Are Badminton And Squash Shoes The Same? Find Out the Real Truth!

Were you used to thinking that badminton and squash are the same? Definitely, you were in the wrong! True, they do share some similarities, but their differences are also acute and clear. The required instruments, court, techniques, etc., of these two games, are completely different.

Are badminton and squash shoes the same? As the games are not similar, consequently they need different types of shoes for obvious reasons. The first game requires jumping frequently and covering a larger court, so the sole must be extremely pressured tolerant for playing it.

You may find many around you suggesting wearing the same shoes for these games. Whether they say right or wrong will be crystal clear if you go through our experts’ authentic findings and effective suggestions below.

Are Badminton And Squash Shoes The Same

Are Badminton And Squash Shoes The Same?

Would you like to play both badminton and squash? Then you have no alternative to spending on two pairs of shoes for getting into the courts. Have a sound study on the following matters about these games to understand the reasons why different types of shoes are needed for them.

What are the Similarities and Dissimilarities between Squash and Badminton?

The debate about badminton shoes vs. squash shoes will no longer exist in your mind if you know the similarities and dissimilarities between these two sports. Let’s learn at first the things where they are alike.

First and foremost, they are moving and running games. You have to move to all sides- from your back to front and left to right. 

You move or try so much just to throw the ball or shuttlecock to your planned side on the opponent’s court.

As you have to move fast and flawlessly, the shoes for both these games have to be flexible, comfortable, and, most importantly, lightweight

Lastly, the soles of their shoes must be thin so that you can feel the ground to make the next move perfectly.

On the other hand, where badminton is played with a ball, squash needs a shuttlecock. Where the former has two different courts for the players, no matter whether they are 2 or 4 in total, the latter has only one court for all.

Squash requires no jumping. You can encounter your opponent simply moving. But badminton needs everything, especially jumping frequently.

When these two sports are different in so many ways, their shoes and some other things must be different!

What's the Difference between Badminton Shoes and Squash Shoes

What’s the Difference between Badminton Shoes and Squash Shoes?

As you must jump too often on the badminton court and at the same time also move or run much, the shoes for this game must be softer and stronger to tolerate the pressure.

On the contrary, squash shoes enjoy the liberty of having thinner soles as they don’t jump that much.

So, while buying shoes for playing badminton, you must be more choosy and careful of the best quality of the footwear. 

Can You Use Badminton Shoes For Squash?

Now, without a shadow of a doubt, it can be claimed that both the games need distinctive shoes. So, you can’t use their shoes interchangeably.

In case you expect the best performance, you shouldn’t try one’s shoes for the other. 

Best Shoes for Badminton and Squash

For having the proper control of your feet, you must wear the best shoes on the court. Let’s check the following suggestions for picking up your needed ones.

ASICS men’s Gel-Rocket 9, Incomparable Shoes For Badminton

You shouldn’t compromise with the shoes for playing badminton with your best skills. That’s why ASICS Gel-rocket 9 must be your first choice. Look into their specifications to evaluate them properly.


  • ASICS comes with an impressive design, wonderful color, and the best assembling of quality materials.
  • They use GEL technology, which guarantees wonderful cushioning and support.
  • These shoes stick to the ground tremendously to make your move safe.
  • In case you use them carefully, they can serve you for years.
  • Its raised footbed helps you move to all directions smoothly, especially to your left and right.

ASICS rocket 9 is second to none for its forefoot GEL technology, which allows you to give your best performance on the court.

Moreover, their EVA midsole gives additional cushioning and boosts your energy when you run across your area. Besides, its TRUSSTIC system controls torsion, guiding you to change directions at lightning speed without the fear of twisting.

Though wider feet may find these incredible shoes a bit tough to put on, they are unbelievable because of having the sock liner, which you can remove for any medical issues.

Head Men’s Grid 2.0, Best Shoes for Squash

To deliver your best on the squash court, the shoes that are specially processed and marketed are Head Men’s Grid 2.0. Why not check out their core specifications first!


  • Grid 2.0 is made from purely synthetic materials, which makes them durable and flexible, too.
  • As these shoes are only 1.94 pounds, they make your movement easy and smooth.
  • Head uses a cooling system that drives away the inside heat and keeps there cool.
  • Besides, they use HyBrasion technology to absorb the pressure in the soles.
  • These shoes provide you premium toe drag and hard-wearing resistance on any surface.

These shoes are made solely for the squash court. Moreover, their lovely but comfortable design provokes all. 

Their modern technology doesn’t let the environment inside the shoes be too hot and allows you to play as long as you need.

Wearing these shoes, you can move or run swiftly because of their lightweight. So, you always have a better chance to win it!

Final Thought

So, all our findings tried to show you the differences between badminton and squash and all other issues related to them. Are badminton and squash shoes the same? 

No, not at all. Where these games are different in a lot of aspects, how can their shoes be the same! 

As you jump too frequently on the badminton court, you need a stronger and pressure-tolerant pair of footwear. But you can deal with a squash racket without jumping at all. So, where the first game needs special soles, the second one can be played with thinner ones.

ASICS Gel-rocket is the best badminton shoe as they ensure all the prerequisites by every inch for taking them to court. But for squash, you can go for Grid 2.0 by Head to get effective services.

Now, the decision is yours!

Happy gaming!

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