How to Clean Gore-Tex Shoes? Explore Here the Exclusive Techniques!

DATE: July 22, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you a die heart fan of Gore-tex shoes? You must like their wonderful technologies to assemble the shoes. They are truly outstanding with membrane technology. Your love for them will be doubled here to learn that their shoes are easily washable.

How to clean Gore-Tex shoes? All that you need to clean the shoes of this brand is to separate the laces, wipe out the dirt or mud and wash the spotted portions or the whole using slightly warm water, and finally dry well in the air.

Though Gore-Tex shoes are assembled differently than other models or manufacturers, their shoes don’t require any special techniques or cleaning materials. Instead, you can give your used old outfit a new appearance simply following the manufacturer’s instructions, which are similar to other shoe cleanings.

How to Clean Gore-Tex Shoes?

So, you must already have thrown away all your worries regarding cleaning your Gore-Tex shoes. This guideline will take you to every best solution to clean most models of this brand in the simplest and quickest techniques.

Let’s learn everything below elaborately!

Materials Required for the Cleaning

Before you start the whole task, you must be familiar with the tools and materials you need for accomplishing the entire job. So, zoom in on the following short but crucial list.

  • A bowl
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Soap or detergent
  • Towel

These simple things are enough to drive away dirt like hard mud or tiny spots from your favorite Gore-Tex boots. All that you need to do is follow the following steps.

Take the Laces Out of the Holes

Not only Gore-Tex shoes, for cleaning any brands or models, the first task is to separate the laces from the shoes. Thus, you can wash them well and then deal with the shoes without much difficulty.

Now you can wash the laces with regular washing soap. Rub some amount of soap with them and then squeeze them into your palms. Needless to say, the next step is to dry them in the air or sun.

Wipe Out the Debris with a Brush

To drive the hard dirt or mud away, you can first use the shoes you are dealing with. Pick up the shoes and then hit them against each other. This hitting must wipe out most of the dirt. Then pick up the brush and run it over the dirt to remove them. Sometimes the dirt settles strongly, you have to push the brush again and again to clean them away.

In some cases, you may need to apply some drops of water or a solution of water and soap or shampoo to weaken the dirt so that you can wipe them out quickly.

When done with one shoe, take the other and do exactly these things. Don’t lose your patience in case it takes time.

Wash the Particular Portions or the Whole

In case you just jerk the shoes, it cannot ensure a perfect cleaning. That’s why you need to wash the portions where you still find spots. Depending on the density of spots, you sometimes have to wash the whole shoe.

You have to follow the same techniques to clean either a portion or the entire shoe. First, soak the parts so that the dirt gets loose. Then rub the brush to remove the dirt easily. When you need to wash the whole shoe, submerge it into the water, let the debris be loose, and use the brush as before. You should not worry about the membrane inside as it is always safe against water and brushing.

Once the washing is done, put the shoes on a towel so that it absorbs the water. You can also swab the shoes to remove the dirt and also make the dry quick.

Dry the Shoes Properly

You are almost near the finishing line. Now, keep the washed shoes in the open air to help them dry soon. 

Don’t wear them the very day you wash and dry the shoes, instead, wait for 2 to 3 days before taking them on the path.

How to Check the DWR of Gore-Tex Shoes?

How to Check the DWR of Gore-Tex Shoes?

Gore-Tex shoes are made with the incredible feature of DWR – Durable Water Repellent. DWR means the presence of an ultra-thin polymer layer on the outermost surface of the shoes, which saves the shoes from getting saturated with water. So, the better this DWR, the more durable and comfortable your shoes will stay.

That’s why you must check the DWR of your shoes from time to time. 

For the test, hold a shoe angling it, and then pour some drops of water on the surface. In case the surface catches this water and absorbs it, the DWR of this shoe is lost.

But don’t get panicked as you can easily restore this incredible feature following the manufacturer’s instructions or the guideline below.

How to Restore the DWR of Gore-Tex Shoes?

DWR is not permanent, but the good news is you can also restore it easily. While the regular wear, dirt, use of chemicals, and other matters can affect the longevity of DWR, you can bring it back by applying some special spray.

You can get sprays from different brands to restore the waterproof capacity of the shoes. Just spray the solution and dry the shoes well so that it sets there properly.

Restoring DWR, you can reduce the surface tension of the shoes and maximize the long-lasting and incredible performance of your favorite shoes.

Final Thought

So, this guideline made an all-out effort to bring the most reliable solutions to washing and cleaning Gore-Tex shoes. How to clean Gore-Tex shoes? It needs nothing special, rather washing these shoes is easier, less time-consuming, and, importantly, cost-effective than others.

All that you need to accomplish is to take the laces out and wash them, wipe out the mud or dirt, wash the spotted portions, and finally dry them in the air to give the used old shoes a brand new look!

As DWR is crucial for using the shoes longer, you should test regularly if the shoes still possess this incredible quality. If found missing, use a spray to restore it for wearing the shoes comfortably for years.

When are you applying these techniques to clean the old Gore-Tex shoes?

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