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DATE: November 4, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you are a sportsman, then you’ve definitely heard about Fila shoes. Fila shoe is one of the oldest companies in the shoe sector. That’s why most runners and sportsman trust the quality of the shoe. But this is not only about the quality always, for Fila shoe size confuses us. We can’t avoid the question: are fila shoes true to size

No matter what shoe we purchase, we always have a tendency to compare the size with Nike and Adidas. Because these brands are true to size, people don’t complain about the size.  

So here we’ll investigate if Fila shoes are running big or small in size and compare the shoe size with other popular brands with a proper chart. Keep your patience, guys. 

Do Fila Disruptors Run Small

Do Fila Disruptors Run Small

Here we are going to let you know about the Fila Disruptors. This model of Fila has met insane popularity lately. The design of this shoe is very simplistic, but the interesting fact is on the first impression, it looks like a grandma’s shoe. It has a 90’s retro look. The sole of this sole is pretty high, so it will add an extra bit of height for you. In one word, Fila Disruptors and Disruptors II looks like a classic white tennis shoes. 

Fila Disruptors nose tilts slightly, and the front part of the shoe goes narrow, this is why people like to have room for toes in the shoe and won’t feel comfortable wearing the shoe. You’ll feel like the toes are jamming in the front even before you start walking with it. This is exactly why people say Fila Disruptors run small. For me, half of a larger size is absolutely fine, but for wide feet, at least a size bigger Fila Disruptor is recommended from us. 

Fila Size Chart 

Here we would like to give you an idea about fila shoe size chart men’s and fila shoe size chart women’s. Men’s and women’s shoe sizes will be presented in cm and the sizes from US, UK, Euro & last but not the least fila shoes size chart korea. 

Fila Size Chart for Men

      CM      US      UK      Euro       Korea
        24        6        5.5          39        240
        24.5      6.5          6        39.5        245
        25        7        6.5          40        250
        25.5        7.5          7          41          255
        26          8        7.5          41.5          260
        26.5        8.5          8          42          265
          27          9          8.5          43          270
          27        9.5          9        43.5          270
        27.5          10          9.5          44          275
          28        10.5          10        44.5        280
        28.5          11        10.5          45        285
          29          11.5          11        45.5        290
        29.5           12           11.5          46        295

Fila Size Chart For Women

      CM      US      UK      Euro       Korea
        22        5        3          35.5        220
        22.5      5.5        3.5        36        225
        23        6        4          37        230
        23.5        6.5        4.5          37.5          235
        24          7          5          38          240
        24.5        7.5          5.5          39          245
          25          8          6          39.5          250
          25.5        8.5          6.5          40          255
          26          9          7          41          260
          26.5        9.5          7.5        41.5          265
          27          10          8          42          270
          27.5          10.5          8.5          43          275
          28          11           9          43.5          280

Comparing Fila Shoes Sizes with Other Popular Brands 

Here for your convenience, we will give you the comparison chart of other popular shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma with Fila. Therefore, you’ll easily understand why people call Fila shoe runs small. 

In this chart. fila shoe size chart cm for length, and we’ll measure the shoe size according to US measurements.  

Men’s Size 

  Length (cm)  Fila  Puma Nike Adidas 
      26    8  899
      27    9  91010
      28    10  101111

Women’s Size 

  Length (cm)  Fila  Puma Nike Adidas 
      23    6  6.5  6.5  6.5
      24    7  7.5  7.5  7.5
      25    8  8.5  8.5  8.5

Now, look at these two charts; for the men’s chart, you can see Fila and Puma offer the same size shoe, but both Adidas and Nike are comfortable for one size larger. 

But for women, Puma, Adidas, and Nike all these 3 brands offer a half size larger shoe than Fila shoe size. So, now you guys can easily understand that Fila shoes always run small for both men and women.

Quality Of Fila Shoes

Quality Of Fila Shoes

We are comparing Fila shoe sizes with Adidas and Nike, but it doesn’t mean Fila Shoes are way less in quality. Though Fila shoes have a retro look and the high sole makes the shoe a bit higher, that is what we used to see in older films. 

The shoe’s upper part is made of pure leather; the Fila shoes are very durable. Furthermore, the rubber outsole doesn’t lose its shape after a few days of use. The inner sole is made of memory foam; it lessens foot pain. 

Moreover, Fila is a Shoe Company committing to sustainable development of its products. They made bags and sneakers made of recycled paper. So you can easily say that, the company is not always running after money; it thinks about sustainable development of its products and maintains the quality. 


  1. Are Fila Shoes Uncomfortable? 

– if your toes touch the edge of the shoes, Fila is very uncomfortable and even hurts. That’s why we always suggest having a bigger one or half size bigger fila shoes and feel comfortable. 

  1. Is Fila Shoe good for running all day? 

 – Fila shoes are not ideal for running, yeah they look like running shoes, but nowadays people are wearing Fila for fashion and their classic retro look. So the new models are not good for running all day.  

Final Note 

Fila is an Italian company, and most of its shoes are designed in Italy, but the most production happens in China. That’s why sometimes people feel confused about the shoes’ quality, but we assure you that Fila doesn’t consider quality for extra profit. 

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