8 Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Toe/Neuroma That Curb The Discomfort

DATE: July 10, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


When you have Morton’s Neuroma, trying to run to stay fit can feel like your worst nightmare. On one side, there’s the bulging foot pain that doesn’t want to leave you; and on the other side is the dawning fear that if you can’t do basic running, how will you be able to do other forms of healthy exercise with this painful condition? 

But wait, Morton’s neuroma can not affect your running ability. At least, not with the ideal running shoes! 

With these, you can increase your running duration and prevent your painful experience to a good extent. So in this article, you will find the 8 best running shoes for Morton’s toe/neuroma that can help you run comfortably and for longer distances without going through the headache (read: foot ache)!

8 Best Running Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

If you want ample comfort to take the place of painful standing and running in your next pair of shoes, check out the following shoes for Morton’s Neuroma.

If there ever was a pair that could fall under the best women’s dress shoes for Morton’s neuroma, here’s one of them: the ASICS GT 2000 7! The focus of this pair lies in an improved fit, better breathability, and durable performance. With each stride, this pair will give you long-lasting support on the ground/any road surface!


  • This shoe is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Synthetic material.
  • It features a dimension of 11.5 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches.
  • This pair of AISCS has a total weight of 2.4 Pounds.
  • You will find various colors available on this shoe.

When it comes to creating the Rearfoot and Forefoot technology, GEL has you covered. Here, you have the Flytefoam Lyte technology that can attenuate shock and at the same time allows a complete bounce back to all the runners like you!

On the other hand, the shoe’s upper part has engineered mesh that gives you a glove-like fit and better breathability. It also features a Dynamic DuoMax Support System technology that gives you enhanced stability on foot. 

With the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR outsole, you get added durability making it one of the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma for women.

Recommendation: This shoe is great for running. If your tired feet tend to roll inward on their feet or overpronate when hitting the ground, and need good cushioning to minimize impact during the run.

2. Best Overall for Men Lightweight Shoe: ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes

Compared to the ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoes, and, to every other shoe on this list, this particular pair from ASICS is the lightest in weight. Mere above the half-a-pound mark, this shoe features a single-piece mesh upper that’s responsible for your painful and tired feet offering great cushioning and enough support to discourage an out-of-balance stance!


  • This pair is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Rubber material.
  • It features a dimension of 10.5 x 6.6 x 4 inches.
  • This shoe has a total weight of 0.54875 Pounds.
  • You will find various colors available on this shoe.

Like the GT-2000, Flytefoam technology is here too! This present in the midsole is softer than the previous version, so it currently gives you a pillowy ride. Under the heel, this pair can isolate impact with deeper forefoot flex grooves than before creating the smoothest run. 

And the hard-wearing AHAR outsole standing up to a ton of miles can make it your longest run too!

You get plenty of vertical space in the toebox and both width and height in the front with a light internal reinforcement that will lift the fabric at the toe for increased comfort. 

With the highly flexible soles that can grip on different paved/unpaved surfaces, this is one of the best trail running shoes for Morton’s neuroma patients.

Recommendation: This running shoe for men is designed and recommended for those neutral runners who need an everyday trainer that is soft and flexible and boasts a great fit. This design is also quite good for neutral or under-pronating runners.

3. Best for Long-Distance Runners: New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080V10 Running Shoe

Do you want to give your running shoes a stylish update? 

With the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10 for Men, you can easily do it. These performance running shoes can deliver you an impressive and sleek design that is packed with data-driven comfort. With the memory cushion that can bear the traces of your most comfortable steps, this is a great overall pick.


  • This shoe is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Rubber material.
  • It features a dimension of 12.7 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches.
  • This pair of NB shoes have a total weight of 2.1 Pounds.
  • You will find various colors available on this shoe.

Unlike the ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes, this pair from New Balance has an engineered Hypoknit upper that includes both synthetic and mesh for breathability during runs. It also features an Ortholite sock liner that keeps your feet sweat-free as you power through the runs.

Thanks to the Ultra Heel technology, you get a data-driven design that features a blown rubber outsole that gives you a great stretch, excellent support, and underfoot comfort that’ll last you years!

Recommendation: This responsive running shoe is made to encourage those who want to run mile after mile. Be it short training runs or long-distance ones, these have you covered!

4. Best for Stability While Running: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

So how does the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe compare when it comes to the same brand and model, but for women? These running shoes have the same cutting-edge design and supreme comfort, with equal weight but a lesser dimension for the ladies. Let’s check out the rest of the details! 


  • This pair is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Rubber material.
  • It features a dimension of 10 x 15 x 6 inches.
  • This shoe has a total weight of 2.1 Pounds.
  • You will find various colors available on this shoe.

