Do air forces run big or small?

DATE: November 1, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Air forces refer to a special kind of athlete’s shoes from the Nike brand. These shoes use pressurized air into the flexible membrane, giving a lightweight and durable cushion. All shoes of air forces ranges are flexible, durable and comfortable. But do air forces run big or small?

The quick answer is that air forces shoes run slightly bigger than other shoes. So, choosing half-size down air force shoes would be perfect. 

In this guide, you will know why air force one runs big? Do Nike air forces run big or small? How does air force 1 fit? Stay reading if you want to clear all confusion about air forces athletes’ shoes. 

Why does air force one runs big?

Why does air force one runs big?

“Most sneakers and athletes’ shoes are designed with a narrow toe. But air forces one runs big because of the round uptowns toe design. And mainly that is why air force one shoe runs big and wide.”

Do Nike air forces run big or small?

Nike air forces usually come with right in size. Besides, these shoes are super adjustable and convenient. You can use traditional-sized Nike shoes with maximum comfort. However, some users have said that Nike is wider than other shoes. If someone has narrow feet, then he or she can use a thinner sock to prevent this problem. 

Nike Air Force 1 Fit shoes

Do air force ones run big or small? Nike Air force one fit is the iconic model of the Air Force range. And it is the largest size among all other models. Most Nike 1 fit users complain that Nike seems big according to their feet. However, people with wider feet can easily wear this air force one fit with comfort. 

How does air force 1 fit?

Three core things can play an important role in having a perfect fit. Nike air force one fit shoes has three collar height. 

  • Collar height could be low, medium or high, depending on the varieties of shoe construction.
  • Nike shoes are uniquely wider for maximum comfort.
  • The user should give priority to their feet’ comfort. 

Low collar height:

Low air force fit is the most popular model. Traditional AF 1 fit shoes are known as the classic low-tops. The downside of these shoes of closed-toe design. This type of low-collar shoes can cause foot injuries and deformities. Because there might be a lot of annoying, painful rubbing and crease inside the foot, if you have narrow feet, choose a half-size down AF 1 fit. 

Medium to high collar height:

Let’s know the procedure of making fit an air force when it is medium or high collar height. These shoes could be uncomfortable for unsuitable ankle collar length. In this case, you might feel tighter at your feet in MIDs and HIGHs. This type of shoe design could be painful for those with wider feet. So, how can you adjust it? You can Half size up to prevent this problem.

Tips for using Nike air force 1′ shoes

Tips for using Nike air force 1' shoes

In most cases, Nike could be wider than the user’s feet because it is designed with some extra width to ensure comfort. It is recommended to down half a size for adjusting. If your feet size is 10, then 9.5 sizes would be a better fit for your feet. If you ask do air force 1s run big or small? Then the answer would be yes, it is a bit big. 


AF 1′ shoes are undoubtedly comfortable. It is made to ensure user comfort. It is even a bit wider, so the comfort doesn’t impact. 


Air force 1′ Nike is easier to clean with a soft, damp cloth. But it is important to take help from a special shoe clear to remove critical stains and scratches. 


These shoes come as a unisex model. So, you can choose any model for both men and women. 


  1. Is it OK to wear shoes a little bit?

Wearing a big shoe is as problematic as wearing a small shoe. We know that tight shoes can cause blisters, bunions and foot ailments. As a result, the foot naturally gets hurt. On the other hand, wearing big shoes can lead you to walk in unnatural and dysfunctional ways. 

  1. Are Nike Air Force 1′ shoes good for running?

Although Nike air force 1′ is good for a regular lifestyle, it is not perfect for running. Remember that Nike air force 1′ is ideal for user comfort. However, there have several models in the Nike air force series. Also, note that your air force Nike 1′ is good for walking, roaming and going for a night out. But it is not at all good for the long run or gym. 

  1. Does the Air Force stretch?

Yes, air force shoes stretch a bit as per the feet shape because it is made from soft leather. But this stretching returns to the previous shape when you did not use these shoes. If air force shoes are made from another material rather than soft leather, they might not be stretched. 

Final words:

We believe you have gotten the answer of “Do air forces run big or small? Yet we are repeating that air forces run a bit big. But down half a size from the same model can solve your problem. On the contrary, up to half a size can help adjust other air force models. Remember that not big or smaller air force shoes are good for feet.

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