What Does GS Mean In Shoes? Find Perfect Child’s Shoe Quickly

DATE: June 18, 2022

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Tired of searching for perfect size shoes for children? Or, Looking for a quicker way to pick the best small-size shoes?

GS or Grade School is a term which refers to the size of a shoe for four to seven years old children. As grade school shoes are specially designed shoes that come with a smaller and narrower construction, this term can help to pick perfect child-size shoes. 

When you’re searching websites for a new pair of shoes, it becomes hard to find a perfect one. Most of the time, men’s size shoes may adjust with the foot length of a child but they can’t fit perfectly due to the wide boot. On this point, Grade School models are specifically designed to fit a smaller foot size like children. 

Want more clarification about, what does gs mean in shoes? Scroll through the article and enjoy our detailed guide with lots of solutions.

What Does GS Mean In Shoes?

GS means Grade School which used to mention the size of a shoe for children. 

What Does GS Mean In Shoes?
What Does GS Mean In Shoes

Actually, this term refers to the measurement of the size of the sneaker of an average child’s shoes. Also, this type of sneakers has so much more room to grow so that a child’s foot growth doesn’t get hampered.

Now, you may wonder why this term is important? Most of the time, we get puzzled while searching for children’s shoes. It happens as the men’s size shoes are both long and wide but the child’s feet are not wide like the men’s feet. 

An average child’s feet size is nearly equal to the shoe size of a man’s seven. But, the feet are not comfortable in this size due to the wide size of man’s shoes. To get rid of such issues, terms like GS or grade school are introduced which come with a smaller and narrower construction. Due to such construction with different considerations, grade school shoes fit comfortably in children’s feet.

On top of that, GS is another way to describe child shoes that are bigger in size than toddlers and pre-school shoes. Besides, these sneakers come with extra room in the boot which provides enough space for the growth of a child’s feet. As a result, grade school shoes are comfortable to wear compared to the other shoes. Also, you won’t need to buy a new pair of shoes every 3-4 months. 

What Does SE Mean In Shoes?

SE means Special Edition. It is used on shoes which are often released on some special occasion, celebration and important events by the shoe companies. 

What Does SE Mean In Shoes?
What Does SE Mean In Shoes

As these shoes signify the celebration or occasion, they include something special about the particular occasion or event. 

When it’s about an occasion or event, shoe companies release new models of shoes which represent the meaning or link with the event. Due to such significance, special edition shoes are high value compared to the normal ones. Also, some companies release SE shoes as a way of celebrating special occasions or important events.

If you’re in a store that displays lots of SE shoes, that means the place is going through an occasion or event and the shoes are related to the particular celebration. But, don’t get confused between special edition and limited edition as the limited edition is related to the limited number of copies of a particular shoe model.

What Does W Mean In Shoe Size?

W means Wide in shoe size. If you see 7W in any shoe, it means this shoe is wider. As M refers to the medium size in shoes, a 7W shoe is wider compared to the 7M. So, if you have a wider foot, you can go with W size. 

What Does W Mean In Shoe Size?
What Does W Mean In Shoe Size?

On the other hand, it is better to stay with M size if you have a narrower foot. But, if you find the feet tight on the M size or think your feet need some space to grow up, it is better to pick W size shoes. 

When it comes to women’s shoes, W refers to the women and other symbols are used to refer to regular size or narrow size shoes. Usually, A stands for women’s narrow feet, and B is used for regular issues. So, before picking a shoe, see the symbols to get a clear idea about it. 

What Does PE Mean In Shoes?

PE or Player Exclusive shoes are specially made for any individual athlete or a team. 

What Does PE Mean In Shoes?
What Does PE Mean In Shoes?

Actually, these are customized shoes with a special design or specific colorways selected by the athlete. Also, these shoes are used as a trademark for the manufacturing companies.

Most people get confused about PE shoes. They think that these shoes may include player’s names or signatures on them. But, actually, it is not a signature shoe and it is only made for the special athlete. As a result, when browsing through shoes, don’t get triggered after seeing PE with shoes. It won’t include any sign of an athlete.

In fact, not every player signed with a brand gets PE shoes. Only a sportsman can relate to such terms. So, it is pretty rare to get PE shoes and only a high-ranking athlete or team gets a player exclusive shoe. 

What Does DS Mean In Shoes?

DS Or Deadstock means the shoes are brand-new and authentic. As these shoes have never been worn by anyone,  deadstock is authentic and unworn sneakers. 

What Does DS Mean In Shoes?
What Does DS Mean In Shoes

But, the lines are discontinued which means the manufacturer is not continuing the models. 

As a result, deadstock shoes are no longer available on the market. On top of that, these shoes also have original tags which make these shoes unique and you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability. With such high-quality and years of durability, deadstock shoes often sell at a premium price.

What Does TD Mean In Shoes?

TD means toddler in shoes. When a baby becomes a toddler, he or she needs perfect footwear which can support him at every step. 

What Does TD Mean In Shoes?
What Does TD Mean In Shoes?

Also, toddler shoes need to be soft and warm so that babies can enjoy hours of comfortable walking.

Searching for a toddler’s shoes is a hard task as the sizing is not available and you don’t know which types of shoes are perfect for them. Besides, there are many categories of shoes including boots, sandals,  sneakers, and dress shoes. So, it becomes hard to pick the perfect size shoes for a toddler.

Now, if you’re searching for baby shoes where you see signs like TD, you can pick this one or browse the type for further info. So, this term helps a lot while picking soft and supportive shoes so that the toddler can enjoy hours of comfortable walking.

Is GS 7 The Same as Men’s 7?

It depends on various factors like if you consider length, GS 7 is pretty the same as men’s 7. But, when it comes to other factors like sizing, width, and quality, there are a few differences between these two sizes. 


It is the most important factor which is the same in both GS and Men’s shoes. So, toddlers have both options to choose the GS or Men’s shoes while browsing for long shoes.


Men’s shoes start with size 7 whereas GS shoes finish with size 7. GS is a way to describe child shoes that are bigger in size than toddlers and pre-school shoes. Besides, these sneakers have extra room in the boot which provides enough space for the growth of the child’s feet.


Men’s 7 is a little bit wider compared to the GS 7. In fact, Men’s 7 is perfect to pick for a wider foot. But, if you have a narrower foot, it is better to go for a GS 7.


When it comes to quality, men’s shoes are made with comparatively high-quality materials. As a result, men’s shoes can offer longer durability and years of service. So, if you are looking for shoes to use for years, it is better to go for a men’s shoe.

Can Adults Wear GS Shoes?

Yes, if the adult’s feet are small, he or she can wear GS shoes. 

Though GS shoes are not suitable to wear for adults with standard or large feet, petit adults can use them due to the medium size of GS shoes. 

Grade School shoes are made for children which refers to the measurement of the size of the sneaker of average child shoes. As this type of sneakers has so much more room to grow, a child’s foot growth won’t get hampered.

But, adult shoes need to be more durable and supportive. So, we will recommend going for adult shoes as there are lots of options available in the market in a variety of sizes. Still, if an adult’s feet are small, a large GS shoe size will fit perfectly to his/her feet. 

Final Thoughts 

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. As we tried to cover all the necessary information on GS shoes, this guide will help you to make a quicker decision. Besides, we have added some related factors which can help to pick ideal size shoes.

When you’re searching websites for a new pair of shoes, these terms can help a lot to find a perfect one. Specifically, these terms will make searching for kid’s shoes quicker. As you know all the terms about GS shoes, we hope you can buy perfect size shoes right now!

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