Do Timberlands Run Big or Small

DATE: September 21, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Timberland’s heat color and robust build quality, and detail stitches fascinate the shoe lover even after its release of decades. Still, no one can ensure the pair of Timberland Pro is for work on heavy areas or the shoe is only for fashion. So imagine how many people have the shoe. 

The signature yellow boots were introduced first in1973, Sidney. At that time, the boots were popular for working on civil engineering sites, and the Timberland boots were waterproof too. But within a few years, the sales graph began to rise, and suddenly all realized this yellow wheat color boot was a fashion trend. 

Do Timberlands Run Big or Small

So no wonder how popular Timberland was and still is now. But nowadays, people purchase boots from the original seller or any authentic retailer shops from online. That’s where the size matters so much. SO now everyone asks, do Timberlands run big or small? So let’s find this out. 

How Do Timberlands Fit?

It depends on which Timberland Shoe you like to have. Most people like to have the Yellow Wheat color Timberland 6” Classic Boot. The boot is waterproof, and we all know waterproof boots are bigger than the normal shoe size. So if your true size is 9, for Timberland boots, you may need 8 or 8.5. 

Searching how timberland boots fit reddit, most results say they are bigger but don’t mention by what margin the boots are bigger. So now we’ll give you some hints about the size of popular Timberland models. 

How Do Timberlands Fit?

Timberland PRO Boondock

The PRo Boondock is a good option for industrial use and uses in wet places because it’s waterproof. This pair of boots run a touch bigger like sometimes less than half size bigger than our correct size. 

Timberland Pro Pit Boss

The most popular ones in the Timberland, and they are not any kind of bulky. True to size, so you guys can order it according to your feet’s exact size. 

Timberland PRO Direct Attach Work Boots

This style keeps the classic timberland style and is suitable for heavy work sites. This may run a full size bigger than your true size. 

Timberland Size Guide

So far, we’ve tried to give you an idea about Timberland boot size. All of them were theoretical discussions, but now we’ll show you the men’s size guide and women’s size guide. 

Timberland Men’s Footwear 

        Length (cm)        US        UK        EU
            24        5.5          5        38
            24          6        5.5         39
          24.5        6.5          6        39.5
            25          7        6.5        40
          25.5        7.5          7        41
            26          8        7.5        41.5
          26.5        8.5          8        42
            27          9        8.5        43
          27.5        9.5          9        43.5
            28          10        9.5        44
          28.5          10.5          10        44.5
          29          11          10.5        45

Timberland Women’s Footwear

        Length (cm)        US        UK        EU
          22        5          3        35.5
          22.5        5.5        3.5          36
          23          6          4          37
        23.5      6.5        4.5          37.5
          24        7          5            38
          24.5        7.5        5.5            38.5
          25          8          6              39
          25.5        8.5      6.5            39.5
          26          9        7              40
          26.5        9.5        7.5            41
          27        10          8              41.5
          28        11          9              42

Comparing Timberland Size with Other Brands 

It’s time to compare the size of timberland boots with other popular boots. Sometimes search for timberland shoe size compared to Nike or other popular shoe brands. But Comparing with Nike, Adidas or Puma is unnecessary; we should compare with other boots. 

Men’s Size 

        Length cm      Timberland       Keen        Merrell
          26          8          8          8
          27          9          9          9
          28          10          10          10

Women’s Size 

        Length cm      Timberland       Keen        Merrell
          23          6          6          6
          24          7          7          7
          25          8          8          8

Do you still have questions like, are timberland too big? Surely timberlands are the same in size compared with other boot brands. But if we compare it with other shoe brands, things will differ from. 


  1. Do Timberland boots run true to size?

– Timberland boots are from decades ago. So the classic Timberland may run a little big, but Timberline is usually the same in size compared with other boot’s brands. In that case, we can say Timberland is true to size. But comparing with shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma gives a different result. Timberland is sometimes a full size or half size bigger than these shoes. 

  1. Do Timberlands run big for toddlers? 

– Timberlands don’t come with so many boot’s variations for toddlers or kids. And the kids’ feet are fairly the same. So Timberland runs true to size for toddlers. 

  1. Is Timberland Unisex?

– Timberland offers two different sizes of shoes for both men and women, but yeah Timberland is unisex if any women’s size matches with any men’s Timberlands boots. Design is the same for both men and women. 

Final Note 

So far, we’ve provided you with a timberland width size chart and compared the brand with other brands. One thing you should remember is that Timberland boots are made with pure leather and other premium materials. It may feel uncomfortable at first. Once you’ll start wearing the boots a few times, the inner part will stretch a bit, and the boot will feel super comfy. Few things may confuse you like many people ask what size is 7w in timberland? It means 7 wide. US, UK size 7 is narrower than the size 7w. 

Hopefully, Timberland boots will fit perfectly on your feet. If you order online, make sure if the size doesn’t fit, you can give it back. 

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