How to Clean Suede New Balance Shoes? Explore the Best Technique

DATE: June 8, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Keeping shoes always fresh is a crucial part of wearing them. When you choose Suede shoes, you have to be more conscious as these shoes require regular cleaning to adore your feet with their best attraction.

How to clean Suede New Balance shoes? You must be on cloud nine learning that cleaning any designs of this model doesn’t require much pain, labor, or expense. Like most other shoes, here also, you have to separate the laces first, and then clean the shoes step-by-step. Then drive away the debris, pour water to soften and clean the hard dirt and finally wash the targeted portions or the whole shoe, if needed.

New Balance has got lots of unique designs. But you can apply the same techniques over all of them. Let’s learn here the elaborate process to give your old Suede New Balance shoes a brand new look at home!

How to Clean Suede New Balance Shoes?

How to Clean Suede New Balance Shoes?

As a shoe encounters the toughest environment in all weathers, it gets untidy too often. When the terrains are rough, you must wash them frequently to keep them clean and free from any unpleasant smell. Suede New Balance shoes are nothing exceptional. 

This study attempted to find out the best techniques to wash these shoes easily. Here is all that you need to follow.

Manage the Materials First

The materials are the key to cleaning the shoes. So, before all, have a look at the following list of agents you must possess to clean the Suede shoes nicely.

  • Old toothbrush or soft bristle brush
  • Regular soap or washing powder
  • A bowl
  • Towel

Needless to say, water is the most important element for cleaning any shoes. So, try to do this task near to the water pipe so that you can collect as much water as you need to clean the shoes properly.

As you are going to use water, washing materials, and some more agents, do this at a place where you can accomplish the task with no disturbance.

If you do this on a table, it would be great as the height will allow you to work comfortably for a long time.

Take the Laces Out and Start the Process

The more you will do the task step-by-step, the better the result will be. That’s why you will first separate the laces from their narrow holes. Then wash them with regular soap or washing powder.

Then dry them in the air and go to the next step, where you will do the most important task.

Strike the Shoes against Each Other to Drive the Dirt

There must be different kinds of dirt or debris everywhere on the shoes. To drive them away, as the best technique, you can hit the shoes with each other to throw away the dirt. This will help clean the large mud under the soles or on the surface.

Then take a piece of paper or towel if you see any dirt left there. But you cannot clean all the dirt in this method. That’s why you need to follow the next way, which will clean up any kind of dirt-tiny or hard.

Pour Some Water Drops on the Selected Portions

You know tissue paper or a towel is not sufficient for some debris, especially for them which are hard and have got settled there for a long time. For such dirt, pour some water drops on them and take 2 -3 minutes so that the liquid can enter the debris to weaken them. You can also use a solution of water and regular soap or shampoo.

When the hard dirt turns soft, rub them with a brush or towel. This time, they must be driven away easily. Follow this same technique to clean all the hard dirt quickly.

In case the whole shoe is covered in such debris, you better wash the entire shoe with water and soap. Then dive the shoe into the water-soap solution for a while and rub the brush over it to clean away the dirt.

Remember, you cannot soak the shoe into the water for a long time. This will damage the mesh utterly.

Brush the Mid and Out Soles with a Bit Pressure

Sole is the part that tolerates the attacks of dirt most. Regardless of season or surface, both the mid and outsoles get untidy too early. To clean them, you have to press the brush with some force. As the soles are strong, it wouldn’t harm its strength or design.

Just soak the strokes of the brush into the solution and rub them over the soles. Sometimes, you would need to press the brush again and again on a certain spot. Don’t tire of it until the spots or hard debris has vanished.

Dry the Shoes Well

You are near the end. At this stage, you must dry the soaked shoes well. Otherwise, the water would harm the mesh and other sensitive materials. Moreover, if you don’t dry the wet shoes, they will spread a horrible smell soon.

For doing the task too soon, never dry the shoes, keeping them close to the fire. Similarly, never go for a washing machine to wash your favorite Suede New Balance Shoes.

Final Thought

Surely, washing or cleaning Suede New Balance shoes isn’t a tough job. So, how to clean Suede New Balance shoes? These shoes are extremely easy to clean. You just need to find a suitable place, especially near to the water source. Then separate the laces to wash them and drive away the dirt striking the shoes.

Find out the spots and clean them by pouring the solution of water and soap or shampoo. If the whole shoe is dirty, then wash it in the same way. When cleaning the soles, rub the brush with more force to drive the spots away.

Lastly, dry the shoes in the air and wait for 2 to 3 days before wearing them again.

How easily you can give your used Suede New Balance shoes a new look!

So, when are you trying this easy and effective technique on your shoes?

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