Can You Dry Shoes In The Dryer? Smart Way You Can Follow

DATE: October 8, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Getting your shoes stuck in the mud or getting them caught in the rain, especially if they are expensive athletic shoes like Adidas, can be a real nuisance! While washing them the right way is important, drying your shoes can actually be challenging too.

Some people opt for the dyer to get the work done in a shorter time, but is it appropriate? Can you dry the shoes in a dryer?

Yes, if you follow the right techniques and with the right setting, you can dry shoes in the dryer without damaging them. ( Though it is always a better option to let them dry naturally)

Can You Dry Shoes In The Dryer? Smart Way You Can Follow.

Now you start using the dryer, learn about what types of shoes are dryer-friendly, what may be the after-effects of drying in the dryer and more. Let’s get started!

What Is the Best Way to Dry Shoes in the Dryer?

The best way to dry shoes in the dryer is to stuff both the inside of the shoes and the dryer with absorbents like socks and towels and tie them together before putting them in the dryer. This will make sure the shoes don’t shrink, and won’t wear out much.

Check the care label on the footwear before cleaning the surface and sole of the shoes, and then dry them in the dryer. Also, set the dryer on low heat before putting the shoes inside. And to prevent over-drying, take the shoes out before they are entirely dry.How Can You Dry Shoes in the Dryer Without a Loud Noise?

One of the most effective ways to dry shoes in the dryer without a loud noise is the double knot technique; here, the laces are tied up, and the shoe is suspended, which prevents contact between the dryer and the shoes.

What Is the Best Way to Dry Shoes in the Dryer?

Tie a double knot towards the end of the laces in your shoes; in order to prevent the sneakers from falling inside once the dryer is turned on, hang the laces over the door so that the shoes are inside and the knot is outside. This way, even after you turn on the dryer, you’ll hardly hear any noise.

How to Stop Shoes from Banging in the Dryer?

The best way to stop shoes from banging in the dryer is to suspend them by the laces from the dryer door. Add a little weight to the end of the laces if your shoes don’t drape properly.

Another way to stop the shoes from banging in the dryer is to stuff loads of towels and similar stuff inside the dryer before putting the shoes inside. The towels will not only prevent the thumping of the shoes but only absorb the moisture from the shoes as much as possible.

Will Putting Shoes in the Dryer Damage the Dryer?

No, putting shoes in the dryer won’t damage the dryer, though there’s a possibility that the shoe might get damaged itself. However, if the shoes constantly bang into the door of the dryer, they can actually get dented.

The interior of the machine may be harmed by the tumbles and pounding that occur when you insert free shoes. So, drying shoes with a load of towels is the best method.

Will Putting Shoes in the Dryer Damage the Dryer?

Will the Heat in the Dryer Damage My Shoes?

Yes, there’s a probability that high heat from the dryer might damage your shoes; it can shrink the fabric and distort the fit. And you won’t want to take a chance on changing the fit of your shoes because of it. Also, the glue that holds different parts or fabrics of the shoe together can weaken due to the heat from the dryer. It can eventually make the parts wear out and fall off.

 It’s best to set the dryer in air dry mode, which will blow heatless air on your shoes.

Can you dry tennis shoes in the dryer?

No, you shouldn’t put tennis shoes in the dryer. However, specific shoes have labels on them that show whether you can dry them in the dryer or not; check for that first.

The extreme heat may even cause the textile or materials of your tennis shoes to shrink or weaken the glue binding them together. Additionally, using the dryer might permanently deform your shoes, which will impact how well they fit and how well they function.

Can you dry light-up shoes in the dryer?

Since the manufacturers don’t recommend drying light-up shoes, you should avoid doing it.

Personally, the best way to dry the light-up shoes, I feel, is to set them in front of the fan. It will facilitate air circulation and speed up the process. Even better if you can place them in a well-ventilated area and let the shoes take their time to dry up naturally.

Long-time exposure to direct sunlight, high heat from the hairdryer, or the heater- all of these can damage the lights or the batteries within. 

Can I put my Nike sneakers in the dryer?

No, you can’t put your Nike sneakers in the dryer. The delicate fabric and other materials might get deformed or distorted due to the heat from the dryer as they aren’t tailored to withstand such high-intensity heat.

The best way to dry your sneakers after giving them a wash is to give them enough time to dry themselves in a well-ventilated area. Another piece of advice is to stuff some newspapers on the inside of your sneakers to stop moisture from accumulating within them. Otherwise, the moisture can lead to bacteria growth.

Final thought

Now that you know that you can dry shoes in a dryer with appropriate measures, here are a few tips to keep your shoes from getting damaged easily in the dryer.

Firstly, it’s best to avoid the dryer if possible. If not, you should use it in the lowest heat setting. Secondly, to reduce the banging of your shoes on the dryer wall, partially fill the dryer with towels and similar items. And finally, remove as much water as possible manually before drying the shoes in the dryer.

That’s it! Hope you won’t have any problem drying your shoes now!

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