Hiking Boots Vs Hunting Boots, Which One You Should Go For?

DATE: July 7, 2022

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Walking through the woods and connecting with nature is one of the most calming and refreshing ways to enjoy your holiday. If you like hiking, having the necessary gear will give you comfort and safety. And when we are on the topic, we can’t forget about boots.

While looking for boots, you can’t ignore the comparison between hiking and hunting boots. You will find various hiking boots in the market to give you support and comfort while hiking. But if you prioritize off-trail walks and need more safety, you might like hunting boots better. 

There are differences and similarities between these two types of boots. Though they look similar at first, you need to understand their uses to choose the right pair for you. Here we have discussed hiking boots versus hunting boots. Get a clear idea and make your experience more enjoyable.

Why Should You Choose Hiking Boots?

There are a few special purposes that hiking boots fulfil. Some of the most significant reasons for choosing hiking boots are:

  • The good, sturdy sole will give you support to walk a long way 
  • The lightweight material will keep your walk comfortable 
  • You will be able to cover more miles 
  • The perfect pair of boots for your summer travel

Why Should You Choose Hunting Boots?

Here are some reasons why you should choose hunting boots. These boots can give you various benefits. Such as:

  • Hiking boots will give you support to walk on off-trail roads 
  • The sturdy sole will protect your feet from different injuries 
  • It will help to keep your feet warm and dry 
  • The insulation is suitable for winter-like seasons

Hiking Boots vs Hunting Boots Comparison Table

CharacteristicsHiking BootsHunting Boots
Purposeprovide support and comfort to cover more mileageprovide insulation and protection on the off-trail journey
Weightusually around 2 to 3 lbsusually around 4 to 5 lbs
Insulationgenerally doesn’t have any insulationhave insulation
Warmthsuitable for summer travels and hot weatherprovide extra warmth for cold weather
Heightusually covers the anklehave higher boot collars

Key Features of Hiking Boots

Here are the key features of hiking boots that will help you to understand their benefits 

  • The hiking boots cover more mileage 
  • The perfect pair of boots for your summer travel 
  • Provide you with good traction and support 
  • The earth-toned colour with a little bit of pop will make your look simple yet fashionable

Some Good Things about Hiking Boots

As the hiking boots are designed for you to wear all day throughout your hike, you will find them very comfortable and lightweight on your feet, almost like adding no extra weight so you can enjoy your walk.

As most hiking takes place in warm weather, hiking boots are suitable for those journeys with minimum baggage. The boots don’t have any insulation against cold weather. So they are perfect for summer walks.

Hiking boots provide you with enough support and traction to walk along the rocky trails of the mountains and give you a better grip than usual boots.

Though hiking boots are usually of neutral colours, they will still have some designs that make them attractive. You will find small embroideries or emblems on them. Some shoes use colourful laces and ornamentation, which make them stand out.

Some Bad Things about Hiking Boots

Though hiking boots are lightweight and give you support for a long walk, they are not the best boots for winter or cold weather. Most hiking boots don’t have any insulation. So, if you wear them in cold weather, the freezing breeze and snow can make your feet crumble and freeze within a few hours.

Also, you can’t use hiking boots for off-trail journeys. They will not be of much help on a rough forest walk or against unexpected obstacles.

Key Features of Hunting Boots

If you are considering buying a pair of hunting boots, here are the key features that can help you choose 

  • The insulation of the boot will keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather 
  • The sturdy sole will give you support and protection from extreme danger 
  • The boot covers up to the mid-calf of your legs 
  • The camouflage pattern helps you to hide your existence in the woods

Some Good Things about Hunting Boots

Hunting usually takes place during winter or cold seasons. Hunting boots will give you extra warmth and keep your feet dry. The insulation will keep your feet from freezing in cold weather.

The strong and sturdy soul of the hunting boots will provide extra support and protection. It will keep your feet from minor injuries or scratches. You’ll be able to protect your leg from animal bites.

Hunting boots usually have higher collars covering a significant portion of your legs. Many hunting boots reach the mid-calf of your leg to cover more area and protect them from external threats.

