Do Cowboy Boots Run Big or Small

DATE: November 3, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Cowboy boots are different from other shoes. Shoes are mostly the same sizes, but cowboy boots are often found in different sizes even though the size number is the same. It’s because cowboy boots have a high neck and the structure of cowboy boots is different. Also the companies who make cowboy boots are very ancient, so they still follow their ancient process to make cowboy boots.  

That’s why most people ask do cowboy boots run big or small? Cowboy boots never fit truly according to size, and different manufacturers have different procedures to make these traditional boots so that the size varies. 

Most likely, we can tell if you are a first-time buyer who is about to purchase a cowboy boot, then there is a high chance of purchasing the wrong size mistakenly. Here we’ll discuss how to find the exact fit of cowboy boots for your feet and teach you to understand the size and the width of a cowboy boot. So let’s roll together, guys. 

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit

 Already told you guys, that cowboy boots are different from the standard pair of sneakers and shoes. Most of the time, we find snug-fitting cowboy boots but not that comfortable. 

So make sure the investment in a pair of cowboy boots is not a waste of money. The boots are often slightly large in size. So often people get confused about having a smaller size cowboy boot than their usual shoes. So don’t don’t get surprised. 

Size Down Boots 

 You already know that cowboy boots are larger in size, so try to get a half or one-size smaller boots. Surely you must wear the boots and know where to use them. Because the type of cowboy boots defines which shape of boots you need. If you want to buy the boots online and are totally confused about the perfect size for you, then purchase an exact size like your shoes. Because adding an extra pad and wearing thick socks can easily solve the loose feeling. 


Socks are very important to measure the right size of the cowboy boot. Even a thin sock adds half the size. So if you try on cowboy boots without socks and you may find the boots comfortable or that moment, but wearing socks will give your feet a breathless feeling. 

Don’t forget to try both boots on both feet and walk around wearing them for a few minutes. Keep in mind that if the toes feel cramped, the boots are too small, and if the heel slips, the boots are bigger. 

Understanding the Size and Shapes 

Everyone knows sizes are different, but what about the shape? Cowboy boots can have different shapes too for different types of feet. Let us tell you about them first. 


Square-shaped cowboy boots were popular back in the western period. John Wayne used to wear square boots. In square boots, our toes get lots of room, and we can spread our toes as much as we want. 


Rounded shape boots give space in the front but are less than a square shape. If your feet are wide in the front, then the round shape won’t allow the toes to spread. 


Snip toes are popular for dramatically creating a sharp point in the front. It is often very narrow and doesn’t suit wide feet at all. 

Chart for Different Width of Cowboy Boot by Labels 

                   Men                      Women 
B= Narrow Width  B or M= Standard Width
D= Standard Width  C or W= Wide Width 
EE= Wide Width

Often people get flummoxed between the shape D and EE for men. Even on the internet we see many pages of d vs ee width cowboy boots. Hopefully you guys have had the exact idea about the shape now from the chart.

Do Cowboy Boots Run Big or Small

Cowboy Boot Conversion Chart for Men

  Length in cm  US size         B          D        EE
24.4      7      3.3”      3.6”      4.0”
24.8      7.5      3.3”      3.7”               4.1”
25.4      8      3.4”      3.8”      4.1”
25.7      8.5      3.4”      3.8”       4.2”
26      9      3.5”      3.9”      4.3”
26.7      9.5      3.6”      3.9”      4.3”
27      10      3.6”      4.0”      4.4” 
27.3      10.5      3.7”      4.1”      4.4”
27.9      11      3.8”      4.1”      4.5”
28.3      11.5      3.8”      4.2”      4.6”
28.6      12      3.8”      4.2”      4.6”
29.4      13      4.0”      4.4”      4.8”
30.2        14      4.0”      4.4”      4.4

Cowboy Boot Conversion Chart for Women

  Length in cm  US size         B          D        EE
    21.6      5      2.7”        3.0”         3.2” 
    22.2    5.5      2.9”        3.1”        3.3”
    22.5      6      2.9”        3.1”        3.3” 
      23    6.5      3.0”        3.3”        3.4”
    23.5      7      3.1”        3.3”        3.4”
    23.8    7.5      3,1”         3.3”        3.5”
    24.1      8      3.2”        3.4”        3.6”
    24.6    8.5      3.3”        3.4”        3.6”
    25.1      9      3.3”        3.5”        3.7” 
    25.4    9.5      3.4”        3.6”        3.8” 
    25.9      10      3.4”        3.6”         3.8”
    26.2    10.5      3.5”         3.7”         3.9”
    26.7      11      3.6”        3.8”        3.9”


  1. Are cowboy boot sizes the same as the shoe sizes?
  2.  – if you see the shoe to boot size conversion chart, you can see the boot size is larger than the shoes. So try to get a smaller size boot than your shoe size. 
  3. How do you choose cowboy boot size?
  4.  – By wearing comfortable socks, you should try both the cowboy boots on your feet. Then walk for some time. If you feel loose and your feet can easily move inside the boots, then surely you need a smaller one. Most of the time, the shoe size you use to put on the feet will be larger size cowboy boots for your feet. 
  5. Is your boot size the same as your shoe size?
  6.  – definitely, your cowboy boot size will be smaller in size in most cases than your shoes. There is a vast room inside a cowboy boot, and its shape is traditional. On the other hand, if your toes touch the front, definitely the cowboy boot is smaller for you. 

Final Note 

So far, we hope you guys got a clear idea about the size differences between normal shoes and cowboy boots. Some people ask do cowboy boots stretch? No cowboy boot doesn’ stretch like the synthetic shoes we use to put on. So don’t think like the boots will be stretched after someday and buy an airtight one. Get the one that is most comfortable for walking. 

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