Do heels run big or small?

DATE: November 8, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Heels are a vital variant of footwear for women’s fashion. There is rarely anything like heels and red lipstick that can add such sophistication to one’s outlook. However, women confront substantial difficulties in selecting the appropriate size of heels. Furthermore, some fallacies aggravate size misunderstanding. Some people, for example, believe that heels are bigger than conventional footwear. It perplexes others, who frequently inquire, “Do heels run big or small?”

Heels do not come in sizes large or small. One can feel differences in the same size of different heels due to the shape and design variance. Therefore, buying the heels based on assumption would be silly rather than giving them a trial.

Since many people are unsure of what size heels to wear, this article will discuss how to select the proper size of heels. Readers can also learn about various tips and tricks. So, let’s start.

Do heels run big or small?

Some indicators of wrong-sized heels:

Some signs indicate that you have purchased the wrong heel, and it’s time to get a new pair. So, let’s explore those signs:

  • Excessive Sliding: While a bit of sliding is pretty acceptable, excessive sliding implies improper size, which can cause severe foot pain.
  • Uncomfortable walk: If a woman feels discomfort or pain in the toe ball while walking, it also indicates the wrong pair. In this case, one may go for slightly sleeper heels to alleviate discomfort.
  • Consistent vesicles: If you experience vesicles every time you wear a new pair of shoes, you and your heels are not a perfect match, sorry.
  • Wrong placement: Your heel bone must remain above the heel. If your heel remains at the rear of your foot, this also suggests an incorrect size.
  • Straps Cutting: If the heels’ straps cut any portion of the wearer’s foot, the person should immediately change the pair.

How to determine the correct heel size?

How to determine the correct heel size?

One can determine the heel size by the wearer’s feet size. To measure the feet correctly, one can follow the below process:

Process 1: measuring feet by using instruments:

Most shoe stores have the instruments needed to measure customers’ feet accurately. So, one can visit a shoe store and know their foot size. Usually, shoe stores use a carpeted scale to determine the shoe size.

Besides, these stores have other tools that fit around the foot and accurately measure foot proportions. If one doesn’t have access to these tools, the person can ask for help from the store staff in measuring the foot’s size.

Process 2: Measuring foot’s size by yourself and using a conversion table to get the right heels:

Measuring the foot:

  • Take paper and pencil
  • Properly stand up on the paper
  • Draw the borders of the foot on the paper with a pencil
  • Now measure the lines to get the length and width.

 Now, if one refers the size to the seller, he can provide the right heels. Otherwise, one can use a conversion table to order the heel size directly. Here I have included a conversion chart for the benefit of the readers:


How to properly fit the heel?

How to properly fit the heel?

One can ensure proper fitting of heels by following the below steps:

1. Wearing heels:  before purchasing heels, it’s better to go through a trial session. Just put the heels properly with those straps. If one feels difficulties in fitting the heels with feet, the heels may be smaller than the proper size. In contrast, if it leaves abundant space in the feet area, the heels may be too big for the feet to fit. So, one should avoid buying such heels.

2. Stand up in the heels: If one can rightly fit the heel, then the next step is to stand up straight on the heel and observe the following things to ensure the proper adjustment of the heels:

  • If the person feels any discomfort
  • If the wearer’s feet remain outside the heel
  • If there is any area of the foot that does not touch the heel


  • Try to give this trial in front of a mirror to get a better view

3. Observing the heel area: This step is vital for ensuring comfort and longer usability. After placing feet on the heels, the heel area should not have a space of more than about ¾ cm to 1 cm. One needs this space as the feet tend to expand after wearing footwear, not only heels. As mentioned above, ensure the heel area is neither too large nor too small.

4. Examining the toe area: When standing on the heels, your toe should remain on the front tip of the heel regardless of the heel type. If the heels are visibly too tight and painful in the toe area, they are probably too tiny. In contrast, if the wearer has excessive wiggle room, the heels are probably too large.

5. Walking: Now it’s time to walk with the heel. While walking, the wearer must observe the points mentioned above, such as the toe and heel area, to avoid mismatch.


  • Should one size up or down for heels?

One doesn’t need to size up or down for heels. Just go for the actual size. The larger size can provide excessive waggle room for the foot that can cause blisters due to constant friction between the wearer’s foot skin and the heels. In contrast, the smaller size can cause greater discomfort, ankle pain, and tearing of the skin.

  • How to make loose heels tighter?

One can make a loose heel tighter by maintaining the below tips:

  • Wear socks
  • Put thicker Insoles
  • Use Foot Cushions
  • Tightly tie the strips


Women love to wear heels since they add elegance to their appearance. But most women don’t know how to determine the correct heel size. Therefore, they often purchase the wrong size and can’t fulfill the purpose.

By considering this issue, I have discussed in detail how one can determine the correct size of one’s foot and heel. Besides, I have provided some indicators of wrong heel size and some additional information. I hope the readers have found the article informative and practical.

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