Are Air Jordan 1 True To Size? No More Guessing with a Jordan 1 Size

Have you been looking for the best pair of sneakers? Then any model of Jordan 1 of Nike might be the best pick for you. All the aspects like their design, color combination, assembling, comfort, longevity, etc. must satisfy you.

Are Jordan 1 true to size? You must be happy to learn that Jordan 1s are 100% true to their size. In case you can pick up the best design, these models can serve you for a long time, fulfilling your fashion taste, need and comfort as well.

The reason behind their accuracy in size is the best materials and most trusted technology they use. Nike has the best dynamic team to confirm the best service.

Jordan 1 has got a number of models and designs. Let’s study this guideline to have an elaborate idea on the size issue of Jordan 1 sneakers.

Are Jordan 1 True To Size?

Are Jordan 1 True To Size?
Are Jordan 1 True To Size

You must know that shoe size depends on several matters. Most of the brands follow their own measurements. At the same time, the same shoe might be considered smaller or larger in different continents or countries. This is because shoe sizes vary from place to place, too.

To make your job easy, this study tried to make a chart of Jordan 1 shoe size, so that you can have an overall idea to make your decision.

Let’s start unfolding the mystery of Jordan 1s size, seeing their sizes with the comparison of different places.

Size Chart of Jordan 1 in Different Places


Though this chart starts with size 5, Jordan 1s, in fact, begins with size 3. But this same shape turns into 37.5 in the European countries that have different measuring systems. When you take shoes measuring in centimeters, you have to go for 23.5 CM shoes.

So, before you click the order button, find your perfect size to enjoy the comfort of these incredible shoes.

Does Jordan 1 Run Small?

You will surely be relieved to hear that Jordan 1 sneakers even don’t run smaller either.

This is because of the materials they use. 

As a world-leading manufacturer, Nike ensures quality elements for all their products. Moreover, you must be amazed with their incredible assembling technology. They are never behind to own the most advanced process.

So, neither do their sneakers run big nor they run small.

Are Jordan 1s Comfortable?

Are Jordan 1s Comfortable?

Yes, they are. In fact, all the models of this series are preferred mostly because of their unbelievable comfort, even after wearing them the whole day.

are Jordan 1s Comfortable

You know the better the materials, the more comfortable and long-lasting the products will be. As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer has great recognition for ensuring authentic materials. Besides, they have the best dynamic team to apply the best techniques to assemble things.

All these issues together make Jordan 1s more comfortable than most of their competitors.

What Can You Wear With Jordan 1s?

Though sneakers, Jordan 1s match wonderfully with most dresses. You can wear them with shorts, trousers, jeans or official dresses, too.

As Jordan offers you so many colors, you have to be choosy before taking the trousers. The better the colors match, the more attractive and satisfying your appearance will be

So, try to make the best choice between the sneakers and your clothes.

How Can You Take Care Of Jordan 1s?

Nike is better than most of its competitors in respect of quality, comfort, and longevity. Yet you need to take care of their shoes, especially the Jordans to enjoy their service for a long time.

Let’s get the tricks to take care of these models.

As these shoes are made from different materials, you must get the cleaner that can be operated on any materials. Then comes the washing agents, which also deserve your sincere attention. While rubbing the solutions, be sure that the ratio of the ingredients is perfect and you are following the step-by-step process accurately.

In case you take care of Jordan 1s and store them in a proper environment, these shoes can last for a long time.

Are Jordan 1 Good For Basketball?

Are Jordan 1 Good For Basketball?

As a basketball lover, you will be happy to learn that almost all the models of Jordan 1 are produced with all the features that you can take these shoes to the court of your favorite game. Their traction provides you all the support to run front and back, jump high and low within a moment.

But you must be in a dilemma to choose the best pair of Jordan 1s for playing basketball. That’s why this study brought before you the best 3 Nike sneakers for playing this sport.

Nike Grade School Jordan 1 Retro, Unisex Basketball Shoes

The list starts with Nike Unisex Shoes, arguably the best shoes for playing basketball, ensuring most comfort and flexibility. Let’s zoom in on their specifications first.


  • Its incredible color must win your heart to wear these shoes anytime
  • The matchless design makes these shoes incomparable
  • The technology that Nike uses to assemble this model is the latest
  • This design has dots in the toe-box, which allow the shoes to release the hot air through them
  • No matter how long you play with them, the soles always support you with utmost comfort

As these shoes are unisex, you can save the cost when both male and female can wear the same shoes. Needless to say, Nike ensures you the best quality product with the most comfort and longevity.

Besides, the cushioning that this model has provides the passage to exit the heat inside. So, you can wear them for a long time without facing any troubles, which helps you give your 100% concentration to the game. The traction also makes your run or jump safe. Consequently, you can move to any direction anytime without any risk.

Though some consider them a bit costly, you must love this model for the comfort and support they give you on the court.

Nike Jordan Men’s 1 Retro High OG Basketball Shoes

Next comes Jordan 1 Retro High OG, another incredible basketball shoe from Nike. Before going to their elaborate description, let’s look at their key specifications.


  • Like the first model, this one also offers you so many colors, so nobody can deny this model for the color issue
  • As this model was launched not a long ago, it has got the latest technology
  • All the leather, synthetic and textile construction provide most durability
  • The deep flex grooves ensure support on any tracts
  • The manufacturer gives 6 months warranty

Jordan 1 Retro High OG has got so many colors, which match with all types of pants or trousers. Through sports shoes, you can wear them anywhere.

Its rubber cupsole with encapsulated Air enables you to play as long as you want and need. The best cushioning technology maintains your balance and saves the ankles from any threats.

Moreover, the concentric circular outsole pattern gives these shoes unbelievable flexibility and durability as well. The combination of genuine and synthetic leather also ensures the strong assembling of these shoes. So, you can wear them for a long time.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

Unlike the first two suggestions, this pair is solely made for women. Let’s see what specifications they have.


  • Their design, assembling, coloring, in fact, everything is incredibly matchless
  • These shoes always provide your ankle the proper support
  • The outsoles have an incredible grip that allows you to move, run and jump quickly and safely
  • Original materials ensure unbelievable comfort and longevity of the shoes
  • While some of its competitors run small and some big, they are truly true to size

As a professional basketball player, you cannot help preferring Nike Air Jordan 1 because most of the greats of your sports have always been choosing these wonderful shoes.

These sneakers are incredibly light and soft. So, they pose no obstacle for you to run or jump swiftly. Besides, their latest cushioning technology always keeps the inside cool.

These shoes are complemented by the Nike Air midsole that makes these sneakers more comfortable than any other model. Consequently, you can move to any angle and jump as high as you need. You are hardly threatened by the risk of falling down or having fractures in the ankles.

Final Thought

This study tried to dig out the solutions to all your queries about Nike Jordan 1s. Are Jordan 1 true to size? Size of shoes depends on so many matters. But the manufacturer itself is accurate in size.

Yet you can find the sizes to be smaller or bigger because of your inaccurate measurement of your feet, or you probably ordered the wrong size. So, before choosing any pair of Jordan 1s look at the size chart and choose the best one for your feet.

Because of the materials, some Jordan 1s like those made from leather may run small or big. But in respect of comfort and flexibility, all these models are second to none. Moreover, most of these shoes are incredible for playing basketball.

For both males and females, the Nike Grade School Jordan 1 Retro is the best, while Jordan 1 Men’s Retro is best for male players. You must pick Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid as a female basketball fan.

So, which pair of Jordan 1s are you going for?

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