Are Jordans Non Slip Shoes?

DATE: March 15, 2023

Author: Jimmy Lewis


There have been many debates over the years as to whether are jordans non slip shoes. The iconic sneaker brand has seen its popularity grow exponentially over time. So it only makes sense that consumers would want to know if one of their most frequently worn items is safe for everyday wear.

In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at this question by tackling everything from the general design features of Air Jordans and their anti-slip properties to which models offer the highest level of slip resistance on various surfaces. So get ready to determine once and for all whether those Air Jordans really are non slip shoes!

Are Jordans Non Slip Shoes?

Jordans are quickly becoming a staple in shoe pears around the world. Not only do they provide a stylish, iconic look that appeals to consumers, but they also provide incomparable quality and safety features. Specifically, many styles of Jordans come with an engineered sole designed to keep you safe on wet or slippery surfaces.

Most wearers find the outsoles to be non-slip and highly effective against slips and fall, making Jordans fashionable and functional. With all these features packed into one shoe, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen Jordans as their go-to footwear.

What Makes A Shoe Non-Slip?

Non-slip shoes have certain features that help them stick to slick surfaces better than regular shoes. These features include:

Rubber Sole:

What makes a shoe slip-proof? Here’s the answer – it’s all down to the rubber sole. Rubber soles are great at providing traction and giving shoes grip, which is key for any shoe to be non-slippery. The rubber also helps cushion your foot and minimize the shock from walking on hard surfaces.

So, whether you’re out walking in wet weather or standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables, a rubber sole can protect against slips and falls. What’s more, rubber soles can last longer than other materials, so you can enjoy your shoes for a long time to come.

Rubber Soles Are Great at Providing Traction

Traction Pattern:

Regarding safety and stability, having the proper traction pattern on the bottom of your shoes can make all the difference. So what makes a shoe non-slip? Traction patterns are specifically designed to increase friction between the sole of a shoe and the ground.

Features such as shallow grooves, small points, ridges, and lugs provide ongoing grip while walking or running. Picking out the right tread pattern is essential for you to be able to exercise safely in any condition – wet or dry, indoors or outdoors. If you want to stay stable during your workout, look for shoes with a reliable traction pattern that best suits your fitness lifestyle.


When choosing a shoe, cushioning is a key factor to consider. What makes shoes non-slip is the cushioning material that each pair has. Porous or blended cotton, wool, and felt are usually used to create cushioning and provide better protection against slipping and sliding.

Not only does cushioning keep your feet comfortable, but it also helps keep your shoes in place, no matter what surface you’re walking on. It’s important to remember that the right kind of cushioning can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your feet safe and reducing the risk of slipping or falling.

With the right amount of cushioning, you can trust in your shoes to keep up with whatever comes your way.

Slip Resistance Testing

Jordan shoes are known for their high-performance, stylish designs and have been favored by athletes for decades. But just how safe is Jordan’s range of shoes regarding slip resistance against hazardous floors?

To find out, Jordan has implemented slip resistance testing to ensure that all Jordan shoes meet industry standards for resistive forces against slick and slippery surfaces.

The evaluations found that Jordan shoes exhibit superior traction compared to other leading brands on the market, achieving an overall above-average rating in terms of slip resistance amongst industry standards.

All Jordan shoes must adhere to a strict set of safety protocols before being allowed on the shelves, and these slip resistance tests are crucial in ensuring that Jordan customers stay safe at all times.

Rubber Soles Are Great at Providing Traction

Factors Affecting Slip Resistance

Surface Type:

Factors affecting slip resistance on a surface are an important consideration for many applications, from residential homes to industrial and commercial settings. Such factors can include material type, finish, and even degree of maintenance.

Choosing the right flooring is essential when considering safety requirements, such as wet surfaces or areas where oils or other liquids may be present. The right flooring materials can also contribute to durability, longevity, and appearance.

Factors such as texture, pattern, and color must be considered before deciding upon the most suitable surface type. Ultimately, proper and regular maintenance will keep any surface in perfect condition, so it is important that safety protocols are established in all areas based on their intended usage.

Shoe Materials and Design:

Factors such as the type of materials used and the shoe’s design can greatly impact its slip resistance. For example, different types of materials, like leather and synthetic leather, often feature better grip than mesh, which usually has a slick surface and doesn’t offer much traction.

Additionally, suppose the design features lugs or cut-out patterns in the shoe’s sole. In that case, it can also provide increased slip resistance for even greater safety. Knowing about these attributes can help us make informed decisions when we select and purchase footwear to ensure adequate slip protection.

Personal Factors Such as Walking Style:

Factors such as a person’s walking style can play a big part in the overall slip resistance of their environment. In addition, factors like speed and force of impact, the amount of heel contact, and gait patterns all impact the overall contact between shoe and floor, influencing how slippery a surface is perceived.

In other words, depending on how someone walks, it could make their experience with a particular surface much different from another’s. Therefore, knowing certain personal factors that might be affected by walking style can help inform more effective management strategies for improving slip resistance across environments.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Non-Slip Jordans Shoe

Before purchasing a nonslip Jordans shoe, it is important to gather some information before purchase. Firstly, know your size and width, so the shoe is comfortable when you slip them on – this will help reduce slipping and maximize comfort.

Secondly, pay close attention to the features offered by the shoe. For example, many nonslip Jordans shoes come with an additional sole that helps to increase grip and reduce slipping on wet or slippery surfaces. Lastly, don’t be shy about making additional inquiries if needed.

Ask the store staff any questions you may have before shelling out your hard-earned money on a pair of nonslip Jordans shoes. Doing these simple tasks will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and have the best possible experience when buying nonslip Jordans shoes.

Benefits of Non-Slip Jordans Shoe

Jordans Shoes is That They Provide Superior Protection

One of the major benefits of wearing non-slip Jordans shoes is that they provide superior protection and traction. Whether you are playing sports, running errands, or simply out for a walk in wet or icy conditions, these shoes give your feet the grip necessary to help prevent falls and prevent injuries from occurring.

The improved grip on surfaces also helps improve balance and general stability so that you can feel more confident moving through any environment.

Additionally, non-slip Jordans shoes are great for athletes as they provide maximum performance while reducing the risk of slipping during strenuous activities. With stylish designs and long-lasting quality, non-slip Jordans shoes offer reliable protection when you need them most.


Jordans can be great non-slip shoes if you choose the right model for your needs. Look for models with rubber soles with deep grooves and traction patterns for maximum slip resistance, as well as cushioning for added comfort and stability while walking or running on hard surfaces like tile or concrete.

With the right pair of Jordans, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your feet are safe no matter where your adventures take you! Thanks for reading our post about are jordans non slip shoes.

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