How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes? Get The Best Deal Here

DATE: May 29, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If I say sometimes it takes more to ship shoes than buying a pair of new shoes, will you believe that? Sadly it’s true. That’s why it’s very important to have a clear idea about shoe shipping costs.

So, how much does it cost to ship shoes? Actually, it depends on the shoe sizes, packaging, shipping method, distance, estimated time of arrival, etc. 

If you ship shoes through USPS, the estimated cost is $4-$72. The expense is a bit more in the case of different parcel shipping companies. The range is between $13.69-$150. 

However, let’s explore several shipping methods in detail below to get a clear idea of the cost. 

How Do I Figure Out Shipping Costs for Shoes?

How Do I Figure Out Shipping Costs for Shoes?

There are several factors you need to depend on for calculating the shipping cost. Usually, the weight of the shoes is the most important fact when it comes to determining the shipping expenses. 

Besides, shipping distance, how many pairs you are shipping, courier company, taxes, etc. also have vital roles to decide on the cost. 

However, the weight depends on the quantity of the pair and the packaging. The original package will weigh more. If you prefer alternative packaging, the weight will be reduced. 

Next comes the distance. Domestic and international shipping fees vary considerably. The more the distance, the more the cost. 

Whether you are shipping through USPS or the post office, that also impacts the shipping expenses to a notable extent. The United States Postal Service outperforms the post office by offering multiple shipping services at the lowest cost. 

However, in the case of domestic delivery, you don’t need to pay taxes. But you need to include the extra charges to the shipping fees for international shipments. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Shoes Internationally? 

For international shipment, the United States Postal Service offers quite a reliable shipping service. The charge varies from $4-$72 for a single box depending on the weight and dimension of the parcel. 

For a single pair of shoes, USPS offers the most economic option charging only $4 for the smallest box. However, the parcel must weigh between 13 ounces to 70 pounds.

And for Priority Mail Express, the fees begin at $26.35.

However, for your information, let me make it clear that the Priority Mail express will charge more as it will deliver the parcel in the quickest working days. The Priority Mail will take a little more time and for regular USPS, the delivery time will be the longest.  

How Much Do Shoes Weigh for Shipping?

How Much Do Shoes Weigh for Shipping?

Are you curious how much weight does a single pair of shoes have? Well, it mainly depends on the size and materials.

A standard pair of women’s shoes weigh 2-2.5 pounds approximately, For men’s shoes, the weight is around 2.3-3 pounds. And a regular pair of children’s shoes comes with 1-1.5 pounds of weight.

But the weight of the product is not the only concern to decide on the cost when you’re shipping shoes. Instead how you pack it is more important. While determining the price of the shipment, the weight of the whole package will be counted including the package, be it domestic or international shipping. 

Can You Ship Shoes Through USPS?

Absolutely yes. In fact, USPS is the most economical shoe shipping method. It is also best-known for quick and convenient international delivery. 

Basically, there are three shipping options for shoes in USPS. They are- First Class Mail, Priority Mail flat rate shipping, and Priority Mail variable rate shipping. 

If your package weighs below 13 ounces, First Class Mail is perfect in that case. The charge starts at $4 only. But for packages weighing more than that are safer and cheaper to use the Priority Mail flat rate shipping. 

The delivery will be within 1-3 business days and you cannot ship more than 70lbs. Also, you must choose an appropriate box provided by the USPS. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Some Shoes at the Post Office?

To ship shoes by the post office, you need to count on the weight. Usually, the post office fixes the value for two pounds. And the standard shipping fee is $8-$12.

If you need a quick arrival, I suggest choosing the First Class or Priority Mail. Otherwise, the delivery process will be much slower. And to ship some shoes, which means more than a pair, choosing the “flat rate Priority Mailbox” is wiser. Because the original box is fragile to be shipped unharmed.  

So, take your shoes to the post office and ask the postal clerks for help. They will let you know the available shipping methods. Then you can choose whether you like Priority Mail or the Parcel Post more.  

Also, remember that the cost will be based on not only the shoes’ weight but also it will count the parcel’s weight.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes? Get The Best Deal Here!

How to Reduce Cost While Shipping Shoes?

To avoid paying more, you must pack your shoes perfectly. Use bubble wrapping or corrugated boxes to make the delivery safe yet economic. 

Sometimes, we tend to use original boxes of shoes. On one hand, they are not sturdy enough. On the other hand, they are heavier, adding some more weight to the package. Resultantly, you need to pay more taxes on the whole weight. So. I recommend using specialized boxes provided by the delivery company. Not only are they reliable not to cause any damage while shipping shoes but they reduce the extra expenses as well. 

On that note, you can use bubble mailers/flat cardboard mailers to ship delicate shoes worldwide.

Final Words

As shoes are lightweight substances, they can be shipped easily anywhere in the world. The hefty shipping charges are a matter of concern though. 

However, to conclude, I would like to suggest please compare the shipping charge among several companies before settling down. Only then you can get the cheapest shipping deal paying minimum charges. 

Nevertheless, how much does it cost to ship shoes via several shipping methods is a common question and hopefully, you got some authentic instructions in this regard after reading the article above.

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