You get the hyped and loved Hypoknit upper design here that provides you with strategic stretch and support in particular areas of your feet on the inside and a blown rubber outsole for enhanced durability on the outside.

With the Ultra Heel design for a snug and supportive fit and the Ortholite sock liner for a sweat-proof and plush stance, these can easily make it great golf shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

Recommendation: As per recommendation by some user’s orthopedic doctors, these are for those women who want to stand/walk without limping and run a couple of miles without pain. 

5. True to Size Pick: ALTRA Women’s Torin 4 Road Running Shoe

What does the Torin 4 have that the New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe did not have for the female runners? A larger dimension and lighter weight! 

Although in construction both of them feature 50-50 of synthetic and mesh, the sole of the New Balance was of Rubber, while the Torin 4 is synthetic. And with a strategic decoupling on the outsole of this shoe, you get one of your most flexible rides in this, which is perfect for quick miles!


  • This shoe is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Synthetic material.
  • It features a dimension of 13 x 8 x 5 inches.
  • This pair of Altra has a total weight of 2 Pounds.
  • You will find Gray/Purple colors available on this shoe.

The best thing about Altra is the Balanced technology. This laces both your heel and your forefoot to be at the same distance from the ground. As a result, you get better when you want to maintain a low-impact form throughout your trail run.

Add to this the Footshape technology, and your toes can relax naturally for more comfort and stability whether you run uphill or do downhill descents. And with the Fit4Her technology, you get a highly customized anatomy of the female foot that maps the necessary tendons and bones of your feet to let you move naturally.

Recommendation: If you need to run fast with Morton’s, this fan-favorite can tune it for race day.  Even if you are a long-distance runner and do cross-training like HITT and Yoga, these shoes are great for running! 

6. Best for Low-Range Runners: ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoe 

And you are back to the basics with ASICS! How does this compare to the previous ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes? This one features nearly the same specifications, with exceptional cushioning and a good fit. However, this is a bit heavier and larger, so it is more suitable for the taller/heavier users.


  • This pair is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Synthetic material.
  • It features a dimension of 11.5 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches.
  • This shoe has a total weight of 2.4 Pounds.
  • You will find Silver/Classic Blue/Black colors available on this shoe.

Here you have the well-known Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System that ASICS is famous for. It cuts down on the shock during running and allows a smooth transition if you need such midstage! However, this will help as long as you have no biomechanical defects like pronation/supination, unlike the Gel-Cumulus 22.

It also comes with a pair of functional and removable sock liner that provides great cushioning performance and moisture-wicking ability to generate a cooler and dryer run. So it breathes quite well and the support is good too!

Recommendation: This is ideal for low mileage runners who are looking for a great everyday shoe. Even for those who are moderate runners, these are great shoes.

7. Best Overall for Women Shock Absorbing Shoe: ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

How would you feel if you got a squishy shoe to walk on and stand on, that will not expedite the pain in your feet? For the feeling of coming back to your feet/toes after very tiring and painful running sessions from Neuroma, here is a shoe that can keep your feet’s energy in check.

hiking shoes for Morton’s neuroma


  • This shoe is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Rubber material.
  • It features a dimension of 12.3 x 7.6 x 4.8 inches.
  • This pair has a total weight of 0.875 Pounds.
  • You will find various colors available on this shoe.

So what do you have here that makes it better than the  ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoes? The Space Trusstic Technology! This helps overall to reduce the weight of the sole while giving you better stability and helping you to retain the structural integrity of the shoe. Meaning, long years of the run!

And as for the rest of the features, you are well aware of the Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System for the impact and toe-off phases that allow sharp movements in multiple planes, the FlyteFoam Midsole Technology for bounce-backs and responsiveness, and the FlyteFoam Propel Technology that adds the third element to create a supreme bounce!

Recommendation: If you have plantar fasciitis and you need some shoes with a reduced weight and increased support, this can be great for your nerve issues.

8. Best for a Wider Toe-box: ALTRA Women’s Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe

And the list ends with one from Altra. You have already seen the beauty of the brand in the ALTRA Women’s Torin 4 Road Running Shoe. How is this one different? This max cushion shoe features the Altra EGO midsole and a synthetic and meshes upper like the Torin 4, but it is much smaller and lighter. But there’s more!


  • This pair is made of Synthetic-and-mesh material.
  • The Sole of this shoe is entirely made of Synthetic material.
  • It features a dimension of 12 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches.
  • This shoe has a total weight of 1.55 Pounds.
  • You will find Black/Blue/Grey/Teal colors available on this shoe.