As you need to be careful not to frighten your prey or alert, having the camouflage pattern makes them very useful for hiding.

Some Bad Things about Hunting Boots

One of the major disadvantages of hunting boots is their weight. The insulation makes the boot two times heavier than hiking boots. So, if you wear them for a long time, it might become tiresome.

The insulation keeps your feet warm. But if you wear them in warm weather, that can be quite uncomfortable and make your feet sweat a lot.

Similarity & Difference Between Hiking and Hunting Boots

At first sight, hiking boots and hunting boots might look the same. Though their exterior can be similar, there are differences between them. Here are some most important similarities and dissimilarities of these boots.


The materials of hunting boots and hiking boots are almost the same. Even they look similar at first glance. For providing your ankle strong support, both of the shoes use a good sturdy sole. The rubber soles will protect your ankles and feet from forming blisters and support you to stand for a long time without causing any pain.

Leather and synthetic materials are used on the upper portion of the boot. You’ll find varieties of designs. However, the insulation of the hunting boots makes the difference. Usually, insulation is not found in hiking boots, making the hunting boots heavier.


One of the main differences between hiking boots and hunting boots is insulation. Hiking usually takes place in summer or warm seasons. So, these shoes do not have strong insulation inside. It is comfortable to wear in warm weather to keep your feet breathable and light. 

On the other hand, hunting is usually for a little bit of cold weather. The hunting boots are designed to have solid insulation to protect your feet from the winter. Hunting boots’ insulation and waterproof characteristics will protect your feet from snow and water. It will also keep your feet warm and dry for a long time.

Because of the insulation, while you wear a pair of hunting boots, your feet will stay warm for a long time even if you don’t move them. So, if you need to go out in cold, it will keep your feet protected and prevent you from dying frozen.


Hiking boots are lighter than hunting boots. As hiking boots are designed to assist you through a long on-trail walk, the heavier the boot is, the more painful the walk will be. But hunting can go off-trail, and you might face various difficulties on the way. So, protection is the priority.

You will find good quality e hiking boots under 2 lbs, but it is very difficult to find standard quality hunting boots under 4 lbs.

Boot Height

Usually, hunting boots have higher collars than hiking boots. Hiking boots are designed for on-trail walks and hiking. They cover up to your ankle. But you need to keep your feet and legs protected from animal and snake bites if you want to go hunting. Various hunting boots reach up to the mid-calf of your leg.


The look of hunting boots and hiking boots can be quite similar. They have a neutral look that does not stand out much, especially hunting boots. If you are buying any of these boots for the first time, you might not identify the differences at first glance.

Hunting boots are designed to make camouflage and not stand out in the forest. The camouflage patterns are of neutral colour. Though the hiking boots are also earth-toned, you will find little details and designs like emblems, laces and monograms.


Can I Wear Running Shoes During Hiking?

If you are comfortable moving in your running shoes and give you enough support to walk for a long time, you can wear them for hiking. Usually, running shoes are made to keep your feet comfortable while running. So hiking in them will not be much difficult. But if you want to hike regularly, then having a pair of good-quality hiking boots will be more beneficial.

Which Type Of Boots Is Better For Cold Weather? 

If you want to stay outside in the cold weather for a long time, you will need strong support to protect your feet from the harsh wind, snow, and water. Hunting boots are better for hiking boots and hunting boots to help you survive in the cold weather. Their insulation will prevent the mud or water from seeping through and keep your feet warm. Even if you stand in one place for a long time, your feet will not freeze, and you will be able to walk the whole day comfortably.

Why Are Hunting Boots Heavier Than Hiking Boots?

Hunting boots provide extra insulation to survive in cold or wet weather. The boot becomes heavier because of its extra layer of insulation and heavy insoles. Average hunting boots are two times heavier than average hiking boots.

How Long Does Hiking Boots Last?

The longevity of your hiking boots depends on the frequency of use and style. If you go for a hike every week, your boots are more likely to wear out faster. Usually, hiking boots last from three to six months, depending on the usage. Also, boots with a softer insole tend to wear out a little faster than harder soles.

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