Can You Drive With A Walking Boot? Let’s See How Safe It Is

If you need to drive on a regular basis, a sudden foot fracture might be the biggest concern for you. Certainly, you cannot drive in that state. But for how long? Or can you drive with a walking boot when you get a little better? 

Well, if you are not forbidden by your doctor to drive at all, you can drive wearing walking boots. But it’s neither safe nor suggested as this will affect your speedy recovery. 

Although right foot injuries are a bit more severe than that of leg foot, in both cases you should refrain from driving for your own sake. 

However, let’s dig deeper- what is the actual rule for those who drive with a boot or cast? And is it legally approved or not, that’s also a concern. 

Can You Drive With a Walking Boot on Your Left Foot?

Can You Drive With a Walking Boot on Your Left Foot?

Technically you can. As the left foot needs less movement than the right one while navigating a vehicle, you can drive with a walking boot on. But it involves health threats by affecting your healing process. 

Although there are no legal restrictions to hold the steering with a left leg injury, experts say it can be dangerous. Firstly, your usual driving will be impaired due to limited movement capacity. Secondly, you will get distracted more often due to the boot cast. 

So, it’s better to avoid driving until you are okay!

Can You Drive with an Aircast Boot?

Can You Drive with an Aircast Boot?

Yes, you can if you want. But after knowing the outcome, we don’t think you will do so. 

Having an air cast on your foot is an altogether stupid idea. The heavy cast will let you feel the brakes or pedals. When you are behind the wheel, safety should be your prime concern. But can you really maneuver all the operations perfectly?  Well, experts say you cannot. 

However, legally it’s not disapproved though. That means you won’t be fined for wearing air-cast boots on whichever legs you prefer. But just like bulky winter boots, they will not let you operate the vehicle comfortably as you cannot reach the pedal, brake, or accelerator quickly. 

Can You Wear a Walker, Cast, or Brace while Driving?

In terms of safety hazards, this medical equipment is not recommended to be put on during driving. As protective gear, walkers and casts should not be used while driving and taking showers. You can wear the brace though!

When Can You Drive After a Foot Injury?

Usually, you need to wear the cast for six to nine weeks in the case of leg injuries. But you cannot get behind the wheel right after this period. Until and unless you can walk properly, driving should be avoided.

When Can You Drive After a Foot Injury?

Nevertheless, the recovery period varies from patient to patient. Also, the severity of injuries also matters. So, the straightforward answer is you should wait until you are not able to negotiate weight between the legs. And if you hardly manage to walk somehow with a walking boot, forget about driving as it is way too risky.

Can a Walking Boot Make an Injury Worse?

Possibly yes. When you’ve got foot fractures or injuries, you are supposed to leave the feet immobilized. But walking with walking boots on can lead the feet towards a severe situation. 

If the boots are heavy, you will end up developing knee and ankle pain. Moreover, the weighty boots put pressure on the ankle weight limiting the ankle and foot movements. Eventually, it will affect your healing period. You can even get an issue on the fractured feet that need surgery!

Can You Remove a Walking Boot to Drive?

You can if your physiotherapist permits. But that’s not a great idea at all. 

Walking boots or foot boots are referred to patients undergoing orthopedic issues. In terms of leg injuries, you must wear a foot cast for the first few weeks. All foot movements are strictly prohibited within those weeks. You can take the boots off only when you are in bed. 

After you return to your regular walking days, taking off the walking boot is allowed sometimes. But under expert observation only. So, if you need to drive at this stage, consult your doctor first whether he agrees or disagrees with removing the boots when you are running a vehicle.

Is It Illegal to Drive with a Broken Leg or Foot?

No, it’s not. Until you are taking seductive pills or painkillers that belong to narcotics, you are allowed to drive without any legal barriers. 

Just because you have broken your legs, the law doesn’t force you to stop driving. If you are comfortable, you can continue. In fact, you will not be charged for this issue. But legal restrictions arise when you are not fit but still driving. 

But your insurance company would make it a hassle if you drive with broken legs and cause a collision. They will investigate whether it was your irresponsibility that caused the accident or not. 

Final Words 

Truth be told, driving with a walking boot or foot boot has no legal issues. Still, why is it widely asked- can you drive with a walking boot? Hopefully, you have got the answer. 

Despite having no particular law to countermand driving wearing a cast, you shouldn’t take risks on the road. Just ask yourself can you fully concentrate on steering with severe pain in the legs? 

Or can you press the brake at full speed when needed? If the answer is no, we guess it’s clear that driving in this condition is not prohibited but discouraged. It might lead you to the hospital again causing serious accidents.  

However, if you have no other choice but to get behind the wheel, take necessary safety precautions and choose your medical equipment like a walking boot or cast carefully.

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