This shoe stands out from the shoe crowd on this list with its unique StabiliPods. For those who have a wide forefoot, the Stabili Pod Acts as a stabilizing tripod. It works by enhancing the 3 stability zones that come naturally in your foot. As a result, you can prevent excessive foot collapse/pronation.

Also, the Guide Rail feature acts to provide guidance only when you need it! With the Altra Ego Dual-Nature midsole, you get a responsive yet soft feel on the shoe that results in an increased energy return overall.

Recommendation: The asymmetrical design of this shoe increases lateral support for those who have weak feet. So if you happen to be a neutral runner or need to upgrade from over structured options, this is a good pick.

Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma

Symptoms of Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma as a condition typically affects the ball of your foot. So you suffer the pain almost always, between your third and fourth toes. You might as if you are standing on a hard-to-move pebble that is in your shoe or within the fold in your sock. And this is quite irritating for the runners.

It happens due to the thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves that lead to your toes. So you often feel a sharp, burning pain in or around the ball of your foot. 

Frequently wearing high-heeled or tight shoes is lower-heeled linked to the development of Morton’s neuroma, which is why people suffering from this condition experience relief by purchasing lower-heeled shoes that have wider toe boxes.

There may not be any visible or outward sign of this condition, but you may experience the following symptoms:

  • A feeling of standing on a pebble 
  • A burning feeling with pain in the ball of your foot to your toes
  • Tingling in your toes/ball of the foot or numbness
  • Intermittent pain in the feet lasting for days on end
  • Difficulty walking normally because of the pain and learn more

Buying Guide for the Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma Pain

Buying Guide for the Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma Pain

You need to consider the following features when buying shoes for Morton’s Neuroma. This will allow you to choose the right shoe to alleviate the symptoms and will let you enjoy running as you did before! The following are the features of the ideal shoes.‎


‎This is lower with Morton’s neuroma and you should choose this above every other function. When picking the best running shoes, always keep in mind your desired level of comfort. Prefer the one that has a wider toe box since these tend to suffer from pain. Try to reduce the impact and pressure on the front foot with your shoes based on your comfort.‎


‎For athletic shoes or shoes that are intended for running, suspension brings about many benefits. With this condition, suspension often gives you more than comfort and a cozy vibe. 

Finding a highly shock-absorbing shoe can make sure that your legs do not feel the sudden impact of varied surfaces during the run. As a result, the best shoe for you should have a good amount of cushioning, suspension, and damping to prevent the symptoms of neuroma from getting worse. ‎

‎Arch support ‎

‎The best shoes for your feet should give you and your feet a good amount of arch support. An adequate amount of stability is always important, even if you do not have neuroma or other foot problems. 

Because it will help absorb the effects of impact and compensate for the sudden tension that your feet would have experienced without it.‎

‎Drop Zero‎

Another important feature for the best running shoes for neuroma is dropping your heel on the ground. When keeping your mind to drop zero, you measure the height and the difference between the front of your leg and the heel. 

This allows you to decide on the thickness of the heel. So, you should always consider buying running shoes with a lower zero drop.

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What are considered to be the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma?‎

For Morton’s Neuroma, low heel shoes are considered the best. They can help to relieve the pain. So you should choose shoes that are either low heeled or support flatter feet. By the latter, you should understand shoes with heels no more than 1cm. Again, wearing flat shoes may cause Plantar Fasciitis, so having the right heel is important.

Does arch support help Morton’s Neuroma?

Yes. If you are adding arch supports or additional insoles to your shoes, it can help to reduce the pressure and irritation on your feet from the condition.

Can running frequently cause Morton’s Neuroma?

Yes. Neuromas can result from excessive or frequent running, racquet sports, and other physical activities that you perform with little to no breaks that exert repetitive stress on your forefoot.

What sneakers are considered to be the best for Morton’s Neuroma?

The best sneaker for Morton’s neuroma should have good arch support‎ and a well-cushioned front foot ‎structure.

Is it better to wear shoes of a larger size or the actual size?

‎The best shoe for you should be if you wear the correct size. Measure up with a shoe specialist to find your exact shoe size that will snugly hug but not strangle your feet. This will prevent any additional pressure on the legs and prevent foot diseases overall.‎

Final Thoughts

As you saw, the  ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes is the ideal running shoe for men suffering from Morton’s neuroma. It is lightweight, has plenty of cushions underfoot, has stability on the midfoot, and is easily suitable for everyday training with a secure fit.

As for the women, the ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes are the best shoe to ease the neuroma pain during runs for its increased shock absorption ability, lightweight nature, and flexibility while running.

So that ends the hunt for the best running shoes for Morton’s toe/neuroma. This unpleasant and painful condition has a good potential to disrupt your daily fitness routine. But with the right shoe, you don’t need to sacrifice your run to a bad condition, do you?

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