How to Break in Blundstone Boots Fast?

DATE: May 26, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Blundstone boots are fantastic, with excellent durability and breathability. They go with any outfit. Blundstone boots are good for all seasons. For $200, you have watertight, good support for your feet on the go.

When you buy the first pair of Blundstone boots from the market, they may seem stiff and tight. It can cause discomfort and blisters on your feet. To get rid of such a situation and to make it comfortable, you will need to break in the boots.

Generally, it takes around 2 months to break into brand new Blundstones naturally. But you can speed up the process by applying some methods to them. 

Don’t know how to break in Blundstone boots? Let’s get it from the below discussion; we have breakdown of 4 different ways to get it done,

How to break in Blundstone boots fast?

It is the common scenario that most people buy the first pair of Blundstone shoes and find them tight and compact in the beginning. In such situations, you may not feel comfortable wearing boots, and it may hurt the top of your foot. 

Therefore, people are looking for ways to break Blundstone boots after buying. However, it is not necessary if the boot adjusts your feet nicely. Otherwise, you can go through one of the following ways,

  • Using boot stretcher
  • Applying mink oil
  • Crush Blundstone by hands
  • Use blister tapes or thick socks
  • Warm water or heat dryer method

Using boot stretcher

There are various types of boot stretching tools available. You can use the required one for your Blundstone’s and give enough pressure and tension to the part that you want to stretch. Keep the stretcher inside the boot for some hours.

Applying mink oil

There are some traditional ways to stretch up your boots, and applying leather conditioners like mink oil is the popular one. This is simple, get mink oil or other leather conditioner and apply to both the inside and outside of the boots. It will keep the boots shining as well.

Crush the boots with your hands

You can crush the boots in the back heel part of the forefoot to loosen up the leather. This is less effective, but you can do this by mashing and crushing Blundstone’s with your hand.

Use blister tapes or thick socks

Don’t have enough time to wait for the boots to stretch? You can continue with it by using tapes that prevent unwanted painful blisters. You can also consider thick socks to help your feet, and it will be quite helpful to stretch the leather of the boots.

Warm water or heat dryer method

You can use warm water or a heat dryer to stretch the leather materials as well as the boots. It gives faster results as you are treating the boots with warm water. The other method is using a heat dryer to inflict heat to tract the fibers. For the best result, you can repeat the procedure to make it stretch permanently.

How to take care of your Blundstone boots?

You need to take care of your Blundstone boots in the right way. Since the boots are designed to provide the highest durability, you need to wash, clean, and repair your shoes when needed. Otherwise, it will fade soon and will not last long.

Before you get into the cleaning, you should know what kind of finishing it has. According to Blundstone, it has three different types of finishing such as suede, nubuck, and canvas. It requires different care for different types. However, cleaning the sole is also a part of proper maintenance. So, you should polish the leather and clean the sole to give the right care to your Blundstones. 

What is the difference between Blundstone’s original and classic?

Blundstones original and classic series is recognized as the 500 and 550, of which 500 are considered iconic. Each series has a unique design and characteristics, and so their original and classic series have many differences.

Blundstone’s classic series boots include extra cushioning on footbeds for extra softness and a leather lining for warmth. On the other hand, the original series includes cotton or cambrelle lining for more breathability and a thick 2.5mm premium leather for durability.

Final Thought

So, it is not so difficult to break in Blundstones. You just need to apply any of the stretching processes stated above. 

However, it is not that break-in is necessary and must apply to all. If the boot fits perfectly on your feet and doesn’t cause discomfort, you shouldn’t go for stretching materials. 

Contrary, if you find it hurts the top of your feet when wearing the boots, then you should decide to break in the boots. 

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