8 Best 400 Gram Insulated Work Boots – For Mild Winters!

DATE: August 2, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you’re working outdoors make sure you get the right boots for you. For a mildly cooler atmosphere, you may want to go for quality 400 gram insulated work boots. 

Insulated boots offer outstanding performance in terms of offering the desired heat and comfort in wintry conditions. They’re pretty tough as well. All of these factors make insulated boots an ideal option for heavy-duty work. Workers who work outdoors would find these boots highly crucial and they’d make their tasks a whole lot easier on the whole. 

However, finding the right boots for the job may seem highly challenging for some. That’s where our guide comes in. 

400 Gram Insulated Work/Hunting Boots to Get Outstanding Performance

Today, we’re going to bring to light some of the quality boots you can go ahead with. We’ll detail their features and discuss some of the flaws to offer you a broader understanding in this regard. 

Rocky Men’s 4754 400G Insulated

First, on our list, we have the Rocky Men’s 400 gram insulated boots. Having a heavy-duty body, this boot can help you get the desired results faster. 


  • Good for hunting 
  • Added insulation for cold prevention 
  • Added comfort while wearing 
  • Rubber outsole construction 
  • Can be used for outdoor works 

The first thing that we’d like to mention from its unbelievable user records is the hunting capabilities. It is regarded as a quality hunting boot and should offer a sophisticated performance output in this particular field. 

The level of comfort is something that’s highly well spoken of. This one should provide the desired comfort for long-term work outside. 

The EVA midsole technology is something you should appreciate. It’d make wearing the boots even more comfort-friendly. 

The rubber outsole coming with the shoe would be a quality add-on for outdoor terrain. 

One thing that can make these shoes a bit problematic is that they’re heavy. For people who’re used to wearing lighter footwear, these boots can be a difficult thing to wear.

However, keeping aside the minor flaws, these should be quality boots to go for on the whole. 

The North Face Women’s Chilkat 400 Insulated Snow Boot

At the 2nd spot in the list, we have another highly appreciated item by North Face. This is a snow boot specially designed for colder regions. Let’s find out how it can help you. 


  • Can be used for colder climates 
  • Heat preservation techniques
  • Rubberized outsole for better grip 
  • An added level of comfort 
  • Can be used for primary hiking 

One thing that makes it a highly sought-after item is its cold resistance capabilities. However, the capability of cold resistance can differ based on different regions and minimum temperature records. Yet, it should offer credible heat preservation to keep your feet protected from milder colds. 

You can also try them as  boots for winter hiking too. Although they’re not branded as one they’d suit this role nonetheless. 

Similar to the Rocky Men’s 4754 400G Insulated-M,  this one too comes with rubber outsoles. Having rubberized soles you’d get a much better grip while walking, turning it into quality outdoor footwear. 

The level of comfort is often a matter of high importance and these boots should offer you exactly that. 

However, they may seem to be a bit too heavy for some, which can be an issue. But, all in all, they should make quality mild winter boots nonetheless. 

Northside Kids’ Renegade 400 Hiking Boot

At the third spot on the list, we have other quality outdoor boots. This time it’s from the Northside store. Let’s take a deeper look into this one. 


  • Lace-up closure for a customized fit 
  • Outdoorsy design 
  • Kid-friendly construction 
  • Increased comfort level 
  • Tougher construction 

The first thing we’d like to mention about this one is it’s designed for kids. As they’re specially made for kids, they’d be quality boots for your children and underaged family members. 

It’s an insulated hiking boot. So, if you’re someone who needs to go outdoors a bit too often, considering this one wouldn’t be a mistake. 

You must aim for shoes that offer a sophisticated level of comfort if you’re going to wear them long. Well, comfort is something highly mentioned with these particular shoes. Hence, you should get a cozy footwear experience wearing these boots outdoors. 

Moreover, the tougher construction is something to keep in mind. These shoes are also referred to as being highly durable with an outdoorsy design. 

The lace-up closure should offer a customized fitting for many, which is also one of the big positives. 

However, you may find it hard to use them in any other season than winter. They may heat up the feet pretty high if used in summertime. 

Still, keeping the minor flaws apart, these boots can be quality outdoor companions for your kids! 

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking Boot

At the fourth spot on our list, we have another quality outdoor boot by Kenetrek. Let’s have a deeper look into this Mountain Extreme by Kenetrek. 


  • Made for the outdoors
  • Extended comfort for long-wearing 
  • Tall upper for snug fitting 
  • Lace-up closure for adjustability 
  • Grip enhanced performance 

If you’re someone who hates slipping down, getting a shoe with better traction would surely be recommended. And in this particular case, we’d like to present you with this one. With an unbelievable user satisfaction record, this grip-enhanced hiking boot would be an ideal pick for outdoor surfaces. 

