How To Get Spikes Out Of Track Shoes?

DATE: June 17, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Have your spikes worn out all the way down to where it’s attached to the sole of the show itself? Well, it’s time to change your shoes. 

However, if you want to save the cost of a new pair of spikes, you can replace old spikes with new ones! It’s quite challenging to change out fully worn-out spikes compared to halfway-worn ones. But there are a few techniques though.

Are you wondering how to get spikes out of track shoes?

You can use a spike key to remove spikes that are not fully worn out. You just need to place the spike over the key and keep twisting it to the left side until the spikes come out.

If you want to learn how to get completely worn spikes out or get rid of them without any cleat wrench, keep reading below!

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How To Get Spikes Out Of Track Shoes?

To get spikes out of the track shoes, you need to twist them with a spike key. And when the spike key or cleat wrench can’t do it, you need to make a groove on the spike yourself, and then twist it with a screwdriver.

Spikes that aren’t completely worn out can be removed with a spike key. All you have to do now is place the key over the spike and make sure it’s completely secured near the base. Then twist it to the left until the spikes fall out.

But, if your spike has been so badly worn down that you can’t get it out with a tool or set of pliers, you can use a screwdriver, file, and a junior hacksaw. 

The first step is to create a groove on the top of the one-down spike and this is done to transform the spike into a common screw that can be removed by a screwdriver. Using the junior hacksaw, cut a groove on top of the spike. Since the screwdriver won’t fit into the groove, you need to make this groove a bit wider, that is where the other tool, the file comes in. Now, file the groove and create a screw head-like structure on the spike. Finally twist the screwdriver by keeping it on the groove, and your spike should come out!

How To Remove Spikes From Track Shoes Without A Spike Tool?

By making the pliers function as a spike tool, you can remove spikes from your track shoes.

A spike tool is included with most of the track shoes. However, if you have lost your one, or maybe don’t have one, you can use a set of pliers instead.

Using a pair of any type of pliers, grasp the spike and secure it. Now, as if you are unscrewing, turn the plier in an anti-clockwise direction. That’s it. Repeat the same procedure until all of the spikes that need to be replaced have been removed.

Remember to remove all the mud and dirt from the spikes first. if they are too dry, give them a quick wash. This way, you get a better grip.

How to take care of spikes?

Keeping them dry, cleaning them regularly, and using them on specific surfaces, are some of the ways you can take care of spiked shoes.

After you are done with the practice session, always take the spikes out of the bag. This keeps the shoes from forming a foul odor and keeps them dry.

And when you play on muddy terrain, remove the mud and dirt from the shoes before putting them inside the bag. Because, if dirt stays for too long, the spikes might form rust.

When it comes to cleaning, you need nothing but a brush and any liquid soap available at home. Before starting the process, using a damp cloth wipe away any dirt that has accumulated around the spike. 

You can either use your fingernails to scrape it off with your fingernail or loosen the dirt with a moist towel. Now, thoroughly clean the spike plate and spike in a circular motion with a toothbrush and some mild hand soap. After that rinse it with water and pat it dry. 

And finally, keep checking your spikes so that you know when to replace them. You don’t want the spike pins to wear out to the point that they can’t be replaced by any means. 

Final  thoughts

Now that you have learned how to get spikes out of track shoes, here’s hoping you won’t have any problem changing the spikes yourself.

If you fail to get spikes out of track shoes, which most of the time happens when they are worn out to the point where they can’t properly be gripped, you can always take them to the track shoe specialty stores. 

 Don’t forget to take care of your spike and spike plates well, as they are a vital element for a good performance in racing events.

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