Are Crocs Bad For Your Feet? Discover the Shocking Reasons Behind!

DATE: June 28, 2022

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Crocs are super sturdy utility footwear everyone loves. Outdoor folks and young boys love these beautiful designs. A large number of sports professionals love to wear them too. 

Before getting yourself a fresh pair, you may ask, are crocs bad for your feet? Some studies do suggest that Crocs can be bad for your feet if you wear them for too long because of their open-heel design. 

That’s why if you wear crocs try to minimize time and use them in short intervals. 

However, they’re not completely unusable either; in fact, the medical professionals love wearing these funny-looking yet super effective shoes for easy maintenance and added comfort. 

Are Crocs Bad For Your Feet?

May be bad or may be not. 

In the detailed guide, we’ll discuss different aspects of Crocs and how they may affect your feet positively or negatively. Our tremendously intricate analysis will offer you a better understanding of the entire situation. 

Do Crocs Ruin Your Feet? 

Do Crocs Ruin Your Feet? 

If not worn properly, Crocs can cause slight issues with your feet in the long run. 

How so? 

Clogs come with an open heel construction; you’d find the back part of the shoes is entirely left open. Although they add better breathing space to the whole design, they seriously lack heel support. 

Wearing a croc, you won’t keep the heel in a secure position for long, which can cause foot issues. 

Some highly skilled Podiatrists have claimed that wearing Crocs all day long for a large period can develop conditions such as tendonitis, toe deformities and calluses. 

One of the main reasons they pointed out was the toes’ tendency to grip the front part of the shoe as they’re not getting enough support in the back areas. 

Plus, the flexible shank can also add pains and may develop other foot-related issues.

However, one of the good things that the podiatrists mention about Crocs is their substantial arch support. 

Do Crocs Dry Your Feet Out?

Do Crocs Dry Your Feet Out?

Yes, Crocs can dry out your feet to a certain degree. Crocs may seem to dry out your foot skin despite their athletic capabilities. It can create cracker areas. 

But why does it happen?

Feet drying out mainly because of the lack of moisture. Footwear and other chemical use can strip moisture from your feet. 

Small cracks and dry areas may appear slowly when you lose this healthy moisture. 

Having increasingly dry feet would make the feet’ skins peel off. You may experience added dryness between the toes and sides of your feet. It can also lead to itching and irritation. 

Despite the added irritation, dryness isn’t a serious condition. 

Why You Should Not Wear Crocs?

Why You Should Not Wear Crocs?

You can stop wearing Crocs as they can create small-scale foot conditions due to long-wearing, and they may not suit the professional work atmospheres much. 

We’ve already discussed the issues they can create (if you overuse them). But, another issue with Crocs is that they have a slightly oddly shaped design. Wearing one of these in business meetings may not be the best idea. They can even seem a bit awkward among the more casual gatherings as well. 

They give the impression that you’re too lazy to upgrade your appearance with time. 

Because of these two reasons wearing crocs may not sound like the wisest option. However, they also offer tons of benefits on the flip side that can make them good picks any day!

Yes, they’re pretty popular, especially among the younger and outdoor-oriented folks. Sports enthusiasts, parkour athletes and similar street performers choose clogs over anything else as they have tremendous flexibility. 

But, in recent times, Crocs have slowly started to gain popularity among the common folks and men of style. In 2020 Crocs were voted the eighth most wanted shoes in the entire world! 

Despite their goofy appearance, fashion trendsetters have slowly embraced the apparent strangeness of the Crocs. 

Recently, the Crocs also got intense popularity from the fashion experts, making them even more popularized. 

So, with time, Crocs are gaining more and more popularity because of their comfort and their unorthodox styles. 

Do Your Feet Get Hot in Crocs?

Do Your Feet Get Hot in Crocs?

Your feet are kept cooler in Crocs compared to other shoes, so they won’t get too hot while wearing one. Yes, some people may have an issue of over-sweating; that’s a different scenario altogether because it’d happen anyway, no matter what shoes they’re wearing. 