The level of comfort has always been seen as one of the key determiners in terms of what makes a good shoe. And similar to the Northside Kids’ Renegade 400 Hiking Boot, this one too should provide you with equally effective comfortable wearing capabilities. 

Moreover, this comes with a 10 inches tall upper along with a lace-up closure. As a result, you’d get a highly desirable fitting on the whole. 

Considering the elements present in the boots, they’d make highly capable outdoor shoes overall. 

The absence of treads can make it a bit difficult to hike with it. This is a negative you should consider. However, keeping one or two minor issues aside, they should offer quality shoe support on the whole. 

Huntrite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots

If you’ve been looking for hunter boots, then here is a pick to consider. The specially designed field hunting boots by Huntire are what we’re going to discuss next. 


  • Well built for outdoor works
  • Offers desired warmth in mild colds 
  • Lace-up closure for adjustability 
  • Durability enhanced design 
  • Comfort friendly boots 

One good thing about this one is, it’s built with keeping the weather in mind. So, if you’re looking forward to offering your feet the required warmth during the winter months, this one should be able to offer you the desired output. 

Durability record is something it’s famous for. For those who’re looking for boots that last then here is a pick you should go for. 

Comfort is always preferred no matter whatever purpose you’re getting the shoes for. And if you’re one of those folks who loves to wear a comfortable pair of boots throughout the working hours, these shoes would be a good pick. 

Coming with a highly aesthetic design, these boots will surely turn a few heads while you’re on them. On top of that, the lace-up closure would offer a highly comfortable fit overall. 

One issue with that is the harsh winters. It is warm but it may have slight difficulty tackling highly colder regions. 

However, keeping the issues aside, these boots would be a quality add-on for rough working days, on the whole. 

Thorogood 8″ 400g Insulated Safety Toe Boot

Now, we have the Thorogood, 400g insulated rubber hunting boots. Let’s have a deeper look into this one. 


  • Traction-enhanced rubber sole 
  • Good for long-wearing periods
  • Provides warmth for users
  • Comfortable wearing for workplaces 
  • Quality overall performance output 

Warmth is highly important if you’re going for outdoor boots. And that’s what these boots are known for. Being made for the outdoors, these boots should give you a certain level of warmth in winter times. 

Moreover, comfort friendly designs like the Huntrite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots would help you make the most of these boots for long working hours. 

You must always get shoes that have rubber materials on their outsole. And in these boots too, the sole is made of rubber. As a result, it will offer traction enhanced performance in different areas. 

Some may have slight issues with durability with these boots. So, proper maintenance is recommended. Overall, if you’re looking for a fine pair of boots, these boots should offer a quality service. 

Thorogood Men’s Crosstrex Series Work Boot

We now have another Thorogood line boots on the list. Time to check out this beauty in a detailed manner. Let’s begin! 


  • Exceptionally sporty design 
  • Comfortable wearing for long term works 
  • Added heat preservation techniques 
  • Durable design 
  • Works well as work shoes 

When it comes to designing highly aesthetic, outdoorsy boots, Thorogood is a name you should count on. This one, like many of its boot variants, is designed in a sporty appearance. 

Comfort is another feature that defines Thorogood. Like the previous one Thorogood 8″ 400g Insulated Safety Toe Boot, this one too comes with exceptional comfortability records. So, this is something you may consider wearing for the long working hours. 

Warmth is another factor to take into consideration. These boots will also provide a certain degree of heat preservation, so you get to wear them in mildly colder temperatures. And they may not be ideal for hot summers. 

Sizing can be an issue that needs to be considered before buying. But keeping the issue of fitting and sizing aside, they should offer a pretty standard service performance-wise. 

Rocky Men’s Bearclaw Fx 400g Insulated Waterproof Outdoor Boot

Finally, on our list is the Rocky Men’s 400g insulated boots. Let’s find out what surprise our last item on the list comes up with!


  • EVA midsole technology 
  • Comfort reinforced design 
  • Good for outdoor activities 
  • Multi-directional tread for better traction 
  • Quality outer appearance 

One good thing about this one is that it’s a purely outdoor shoe. As a result of having highly desired outdoor capabilities like a rough outer texture and water-resistant features, these boots should perform outstandingly well when you’re engaging in outdoor activities. 

Comfort is another determining factor while getting boots for working. Well, given their stunning records in ensuring comfort, you’re expected to get a cozy shoe-wearing experience throughout the day. 

Moreover, the multi-directional lug design coming on the soles should help you get the desired grip while venturing outdoors.

Further, the industry-leading EVA midsole technology is present in this one too, for better overall performance. 

One issue with this one is, it may take some time for breaking in which can cause some issues. However, if you’re considering these boots, on the whole, they should offer pretty decent performance overall. 

Types of Insulate

Insulate shoes are specially designed boots that add warmth making them ideal footwear solutions during winter times. Let’s find out different types of insulates.

