How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Clean‌ ‌New‌ ‌Balance‌ ‌Shoes‌? Dig Out the Best Techniques Here!

DATE: November 16, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


New Balance gives you the chance to choose your favorite model or design from hundreds of alternatives. 

They produce all types of shoes ensuring the best materials, incredible designs, mind boggling color combinations, above all, unbelievable comfort and longevity. In case you take regular care of them and clean their shoes at times, you can wear the same pair for years!

How to clean New Balance shoes? In most aspects, you can follow the same techniques as you do with other shoes to clean New Balance shoes. That is you have to separate the laces and insoles, wash the dirty spots or the whole shoe with detergent and then dry the laces, soles, and shoes in the air.

But some specific models, especially leather shoes, need different techniques. This study tried to find out the most effective and organized methods to wash the shoes of this manufacturer.

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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Clean‌ ‌New‌ ‌Balance‌ ‌Shoes‌?

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Clean‌ ‌New‌ ‌Balance‌ ‌Shoes‌?

As a world-class brand, New Balance has got so many models. 

While thinking of cleaning shoes of this brand, you must have a vast knowledge to deal with so many different designs. Realizing your need, this study made an all-out effort to bring the practicable ways of cleaning New Balance shoes.

Let’s observe the following guidelines sincerely to apply them to the shoes and enjoy the beauty of new shoes from the old used ones.

What Are the Tools Needed for the Task?

The first task is to manage the tools that you will have to use during the cleaning. Unless and until you have the best materials, you cannot expect the best outcome.

  • Brush
  • Towel
  • Detergent/Soap
  • Bowl
  • Warm water

You can also use your old unused toothbrush to clean the debris. Similarly, regular shampoo can also do the job well in case you don’t have soap or detergent at the moment.

Let’s go to the next steps.

Untie the Laces and Wash Them

Unless you separate the laces, they must mess up while dealing with the shoes. So, before jumping into the final task, take the laces out of their holes and wash them.

As the laces are mostly made from clothes; you can certainly use regular soap or washing powder to clean them. Add some warm water to the powder. Dip the laces into the water for at least 15 minutes. Now take them out, rinse off the water and dry them well.

Clean Away the Visible Debris

As the shoes are dirty, there must be some debris that is manageable with the brush or rag. Drive away them so that your next task to clean the hard spots becomes easy.

You can simply hit the shoes against each other to wipe out the dirt. Or just stroke the dirt gently with the rag. The noticeable dirt must be gone.

While stroking, use a mask on the face so that no dirt can enter your mouth.

Wipe Out the Hardest Dirt with the Solution

In case you went through a muddy surface or are cleaning a too old pair of shoes, they must have hard and unmanageable spots. 

To wash these, you have to first pour some drops of the water-soap solution. Then let the water stay on the spots for a while so that the debris becomes weaker.

When the spots turn loose, rub them with a brush several times. The debris must have vanished after some attempts.

What will you do if such spots occupy the whole shoe? Soak the shoe into the solution for 5 to 6 minutes and then rub it with a rag to remove all the hard debris or spots easily.

Never dip the shoes into the solution for a long time to avoid any harm to the materials.

Dry the Laces, Insoles, and Shoes in the Air

As the laces and shoes soaked water for a long time at different stages, they must be dried up immediately. Otherwise, they will lose their quality and longevity. The worst the wet materials can do is spread an unpleasing smell.

So, as soon as you complete the washing, dry all the things in the air before you put on the shoes.

This is how you can wash New Balance shoes. So, never spoil your fashion wearing dirty and messy shoes, instead follow the above methods and clean them anytime.

When talking about sneakers, they need some special treatments. Let’s see the process of cleaning New Balance sneakers below.

How to Clean New Balance Sneakers?

New Balance produces sneakers like leather sneakers, synthetic sneakers, etc. Depending on the materials, you have to apply different washing agents and techniques.

Prepare the Shoes Having the Required Tools

First of all, for all types of shoes, dry them if they are wet. You cannot deal with wet dirty shoes. Simply rub the shoes with a towel to wipe away the noticeable debris.

Cleaning Synthetic New Balances Shoes

Most of the techniques to clean the sneakers of this brand are similar to other shoes’. Let’s see the most reliable methods here.

Take the laces and insoles out to wash them with regular soap. Don’t delay drying them as soon as they are washed.

 Make a solution of water and detergent in a bowl where you can deal with the shoes comfortably.

Now soak the entire shoe and scrub the dirty spots with a brush to remove them. The spots must be gone after some effort.

In case you find any stubborn spots left anywhere on the shoes, you can go for a silicone shoe cleaner. Surely, the shoes turn spotless and new.

Another way to remove the strong debris from New Balance sneakers is scrubbing the stains with a Magic Eraser sponge.

Dry the sneakers well before you wear them.

You can apply these techniques to wash almost all the sneakers of this manufacturer. How to clean New Balance 990? Simply copy these same techniques and enjoy the nobility of this model, even after wearing them for years.

How Can You Dry New Balance Shoes Fast?

The open-air is the best place for drying any footwear, especially New Balance shoes. If you have any urgency, you can follow another method to dry them quickly.

The laces and the insoles should be dried up separately. Then take some pieces of paper and crinkle them. Now enter this ball into the shoes. Place the shoes in the air and change the papers several times to quicken the task.

But remember –never put the shoes close to the fire to dry them fast.

Can You Put New Balance Shoes in the Washing Machine?

You should never think of putting the shoes into a washing machine just for the cause of saving time.

The machine can harm the foam, rubbers in the midsoles. The electric device can also affect the delicate structures of the shoes. At the same time, the machine itself can be hampered, too.

Can You Use a Dryer for New Balance Shoes?

Can You Use a Dryer for New Balance Shoes?

No, not at all. A dryer can be more dangerous than helpful for the shoes. It can even change the shape of the footwear.

The machine messes up the soles and other materials, which can cause damage to the overall pattern of the shoes. Definitely, you need some heat to dry the shoes, but not such a high temperature of this machine.

To dry up the shoes, simply place them in the air or follow the steps described above to dry the shoes soon.

Final Thought

This study attempted to dig out all the ins and outs of cleaning New Balance shoes. How to clean New Balance shoes? In most cases, you can follow similar techniques as you do with other brands.

Take out the laces and the insoles first and wash them separately. Now wipe away the noticeable debris striking the shoes against each other. Then make a solution of regular soap and water to wash the bottom and the spots on the surface. In case the entire upper has such stains, wash the whole shoe and then dry them in no time.

While dealing with the sneakers of this manufacturer, you can follow more or less the same procedure, except for the leather sneakers.

To enjoy the best from New Balance shoes, you must follow the relevant matters mentioned in this study.

So, apply these most effective techniques and enjoy the beauty of your New Balance shoes for years.

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