How to Find Shoes from Pictures (Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best One)

DATE: December 14, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


While scrolling through social media, you have seen a pair of shoes in someone’s picture, and you know that it will look fabulous with your new dress. But you don’t know how to find the shoe and buy it. We all have been in that situation. 

Sometimes we scroll away, thinking that we won’t be able to find that shoe anyways. Sometimes we ask people around us if they know about it. But if you know the exact ways of looking for that shoe, you might actually get it quite easily.

Today we will discuss how to find shoes from a picture and learn everything about that shoe. We will learn about the importance of a good picture of the footwear you want for online shopping or searching for it. So, let’s dive in and find your dream shoe with a few clicks.

How to Find Shoes from A Picture?

How to Find Shoes from A Picture?

You can use both digital and traditional ways to find shoes using pictures. For identifying a pair of shoes from the image, you need to have a clear shot of the shoes. 

For the traditional way, you can go to a footwear enthusiast or someone who knows a lot about shoes like Jimmy Lewis to check if they know about the shoe model or the brand. 

You can also visit the shops if you know the brand name. They will be able to help you get shoes of the same model.

If you want to search for the shoe on the internet, you can use Google picture. Google pictures allows you to search for any product by using the pictures. 

If the image you have uploaded matches with any photos on the internet, they will show it on the results, and you can find what you are looking for. 

You can also follow the websites of different footwear brands and join communities for footwear enthusiasts to get answers to your queries.

What Apps Can I Use to Find Shoes Using Pictures? 

To find shoes using pictures, you can use an app that will make your work a lot easier. The app ‘Shoegazer‘ is a reliable place for our footwear enthusiasts. 

This app uses artificial intelligence to recognize the brand name and model of the sneaker you upload and show you the result. You can also find out if the shoe is available in the market, the popularity, and the shoes’ designer.

Going through the website every time you want to know about the updates of your favorite pair of sneakers can be a bit troublesome. It becomes a lot easier to follow a mobile app and get all the updates you want. 

You can follow the official applications of different famous brands like Nike or Adidas. There are some other apps that collect all the information about renowned footwear brands. You can go through the apps and find out which one you feel the most comfortable with.

How to Take High-Quality Pictures of Your Shoes?

How to Take High-Quality Pictures of Your Shoes?

Whether you want to sell your shoes online or want to focus on any specific feature, understanding how to take a high-quality picture of your shoes is the first step. 

A good quality picture will create authentication and improvise your image. You need to know how to focus on your footwear to look more athletic. Here are some tips that will help you to capture a good photo of your shoes. 

The cleanliness of your footwear is the first thing to fix. A dusty pair of shoes will destroy the image of the photo. It would help if you cleaned the shoes properly before taking a snap. It is not always necessary to capture the photo right after you purchase the shoe. But it is very crucial not to have any dust on it.

Focus on the detailing and background also. You won’t want the picture to look fake. If you want the image to be reliable, make it as realistic as possible. You cannot have a clean and Intact shoe on a muddy background. If the shoe is worn by someone, don’t show the label attached to it. Keep the background clean. 

If you want your shoes to look stylish, take the picture before a white background or a very light-colored one. Don’t select the background as the same color as your shoe.

Lighting is another essential factor. To make shoes look elegant, make sure that the front part of your shoes is getting enough light from the light source. It can be the sunlight or the lighting setting of your studio. Put the shoe at the right angle to capture and focus the features you want.

Is It Important To Take Good Quality Pictures Of Your Shoes For Online Selling

There are numerous sellers online who sell footwear on different platforms. And there are many frauds also. So it is pretty challenging to create your own position as a new seller. 

To create authenticity and gain the trust of your buyers, the visual of your product can play a huge role. Show your potential buyers that the product you are selling is in good condition and they are authentic. They will show interest in buying that product.

It is more crucial to gain the trust for footwear. You wear your shoes every day, and if it is not in good shape, it will bother you every moment you put them on. So people want to know if they are paying for what they want before buying it. And good-quality pictures of your shoe can give them that validation.

How to Identify the Shoe Quality From A Photo?

How to Identify the Shoe Quality From A Photo?

If you look carefully into a picture, you will notice some features of the shoes, especially the upper material. To identify if the shoe is of good quality or not, you can analyze those features and decide if you want those pairs. 

The first thing you can identify from a photo is the upper material of the pair. Cheap or low-quality shoes use bad materials like plastic or low-quality leather. Also, they tend to lie about the product. So, avoid them if they don’t disclose the material they use.

The construction quality is also crucial for choosing the right shoes. A high-quality shoe will have well-finished and strong seams. You’ll be able to identify the quality of the stitch very easily from a photo. The outsole will be stitched with the upper material, not glued. If the materials are glued, then it is very likely that they will come off after a few days. 

How to Find Out The Shoe Model Number from A Picture?

How to Find Out The Shoe Model Number from A Picture?

Before buying any shoes online, it is a must to check the model number of your shoes. So look for the model number from the picture of the shoe uploaded online. 

If you are not much concerned about every single detail of the shoe, you might think that the model number does not matter much as long as the shoe is good. But it helps you to identify the fake shoes. 

First, choose a picture where the tag of the shoe is visible. Many companies sew the tag inside the shoe. Locate the tag and scan the barcode—lookup for the model on the website of the brand. 

If you cannot find the tag inside your shoe, look for the tag on the box. By inputting the model number, you can know about every detail of your pair. If the pair doesn’t match the description on the website, don’t buy that show.

Final Words

The internet has made many works more accessible and more manageable for us. So, why not use it to look for the things we desire? You can find almost anything through the correct procedures and links. 

So, learn how to find shoes from a picture and use them to find the perfect pair of shoes for you. Get your desired footwear today. Enjoy your best look with the perfect pair of shoes.

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