disintegrate if you use them in bad weather or terrain. Compared to this, rubber is more long-lasting and sustained and prevents fast wear and tear without falling apart.

Compared to synthetic boots, the leather ones are less long-lasting, although they tend to be more premium. Also, in comparison with rubber boots, synthetic soles are a little less strong, although they are definitely stronger than leather soles. 

It is not a surprise to have a blend of the elements in making the sole, and you will sometimes find 50% leather with 50% rubber or even synthetic in the sole blend to give you the best of both worlds.

How To Choose Between Short and Long Riding Boots

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each boot type to understand which one of these you should pick.

Long riding boots

For adult riders in horse riding competitions, long boots are more traditional and formal. What dressage riders prefer is a high-cut dress boot with lace fronts if you are into jumping, hunting, and going cross-country. It is more flexible at the ankle and allows more freedom of movement.

The pros

  • Look stunning if you care for them well. Also, they are traditionally worn at competitions and are elegant.
  • Prevent chafing and pinching that happens regularly from the stirrup leather.
  • They save and protect you from a fall or kick during the ride.
  • Offers good stability and balance for a better lower-leg position.
  • Keep your feet warm as well as dry during winter.

The cons

  • May be restrictive or cumbersome to some riders as it takes time to get in and get off.
  • Require more cleaning and maintenance to keep them smart.
  • Needs an additional boot shaper to maintain its shape and to prevent wrinkling around the ankles.
  • Performance depends on the length and width of your calves.

Short riding boots

Jodhpur, paddock, or short boots, whatever you call them, these boots cover your ankles in the best way possible. More suitable for juniors and movie riders, this is generally viewed as an informal boot choice. But do not think you can wear them in competitions. If you are not doing state-level ones, you can practice in these and even perform in these as long as you check with the race rulebook.

The pros

  • Easy to slip on and comfortable, especially in hot weather when a long boot may be sweaty.
  • Can stand up to everyday use on most terrains.
  • Paired with the correct half-chap, it can resemble a long book in terms of performance.
  • Grants great leg aids for beginner riders.

The cons

If the boot is made of cheap leather, it can cause chaffing and pinch on your calves.

Does not protect the lower leg entirely.


Can short people wear knee-high boots?

While Knee-high boots are thought to be reserved for long-legged girls, petite people can also wear OTK boots that are not too showy and are simple.

Do thigh-high boots look good on short people?

Not always. You can wear the slouchy ones if you really want to wear thigh-high boots being a short person because when they bunch up they create the illusion of length. Also, make sure that your shaft matches the ankle. 

Do knee-high boots make one look taller?

Yes. Knee-high boots can make you look taller if you pick the right boot height. If you get a shaft height of between 12.5″ to 15″, then this is going to make you ideally taller as a petite woman with short legs.

How do you measure for a dressage boot?

To measure dressage boots, you have to first sit on a straight chair with your feet lying flat on the ground and with your knees making a 90-degree right angle. Now, you will measure your calf around its widest part and then again measure the height from the ground to the back of your knees. With this, you would add an additional 1 ½ – 2 inches in order to measure the height to allow for a certain drop for your boots to break in.

What boot height is considered the best for short legs?

For short legs, your boot shafts should measure as much as 14 inches. Always keep in mind that the shaft length needs to be a tad shorter than your actual calf. If you get boots measuring longer than that, you may look shorter depending on what design you have picked and if the boots have an additional heel or not. Also, ankle boots or paddock boots are good options too for shorter people.

Final words

And that brings you to the end of the list for the best tall riding boots for short legs! As you saw, for girls petite but having thicker calves, the WEST Coast Riding Boots are the best. 

Again, for slimmer calves, the  Vintage Foundry Co. Henrietta Leather Boots are better. If you want to consider an overall best, the premium and sturdy HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men’s Scout can give you as much as 17 hours of wear without discomfort. 

For winter, the mysoft Women’s Knee High Boots give you the highest warmth. For junior girls who are into riding, the TuffRider Paddock Boots are quite a steal. So, according to your preferences, you can pick a shoe that you love!

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