Are Hoka Shoes True to Size? – Some Unrevealed Facts

DATE: June 1, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you know what the most important thing to consider is your running shoes? Indeed, it’s their performances!

The performance of running shoes mostly depends on whether they adjust to your feet or not. If the shoes perfectly fit your feet, your running performance will increase. The risk of foot injuries and stress on the ankle, toe, and heel will also decrease.

That’s why, when you desire to buy the shoes from the top brand, “Hoka,” the question must arise, Are Hoka shoes true to size?

Fortunately, the Hoka running shoes are true to their size, although there are differences in the size of men’s and women’s shoes.

Now, go through the article to learn the size of Hoka shoes, their fitting, and comparison with different popular shoe brands.

Here we start!

Are Hoka Shoes True to Size?

The actual running shoes directly touch the ground to ensure maximum grip. Moreover, they are designed to be lightweight and feature wider midsoles. But, are Hoka shoes true to size – that’s a helpful and necessary question from the professional runners.

With the broader midsoles and lightweight construction, the Hoka men’s shoes run true to size. Consequently, you don’t need to struggle to wear the shoes or feel uncomfortable with the wider shoes.

Indeed, you don’t want to invest in running shoes that slip off or fit too tightly, right? Instead, you must wish to get perfectly fitted shoes that are comfortable for walking, exercising, or running.

However, the Hoka shoes also include an enriched cushioning level and rigid soles. Even though you have wider feet, the well-cushioning and tough soles will comfort your feet.

The wider midsole is also a blessing for people with wider feet. Due to the broader midsole, the Hoka shoes deliver you more room to push in.

Are Hoka Women’s Shoes True to Size?

The size of Hoka men’s women’s shoes isn’t the same; the same age women’s shoes are smaller than the men’s shoes. Similarly, there’re also differences, whether the Hoka shoes run true to size or not!

The Women Hoka shoes aren’t actually run true to size. If you want standard women’s Hoka shoes, then you must consider the half-size smaller ones than the given length.

Are Hoka Women’s Shoes True to Size?

Unlike regular Hoka running shoes, some other Hoka shoes aren’t true to their size. The Hoka Bondi shoes seem to run true to size, as they’ve enough room inside the toe. Moreover, they’ve maximum cushioning to adjust the broader feet.

Possibly that’s why the Hoka Bondi shoes are suitable for leisurely days, middle distances, and long runs.

Nevertheless, the size of the Hoka Bondi shoes might be slightly narrower for the midfoot and forefoot, particularly when you’ve wider feet.

So, when you’re buying any model of the Hoka Bondi shoes, you must try out the shoes at least once. Consider the model for purchasing when the size matches the length of your feet, and you’re comfortable in it.

Similar to most other Hoka running shoes, the Hoka Clifton shoes feature moderately high cushioning for offering a rocking ride.

The Hoka Clifton shoes are also true to size; notably, the Clifton 7 model doesn’t cause any problem to your midfoot or toe box like others.

Instead, the shoes are roomier enough to make the broader feet comfortable. Moreover, the plush cushioning and supportive upper make the shoes comfortable for daily exercise and training.

Nevertheless, the Clifton 8 might get slightly narrow to your midfoot, although it provides stability and good support as footwear.

Moreover, the model features a reasonable volume, making it obligatory to test out the shoes when you’ve narrow feet. As narrow feet have less volume, they might feel uncomfortable wearing the shoes.

The Chart of the Hoka Shoe Size

The size of men’s Hoka shoes is different from that of women’s shoes. Furthermore, the size of Hoka shoes also differs based on where you are living. Not all countries calculate shoe sizing in the same way.

Here we’ve displayed the lists of Hoka shoes of different countries for men and women individually.

The Chart of the Hoka Shoe Size: Men

CM (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU

The Chart of the Hoka Shoe Size: Women

CM (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU

How Do Hoka Shoes Fit Compared to Nike or Other Popular Brands?

The size of the Hoka shoes might be similar or dissimilar to different brands. Let’s see which brand’s shoe matches the Hoka shoe size and which brand doesn’t.

Below, we have compared the size of Hoka shoes with other top popular brands, including Nike.

Hoka Shoes Vs. Other Popular Brands Sizing: Men

Foot LengthHokaBrooksAsicsNikeAdidas

Hoka Shoes Vs. Other Popular Brands Sizing: Women

Foot LengthHokaBrooksAsicsNike


Do Hokas Run Small or Big?

Whether your Hoka shoes run large or small depends on the shoes’ models. Because of suitability, some models of Hoka shoes run big, some shoes run small, some are narrow, and others are true to size.

However, the gender differences also affect the size of the Hoka shoes. The Hoka shoes are true to their size when it comes to males. Contrarily, when you’re female, the shoe size will become more prominent.

Do You Size Up for Hokas?

It’s essential to get plenty of room inside your shoes for smooth running. The Hoka men’s shoes are true to their size, so it’s not obligatory to try out the size when you buy the Men’s Hoka shoes.

But, you must buy the Hokas half size smaller than the accurate size when you’re a woman. That’s because the women’s Hokas aren’t true to their size.

Do All Hoka Shoes Fit the Same?

No, not all Hoka shoes fit the same, although there’s a determined size chart of the Hoka shoes. With the differences in countries, men and women, the Hoka shoes might run slightly tight, more extensive, or smaller.

Can You Wear HOKA Shoes for Running?

Indeed, you can use the Hoka running shoes to drive forward when running smoothly. That’s because the midsoles of Hoka shoes support variable degrees of thickness and deliver outstanding comfortability and shock absorption.

Nevertheless, as the Hoka shoes are high-profiled and lightweight shoes, you must take utmost care of them.

How Long Does a HOKA Last?

The average lastingness of Hoka running shoes ranges from 250-to 500 miles. But, some people get the Hoka shoes with more lastingness that serves almost 700 miles.

Besides, some people find that their Hoka shoes wear out quickly and last less than 200 miles.

The Sum Up!

Before you select your running shoes, you must want to keep all their information at your fingertips. Are Hoka shoes true to size – this is the most valuable information you must learn before purchasing the shoes.

Thankfully, most of the Hoka shoes are true to their size, except for some models and women’s Hoka shoes. Women need to buy the Hoka shoe half of the actual given size to get a standard pair.

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