How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining (Best Method)

Do you have a pair of shoes that you want to keep forever with all the memories and emotions? I do! The thing about Leathers is that they are quite sturdy material. So they don’t peel off easily. 

If the leather of your shoes peels off, then it’s not real leather. However, if it gets damaged, you need to fix it instead of throwing it away. You can save money and also keep your favorite shoes up and running. 

One day I discovered a peeling shoe lining on my favorite shoe, and I can’t explain how sad that made me. After some online research, I learned  how to fix the peeling shoe lining of your shoes and fix them in no time. Here we will know about the reasons for peeling and how to fix them.

How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining (Best Method)

How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining?

If your shoe lining is peeling off, you must take care of it. Else it’ll look ugly, and the shoe will become unusable in no time. You can fix the peeling of your shoe lining with some simple steps.

The first step to fix your shoe lining is to sand the damaged area. Use 180-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. After roughening up, you need a permanent marker to fill the damaged area. 

It might sound a little weird, but it works perfectly. Choose a marker of the same color as your shoe lining, fill the cracks, and blend it with the leather using a soft fabric. Apply adhesive all over the surface of your shoe so that the color stays. 

Finally, use good quality shoe polish to polish your shoe.

How Often Does Leather Shoe Lining Peel-Off?

How Often Does Leather Shoe Lining Peel-Off?

If your shoe lining starts to peel off, most probably, the leather is not real. Real leather is very durable and does not peel off often. If you notice some sign of peeling off your shoe lining, maybe it is bonded leather or faux leather. These materials are artificially made to give your shoe a more leather-like look. 

How long the shoe lining will last before peeling off depends on its use and maintenance. If you keep your shoe in a dry and secured place, it will likely last longer. Also, you need to clean your shoe after a rough walk or dry it properly if it soaks into water or mud.

How to Stop Shoes from Peeling?

Preventing your shoe lining from peeling is a continuous process. Your habit of shoe maintenance decides how long your shoes will stay flawless. To prevent this unnecessary peeling, you need to keep your shoes clean and dry. 

You can follow some simple precautions to make your shoes last longer. Clean your shoes before storing them. Dry the inside of the shoes properly. Don’t keep your shoes in a damp area or under direct sunlight. Check the condition of your shoes once in a while so you can prevent any unnecessary damage before it happens. 

Can I Fix My Peeling Shoe Soles?

Can I Fix My Peeling Shoe Soles?

If your shoe soles get damaged or peels off, you must take care of them immediately. As your shoe soles give you support and bear the pressure of your whole body, it is crucial to be in their best condition. 

You can fix your shoe soles using some good-quality glue. To repair the sole, expose as much inner surface of your sole as possible. 

Apply glue all over the inside of the sole and push it against the shoe. Try to apply pressure so that the glue can stick and there is no air trapped inside the sole. Keep your shoes aside for 24 hours to dry them properly. Don’t apply too much glue. It might make your sole soggy and take a lot more time to dry.

How to Store Boots to Prevent Peeling?

The storing process of your shoes plays a huge role in their life span. To properly store the shoes, you need to keep them clean and dry. After returning home, don’t just throw them into a corner. If the shoes are wet and dusty, clean them and ensure that they are dry before storing them. 

If the storage area is not dry enough, you can also use a dehumidifier. Don’t store the shoes under direct sunlight. It might cause the leather to fade or crack. Keep the socks outside the shoe so that your shoes stay clean and smell-free.

How to Get Rid of Flaky Pieces of Leather?

How to Get Rid of Flaky Pieces of Leather?

If your shoes become old or you cannot take care of them regularly, it is very common to see some flaky parts on the surface. Before fixing or mending the shoe, you must get rid of those flaky parts. These flakes will prevent you from getting a smooth finish. 

To get rid of these flakes, you first need to clean your shoe and dust off the grimes. After cleaning the shoe, gently file the flaky surface with sandpaper. Use gentle sandpaper, like 180-grit sandpaper for sanding. 

It will help you to get a smooth surface for your further work. After sanding, simply rub off all the residues with a soft fabric or brush.

Why Shoe Lining Peels Off?

Your shoe lining can peel off due to multiple reasons. Even when cleaning your shoes after use, they can get damaged due to improper storage. 

For instance, if the storage area is highly humid, it won’t be good for your shoes. The shoes will develop molds. These molds will grow into a humid and dark place. Mold can damage any material, such as leather, fabric, or suede leather shoes. 

Too much dry air is also harmful to your shoes as it can cause cracking on the shoe surface. Direct sunlight can cause fading and cracking off your shoes. Any of these reasons can cause your shoe lining to peel off and damage your shoe permanently.

How Can I Fix Worn Shoe Lining at Home?

How Can I Fix Worn Shoe Lining at Home?

Your shoe lining can wear off due to the heat and pressure of the external environment or if you tie the shoelace too tight. To fix your shoe lining, first, you need to understand the intensity of the damage. If the lining is too worn out to repair, you can replace the lining. But if it is not that bad, you can solve the problem at home with a little effort. 

First, you need to clean up the shoe properly to understand where the damage is and how to fix that. Use a soft fabric or bristle brush to clean your shoe. Then look for the reason for the damage. If it is from any sharp object or scratch, try to remove the object. Analyze if you need a patch or any stitch. Try to keep the patch similar to the shoe color. Apply shoe glue on one side of the patch and stick it to the area you want to fix. 

If your shoe does not need any patches, sand the damaged area and glue the cracks after cleaning the lining. You might use some adhesive to fill any void if needed. After drying, sand the shoe lining to make the surface even. Finally, polish the shoe and give your shoe a brand-new look. read more

Final Words

Taking care of your shoes is not very difficult. You can keep your favorite pair of shoes beautiful and usable for a long time with a pinch of care. If you know how to fix peeling shoe linings, it will save a lot of money and keep your favorite shoes safe. 

Shoe linings are not only for beauty purposes. They support your shoes and keep your footwear comfortable as well. So, what are you waiting for? Give your shoes a long-lasting lifespan and enjoy your walks.

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