Are Sperry Boots Waterproof? An Analytical Research On These Classic Duck Boots

Undoubtedly, Sperry boots are one of the most comfortable boat shoes for any season. But people often wonder- are Sperry boots waterproof?

Technically, the answer is no. Sperry boots are not really waterproof that protect your feet from getting wet. But they are water-resistant with all the properties to battle against the slippery boat decks. Moreover, it’s totally okay if the shoes get wet

Perhaps, your queries aren’t fully quenched regarding this issue. So, let’s dive deep into this topic to figure out how Sperry boots perform in the rain or snow.

Are Sperry Boots Waterproof? 

No, they aren’t fully waterproof. But they are water-friendly. That means you can use them in the water without a second thought. 

Unlike entirely waterproof shoes, they will not save your foot from the water. But these boots will not be hampered by getting wet. 

As Sperry boots are basically boat shoes, they are meant to be used on the slippery decks of the boats. That’s why they have all the properties to fight a watery surface. 

Even if the shoes get wet, they will dry naturally. And surprisingly enough, the after-splash look of the shoes is more polished. 

Every time they get wet, the boots become more seasoned with either salt water or normal water. 

On top of that, salt water makes the shoelaces remain tied for longer. 

So, despite not being completely waterproof, Sperry boots can be undoubtedly used in the water.

Can You Wear Sperry Duck Boots in the Rain?

Absolutely yes. In fact, Sperry duck boots are one of the most convenient shoes for rainy weather. 

Having a rubber-made lower and leather upper, Sperry duck boots give proper protection against rain and snow. 

As the lace-up shaft measures from ankle to mid-calf, you get ultimate protection during rain or snow. And getting soaked in the rain only adds to their characteristics making them more seasoned.

Are Sperry Shoes Good for Snow?

Yes, they are. As they are specifically meant for cold and damp weather, a little snow doesn’t harm the shoes at all. 

To be honest, Sperrys are all-weather shoes. Be it spring or winter, you can style up a pair of Sperry with your favorite outfit and slay the road.

Thankfully, they are made of rubber shells and outsoles. Resultantly, these boots are okay on both wet and dry surfaces.

If it’s snowing lightly, you can go for ankle boots. But for heavy snowfall, mid-calf boots will be better.

Furthermore, you will love the non-slip outsole which offers incredible traction on ice and snow. Besides, the Thinsulate lining makes them the perfect pick for chilly weather in the winter. 

Above all, Sperrys are not bulky and ugly like the regular rain or snow boots. They are extremely fashionable, pursuing their age-old unique design.

Can Sperry Boots Be Used for Hiking?

Not really. You can use Sperry boots for casual walking but not for hiking. 

Well, it’s true that Sperry boots perform pretty well on slippery surfaces due to their anti-slip outsoles. But they lack the traction needed for hiking. 

So, hiking in a pair of Sperry boots is not encouraged at all. Of course, you can trek a short distance like 1 or 2 miles wearing them. But don’t attempt to hike more than that as these boots are not that stable.

Can You Wear Sperry Duck Boots in the Summer?

Why not? Oh, probably you thought of them as winter shoes only. But that’s not the case. You can wear them in summer as well.

Basically, you can use Sperry boots throughout the year. Whether it’s winter or summer, if you can style them up properly, a pair of Sperry boots could be your go-to footwear. 

Just make sure you use them without the insulating lining. Otherwise, the extra insulation would make your feet sweaty on the hot summer days. 

As there are countless varieties in Sperry boots, you can choose a low-cut pair for warmer days. And since it’s summer, you can wear them with lighter socks. 

Are Sperry Boots Worth the Money?

Yes, they are absolutely worth the price and the hype. As they are multipurpose boots for all seasons, and especially work great in rain and snow, you can never go wrong with a pair of Sperry boots.

One of the major reasons to fall for Sperrys is the comfort. The exceptionally well-made architecture pays the value quite well. And the shoes are heavily cushioned to let you feel relaxed for hours. 

As you know, all Sperry boots are thoughtfully engineered with premium-category materials. Resultantly, you feel at ease and don’t develop bruises or blisters. 

However, if you use Sperrys in winter, rest assured that you are going to have a cold-free season. What’s more, is the anti-slip sole that offers sufficient grip.

Compared to other high-end snow boots, these affordable alternatives are more than enough to keep you safe. Also, the lightweight sole doesn’t make it a burden to carry unwantedly. Instead, you feel so comfortable that you don’t want to take them off.

All things considered, Sperrys are not only for a two-month-long winter season. Rather, you can wear them throughout the year, in muddy and wet conditions in particular. 

That’s the reason Sperry boots are getting more popular day by day.

Are Sperry Boots Narrow?

Lengthwise no, but in terms of width, yes. We mean the Sperry Top-Sider shoes are usually a bit narrower but remain true to size in length.

How Much Do Sperry Boots Weigh?

Sperrys are surprisingly lightweight compared to regular rain or snow boots. A pair of Sperry in the size 13 weighs only 2.44 lbs. 

But don’t misjudge their robustness based on the lightweight architecture. They are actually very rugged and durable. It’s just that thoughtful craftsmanship plays a vital role in producing them so lightweight. 

Because Sperry boots weigh so little, your feet feel like floating on the ground.

Are Sperrys Good for Standing All Day? 

Yes, they are perfect for standing all day long. If you want day-long wearability from a pair of Sperry shoes, go for their Plushwave range. The advanced cushioning technology provides ultimate grip, traction, and flexibility. 

As a result, the insoles of the shoes are supremely cushioned to support the feet for a long time. Even after a day-long standing session with Sperrys, you don’t get foot aches or bruises. 

Do Sperry Boots Have Arch Support?

Yes, they have moderate arch support. Even if you have a high arch, don’t worry. A good quality Sperry would always help you with light padding in the insole. 

Moreover, the lightweight ergonomics make them perfect walking shoes with the strong support of the rubber outsole. Just spare them some break-in time and they will adapt to your foot shape quickly.

Final Words

Are Sperry boots waterproof?- this is a common query by all the shoe lovers out there. Sperry is a leading boat shoe manufacturer after all. 

Although they don’t come waterproof, they are not affected by water. In fact, Sperry boots get more sleek and polished after getting wet. And you don’t need to dry them manually. Instead, they dry naturally. 

Aside from that, the non-slip outsole makes them no less than the dedicated waterproof boots. You just need to take care of your feet. Leave the rest on the Sperrys and win over a cold rainy day or a snowy evening. Soaking in the water does no harm to these premium-quality boots. 

That’s why Sperrys are everyone’s favorite over the fully waterproof boots for their extremely water-friendly performance. 

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