200G Insulation – Works best for lower temperature. Suits well for little activities. However, it may not hold up against extremely cold weather. 

400gs Insulation – These sorts of insulation works well for medium-grade activities in lower temperatures. They too work well for mildly colder regions. 

600G Insulation – Insulation of these kinds works well for substantially colder regions. 

800G Insulation – Low activity shoes for highly colder regions. Read Best 800 gram Insulated Work Boots

1000G Insulation– Works best for extremely colder, below-freezing temperatures with little to no activities. 

Difference between Insulated and Non-insulated Boots

Well, you all may have heard about the insulated and non-insulated boots and the key difference between them is the issue of heat preservation. Insulated boots are warmer while non-insulated ones can’t preserve heat like that of the insulated ones. Let’s look at the differences between the two. 


The most important part of insulated boots is the warmth they provide you with. They’re specially designed for winter times and would keep your feet warmer. 

On the other hand, the non-insulated ones aren’t designed to preserve heat. As a result, when the outside temperature is low, you may experience cold feet. 


As insulated shoes use more materials to reduce the cold they tend to be a bit heavy. As a result, working on some insulated boots can get a little bit difficult. 

The non-insulated variants are always comparatively lightweight than their insulated counterparts. You should also get boots making sure that they’d work in wet conditions. In that case having a waterproof membrane is a must. 

Weather Specific 

Insulated boots can become extremely difficult to wear during the hot summers. Your feet can get sweaty and the added heat would cause irritation. However, they’re ideal for regions where snowfall is regular. 

The non-insulated variants are better to be used in summertime. They’re light, flexible, and let air in. So your feet remain dry. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best 400 gram Insulated Boots

So, after everything, if you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, check these guidelines out. They’d offer you a detailed suggestion on how to find the best 400 gram insulated work boots. Let’s have a deeper look into this one. 

Warmth Depending on Weather 

While getting insulated boots you have a deeper understanding of how the boots would react to different weather conditions. Going for 400g insulated boots in extremely colder regions like Alaska may not be the ideal option. 

If you’re living in regions like Texas or Florida, with a mildly colder temperature, going for 400g insulation would fit perfectly. 

Lightweight Boots 

Another highly important consideration while getting 400g shoes is the weight. Usually, insulated shoes tend to be a bit too heavy than the regular ones. 

In that case, it would be wise to check the weight before ordering and make sure whether they’re in a workable condition. 

Extended Durability 

As you’re getting boots for heavy-duty work outdoors, they must be sturdy enough. Get a stronger upper so they can protect you from heavy falls. Moreover, added durability will also make the boots last longer than usual and save you from extra spending.  

Level of Comfort

This is something that you cannot just skip. You must try getting boots that come with added comfort. 

One thing with many insulated boots is that they may tend to be difficult to wear sometimes. Because of added elements in the construction, some may feel uncomfortable wearing these boots at first. 

However, once broken in, they’d feel really comfortable. Still, this is something that needs to be prioritized no matter what. 


Fitting is similarly important as weight and warmth. It is a must for users to measure their feet before getting insulated shoes. Often the cost for these high-end shoes is pretty high and getting insulated boots that don’t fit properly would always be a waste. 

Traction Enhanced Design 

Finally, when you’re going for boots to wear for work or outside, you must get the ones that come with a rubber sole. Traction enhanced rubber soles will reduce the possibility of slipping or physical injuries. 

If you’re able to get all the things mentioned above, it’s possible that you’d find the best 400-gram hunting boot.


What Is Thinsulate and Why Do I Need It in My Hunting Boots?

These are specially designed shoe fabrics. As they’re pretty lightweight while offering quality cold protection, they should be a quality add-on for any hunter. 

Is 400g Thinsulate too warm for summer?

Yes, 400-gram thinsulate work boots can seem too hot for summertime. 

Are insulated boots breathable?

Depending on the model, they can either be breathable or not. Usually, 400-gram insulated boots and women’s boots are meant for preserving the heat. 

How warm is 400 gram Thinsulate?

Quality, rated 400 Thinsulate can keep your feet hot at around 0 to 1-degree celsius. 

Are 400g boots warm?

Yes, 400g boots are heavy-duty winter gear to keep your feet warm while wearing to prevent the obstacle of walking in winter. Also, the 400g insulation boots temperature rating is 40°F, which lets you ease up to move ahead comfortably. 

Bottom Line 

After a much detailed discussion on some of the quality 400g boots, we’re at the final parts of our guide. Throughout the article, we’ve talked about their strengths and mentioned some of the weaknesses to give you a better overview of each one. 

Insulated boots are rough, work well in colder environments and make exceptional outdoor, heavy-duty work boots. Because of all these benefits, these boots are highly preferred by users.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best 400 gram insulated work boots for you and get down to the real business right now!

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