Are Driving Shoes Worth It- A Comprehensive Guide

DATE: June 5, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


We often get confused about driving shoes and their utilities. Are driving shoes worth it? Do they really work in operating the vehicle safely?

Well, it’s a tricky question. But to be straightforward, yes, driving shoes are totally worth it. They are specially designed with thinner soles to offer a decent pedal feel. Moreover, the exclusive heel design permits a smooth motion on the go. And they offer an exceptional grip so as not to slip off the pedal.

Although a regular sneaker with a comfortable fitting would be okay too. But still, dedicated driving shoes can never go wrong when it comes to your safety. 

However, let’s look forward to what special benefits a particularly designed driving footwear comes with.

Are Driving Shoes Worth it? What Are Them?

Why not? Driving shoes are worth the money you would like to spend. 

So in that case, if you know the details on it, that helps you to get clearly. 

In a word, driving shoes are thin-soled shoes with narrow fitting like the racing shoes. 

Offering ultimate grip and control, they let you operate the vehicle smoothly occupying as little space as possible on the pedal. 

Actually, they have some specific features that make them driving shoes

For example, dedicated footwear for driving a car is extremely flexible. As driving is all about moving your heel and toe, they avoid rigid materials to maintain smooth foot shifting to pr3ss the pedal. 

Next, they are extremely comfortable. With the thin sole construction, they offer an undiluted feel on the pedal while running a vehicle. 

Usually, driving shoes are engineered with non-slip outsoles so that you avoid slipping off the pedal. And thanks to the sturdy ergonomics, you get adequate ankle support to prevent foot fatigue. 

Most importantly, drivers are very easy to put on and take off. Besides, they excel in mobility to shift gears swiftly. 

What Are the Benefits of Driving Shoes?

There are countless benefits of wearing a good quality driver while running a vehicle. Be it sneakers, loafers, moccasins, or slip-on, all driving shoes are crafted with some exclusive amenities to accelerate your speed on the road. Besides, driving shoes have a notable impact in keeping you safe behind the wheels.

First of all, most of the drivers are laceless, resultantly, they offer easy on/off. 

Next, a dedicated driver must have a slip-free rubber outsole to assure a better grip while pressing the pedal. Also, they are very lightweight to wear all day long.

Being thoughtfully architectured with a solid sole, a driving shoe lasts pretty long. 

At the same time, it offers a real-time feel on the pedals being not more than 10 mm thick.

Another great advantage of wearing drivers is that you can place your feet in a comfortable position. The soft and flexible shoes are extremely versatile with optimum mobility. 

Basically, the soft leather or fabric on the upper lets the foot move freely. The flexible materials also permit better heel-to-toe movement which results in better control of the vehicle. 

If you opt for a premium driving shoe, rest assured that the patented round heel design would let you literally feel the pedal so that you can concentrate on the steering more. 

Of course, it takes care of your safety to a great extent by letting you feel relaxed on the road. 

Do Driving Shoes Make a Difference? 

Yes, absolutely. If you are wondering- are driving shoes necessary?- then let us reassure you that yes, they do play a vital role in making your driving better. 

Usually, a driving shoe lets you precisely control the pedal on the road as it takes less space in the pedal box area. Of course, all thanks to the narrow and snug architecture. 

Thus, by maximizing your feel on the pedal, drivers differ from casual sneakers or loafers which let you run any vehicle smoothly. 

Although any footwear should fit correctly, driving shoes are better in the sense that they both fit and feel well. With a solid fitting, they don’t come off easily like a pair of flip-flops when you suddenly brake the car.

Also, they don’t impede the ability to control the pedal like high heels. 

Above all, driving shoes are equally comfortable both on and off the car. That’s why they are preferable even among the non-drivers. 

Even more, driving shoes make the difference when you are behind the wheels for so long. Suppose, you are on a long road trip. Choose a dedicated pair of drivers then if you don’t want to develop foot fatigue or blisters.

All things considered, you should definitely go for driving footwear if you want to run a vehicle smartly and precisely.

So, if you are still on the fence, can shoes affect your driving, yes, they truly can. 

Types of Driving Shoes

If you are an avid driver, you must have a clear view of the types of driving shoes. It basically depends on the manufacturing materials of the shoes. Here are the prominent types of the driving shoes-


Perhaps, the most popular types of drivers are leather or suede ones. Being notably lightweight, they provide adequate air circulation to let the feet remain sweat-free. 

As a result, you don’t feel slippery inside. 


Compared to their leather counterparts, synthetic shoes are cheaper. But you need to be a little forgiving about longevity. 

Although they are equally comfortable as the leather/suede shoes. People who tend to dislike leather for ethical reasons can readily go for these. 

Extended Sole

If you prefer superior grip and traction on the road, we suggest going for shoes made of a single piece of leather or suede. As the material covers from bottom to heel, these extended sole designs add a lot of amenities while driving. 

Split Sole

Don’t like the extended sole shoes? Lucky you are, we have the alternatives too. These are called split sole shoes. 

They have two sections instead of having been covered with a single piece of leather. Therefore, they are more flexible.