But why won’t your feet get hot in crocs?

The answer is pretty simple, it’s’ the unique design of Crocs

Crocs come with an exceptionally advanced footwear design that lets the hot air out with each step. The rear part of the shoes is open, and the squishy texture would go down and come back up as you step; this will naturally make the air circulate inside the toe box. 

Plus, the holed Crocs offer even more ventilation. Air can pass through with ease keeping your feet sweat-proof 24/7! 

Why Do Crocs Hurt My Toes?

There are two primary reasons behind it, one, you’re wearing it too loose, two, you’re not wearing it without the straps. These are the main reasons most of the users may develop a slight aching sensation in their toes. 

When you wear loose Crocs, you may feel like it’s coming off while walking. So, your toes will subconsciously try to bite the toe area and prevent the Crocs from coming off while walking. This added pressure in the toe area can slowly create painful sores. 

Moreover, you may want to wear it without straps; you may feel a similar sensation as mentioned and get a similar reaction from it. 

That’s why we’d recommend you wear them with straps on unless they offer snug-fitting. 

Do Crocs Cause Tripping?

Yes, Crocs can cause tripping because of their large and loose wearing style. They come with an open-toe design, one of the core components that makes it prone to tripping. 

Crocs are loose fighting sandals, which means they’ll stick ahead in front more than the shoes that fit snug. 

As a result, you can get your feet caught on mats or cords. Especially while running, things like this can occur. Sudden elevation changes is another leading reason where crocs can cause tripping. 

So, if you have to wear them in bumpy areas, they may not offer you the most secure running or walking capabilities. 

That’s why we’d recommend using them on flat surfaces where the streets are wide and free of potholes. 

What Happens If You Wear Crocs All the Time?

What Happens If You Wear Crocs All the Time?

Wearing crocs all the time can cause foot pain and nail issues. Experts also expect that wearing crocs or similar sandals can cause tendinitis. 

Crocs have little or no sidewise support, nor do they have any heel support. As a result, wearing them for long periods every day can lead to long term foot issues. You’re also prone to twisted ankles while wearing crocs. 

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose?

Yes, Crocs are supposed to have a loose yet secure fitting. How do you understand that Crocs are fitting, alright? Well, there is a small trick to comprehend that. 

When you’re wearing Crocs, you should be able to walk or run without straps, and all these can be done without any slipping. If you’re able to do that without attaching the straps, it can be said that your Crocs are fitting well. 

How Can You Tell Fake Crocs?

Almost all the authentic Crocs will come equipped with circulation nubs or small holes on the sole. You can also check the logo, which should clarify if the Crocs are fake. 

There are many technologically advanced techniques to tell if a product is authentic or fake. You can check the barcode using your smartphone to understand if they’re real. 

One of the easy ways not to get fake crocs is by buying from their authorized stores. It’s perhaps the most effective method to find genuine Crocs from the market. 

Who invented Crocs and Why?

Three entrepreneur friends George Boedecker and Lyndon Hanson were travelling to the Caribbean, and on the trip, they got the idea of making quality shoes. They were inspired by the Canadian manufacturer, but they remodelled the clogs by adding a strap at the back. 

When one of the friends looked at the shoes from the side, it gave him a feeling that it looked like a crocodile, and that’s where their name and branding logo was derived from. 

Bottom Line 

After a long and strenuous discussion, we’re at the final parts of our highly researched guide. So, are crocs bad for your feet? 

After the study and long research, it’s pretty clear that wearing them for long hours every day may create some foot issues like tendonitis, nail problems and ache. 

However, using them in a minimized manner for frequent outings with friends and family shouldn’t be a big deal. 

Some podiatrists did raise the alarm, but not all of them made any statement of restricting the use, so they’re still used to some degree.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own pair and start feeling comfortable every step.

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