Rules of Wearing Driving Shoes 

According to GQ, there are some specific rules for wearing driving shoes. Whether you are a regular driver or a hobbyist, the following rules, if followed properly, will improve your driving for sure.

  • Choose your shoes according to the context, not based on your car. If it’s a movie date with friends, a casual pair of sneakers will suit you more. But if it’s a business meeting or a wedding reception, probably a formal or semi-formal moccasin would do.
  • Driving shoes are for casual events, not for formal occasions. So, keep it as casual as possible. Saying that a pair of slim jeans could be smartly paired up with drivers. 
  • You can wear your regular walking shoes until it’s totally worn off. But that’s not the case in terms of driving shoes. It must always be spiffy. 
  • Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, still, wearing drivers without socks is preferable. Even if you need to wear socks, try the invisible ones. This will make you look more stylish behind the wheels. 
  • Driving shoes are more for casual use, we agree. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for the flashiest pair. Rather, try to balance between a neutral undertone and low-contrast stitching. It will create a more elegant vibe. 

What Not to Wear While Driving

As per the report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 16000 crashes take place on the road every year due to pedal error. And what causes this pedal error? Often a wrong footwear selection while driving.

On that note, it’s utterly important to know what not to wear while driving aside from what to wear. Let’s have a look below at what types of shows you should avoid when you are behind the steering.

High Heels

We all know that driving shoes should be utterly responsive on the road, especially in an emergency. But high heels interfere with easy heel-to-toe movement restricting your ability to pivot on the pedals. 

Resultantly, you cannot move the feet freely from accelerator to brake to shift the gear correctly. Naturally, it affects your driving skill and may even result in an unwanted accident.

Flip Flops

In case you want to drive safely, never go for shoes that are not attached to your heel. These shoes easily come off and result in the unnecessary hassle to interrupt braking or accelerating.


Truth be told, wedges create fake pressure on the pedal and thus mislead the vehicle. Also, they can get stuck under the pedal to create a mess on the road.


Be it a pair of slippers or any other house shoes, they are not meant for driving. Yes, they are comfortable but don’t offer a solid grip on the go. Moreover, they come off quickly. 

That being said, these comfy slippers cannot pressurize the pedals properly to run a car. 

Work Boots 

Although work boots have ergonomic grips, they are not suitable for driving. First of all, they are thick and heavyweight. So, you cannot feel the pedal properly. 

Next, being larger in size, they occupy a huge space in the pedal box. So, it’s challenging to drive without any obstruction.

Brand New Shoes

You should not wear shoes right out of the box. They need some break-in period to be comfortable. Furthermore, brand new shoes are most likely to have slick outsoles which may lead to unsure pedaling. 

How to Find Out the Best Driving Shoes

While heading outside, we all need a good pair of shoes. And we need a better pair while driving. Who wants to have an unsure foot-to-pedal connection after all?

However, below are some crucial aspects that decide whether it’s a good or a bad pair of shoes to drive with.


If someone asks why you need driving shoes, it’s because of mobility. Specifically made drivers are blessed with the ankle to toe mobility which accelerates rapid food movement to control the pedal better.


Driving shoes should be lightweight and breathable. Heavyweight shoes with larger ergonomics are harder to control. Also, they don’t let you feel where the pedal is. 


Most of the premium-grade drivers are made of leather or suede. Although synthetic shoes are equally popular. To put it straightforwardly, driving shoes should be made of soft fabric so as not to harm your feet. And they should be comfortable to wear for a long time.


Whatever shoes you are driving in, they must fit properly on your feet. Without a snug-fitting, it will come off easily which will interrupt your acceleration.

Is It Safe to Drive Barefoot?

Not at all. Although driving without shoes is not illegal, it’s risky. You cannot transfer the force from the foot to the pedal. Besides, barefoot gets sweaty quickly, and thus makes the pedals slippery. So, there are high risks of slipping off the pedal or shifting the gear incorrectly. 

Although people often ask- why should you drive with shoes? Because they find it easier to run a car without wearing some branded driving shoes. But if you can figure out the right footwear, you will enjoy all the conveniences of driving shoes. 

Can You Walk Around in Driving Shoes?

No, walking in driving shoes isn’t really encouraged. Yes, you can cover a  short distance wearing a pair of decent quality drivers but never try to walk a long distance with them. 

As driving shoes aren’t manufactured for full walking, they will wear and tear rapidly.

Should You Wear Driving Shoes Without Socks?

Apparently yes. Because driving shoes and socks are not the best buddies at all. 

But you can still wear socks if you are wearing long pants with driver-specific moccasins. Otherwise, just put on the shoes without socks to look more stylish.

Final Words 

So, are driving shoes worth it? What do you think after having a detailed discussion?

Considering the facts stated above, driver-specific shoes are absolutely mandatory for precision pedaling. Moreover, they let you be sure-footed on the road by offering an undiluted feeling on the accelerator. On top of that, you get adequate foot support to run the car smoothly. 

However, comfort is the most important criterion when selecting your appropriate driving footwear. But aside from that, you should also focus on the overall construction such as fitting, flexibility, and functionality. 

But once you can pick the right pair, rest assured that you will rock on the road with your car having the optimum grip behind the wheels.

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