Are Kizik Shoes Machine Washable?

DATE: April 26, 2023

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you’re familiar with Kizik shoes, then you know they are a revolutionary footwear brand—offering comfortable and stylish shoes that don’t require any tie laces. But what happens when your beloved pair of Kiziks needs some sprucing up?

Are Kizik Shoes Machine Washable?

Are kizik shoes machine washable? Read on as we explore this question and provide insight into the maintenance tips for keeping your Kiziks in tip-top shape!

Are Kizik Shoes Machine Washable?

Kizik shoes are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Thankfully, they are also incredibly easy to keep clean. All Kizik shoes can be machine washed – just take off the insoles and laces first and put the shoes into a mesh laundry bag for washing.

Once you have washed them, leave them out to air dry on a flat surface away from direct sunlight. Not only does this make cleaning them effortless, but it also means you’re free to play your preferred sports or activities without worrying about ruining your shoes!

Whether it’s rain or mud that you need to worry about, Kizik makes sure your feet stay squeaky clean with their machine-washable shoes.

Benefits of Not Machine Washing Kizik Shoes

Kizik shoes are designed with comfort and style in mind, which is why they’re not intended to be machine washed. By avoiding machine washing, you can help extend the life of your shoes because the fabric won’t become stretched out or lose its shape after repeated washing cycles.

Additionally, machine washing can damage certain components such as zippers, straps, buckles, and laces — all essential elements that make up the unique design of your Kizik shoes.

The Design of Kizik Shoes

Kizik shoes offer convenience and comfort

Kizik shoes offer convenience and comfort with their ergonomic design. Crafted from soft, lightweight textiles that are breathable and water-resistant, these shoes will keep feet dry during a rainy day or while splashing in the stream.

They feature an internal chassis that offers arch support and stability and an integrated lace-up system for a secure fit. In addition, the unique design of Kizik shoes means they are conveniently machine washable, allowing those who like to get out and explore nature to easily clean off any dirt or mud that may have been picked up along the way.

With Kizik shoes, you can stay comfortable no matter where your journey takes you!

Precautions and Conditions for Machine Washing Your Kizik Shoes

Machine washing them is a great option for keeping your Kizik Shoes looking their best. However, you need to consider some important precautions and conditions when doing so. First of all, the machine should be set to a gentle cycle, and the water must be cold.

Furthermore, using a mesh wash bag to protect lace-ups is recommended. Finally, you must take out the insoles before washing and make sure you don’t overstuff the machine for optimal results since too much agitation can cause damage.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your Kizik Shoes looking as good as new!

using a mesh wash bag to protect lace-ups

Step-by-Step Instructions for Machine Washing Your Kizik Shoes

1. Check the Care Label

The first step in machine washing your Kizik shoes is to check the care label. The care label will tell you what type of fabric your shoes are made from and what kind of detergent you should use. You should also pay attention to the water temperature that is recommended for washing your shoes.

2. Pre-Treat Any Stains

If there are any stains on your shoes, you should pre-treat them before washing them. To pre-treat, a stain, apply a small amount of stain remover to a clean cloth and rub it into the stain. Let the stain remover sit for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.

3. Place Your Shoes in A Mesh Laundry Bag

Once you have checked the care label and pre-treated any stains, you can place your shoes in a mesh laundry bag. This will help to protect your shoes from getting damaged in the washing machine.

4. Set Your Washing Machine to The Delicate Cycle

When you are ready to wash your shoes, set your washing machine to the delicate cycle. This cycle is typically shorter than other cycles and uses less water and detergent, which is ideal for delicate items like shoes.

set your washing 
to the delicate 

5. Hang Your Shoes to Dry

After your shoes have been washed, hang them up to dry. Do not put them in the dryer, as this can damage the fabric or cause them to shrink. Let your shoe air dry in a cool, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

Maintenance Tips After Machine Washing Your Kizik Shoes

Taking care of your Kizik shoes doesn’t need to be complicated. After the initial machine wash, gently scrub the outsoles with a light detergent, then allow them to air dry fully before wearing them again.

Cleaning the insoles regularly with warm water and a damp cloth will help keep your shoes fresh. However, be sure not to submerge your shoes completely in water or apply heat of any kind.

If your shoes become wet or wade through mud, simply wipe them off, and air dries them as needed. Following these easy maintenance tips will ensure your Kizik shoes last long-term and remain comfortable one step at a time!

Possible Drawbacks of Machine Washing Your Kizik Shoes

Many people are switching to machine-washing their Kizik shoes for convenience. However, while this method can be useful in certain circumstances, it can result in some drawbacks, such as ruining the fabric or stitching of your shoe.

Additionally, if you use an incorrect setting on the washer or dryer, your shoes may not fit as well when they come out of the wash and may even be a slightly different color.

Although some people find machine washing their Kizik shoes to be time-saving and cost-efficient, caution should still be used to ensure that their shoes remain in optimal shape.

Can You Put Suede Kizik Shoes in The Washing Machine?

Many people are fans of Kizik shoes for their superior comfort and design. The company even offers a range of suede styles, the perfect blend of style and comfort.

Unfortunately, washing these suede shoes in the washing machine could potentially ruin them due to the delicate nature of suede. You should clean these shoes only with a water-based cleaning agent and a soft cloth while scrubbing gently to prevent damage and ensure they look as good as new.

Washing suede Kizik shoes in the machine is not recommended, but if you must do it, be sure to check your specific shoe’s care instructions before doing so.

Does Putting Leather Kizik Shoes in The Washer Reduce Their Life Span?

Many people may be tempted to throw their Leather Kizik Shoes in the washer due to busy lifestyles and limited time for proper cleaning. However, while this may seem like a super convenient way to get your shoes spick and span, it is not recommended, as repeated washing can significantly reduce the lifespan of these shoes.

Leather Kizik Shoes are especially vulnerable since the material is not hardy enough to withstand vigorous washing cycles, which makes it prone to breaking and cracking down with time.

Therefore, for long-term use, it’s best to stick to spot cleaning with warm water or get professional advice on how best to preserve the life span of your shoes.

Leather Kizik Shoes are especially vulnerable

Is It Safe to Tumble Dry Your Kizzick’s Shoes After Machine Wash?

Kizzick’s shoes can be dried in a tumble dryer after machine washing. However, it is important to take some precautions. Heat can damage the materials used to make Kizzick’s shoes, so a low-heat setting should always be used.

Additionally, an extra rinse should be used before drying if using fabric softener in the wash cycle to ensure that no residue is left on the shoe. It’s also best to only put one or two pairs of shoes in the tumble dryer at once and avoid overstuffing it as this could cause damage to the shoe.

Finally, for best results, pair these safety steps with periodic inspections of your shoes for signs of damage to keep them in tip-top shape!


In conclusion, it’s best not to machine wash your Kizik shoes unless specified by the manufacturer’s instructions that came with them. However, with proper care and maintenance techniques, such as spot-cleaning any stains and treating them regularly with protective sprays or treatments, you can keep your Kizik shoes looking new for years to come!

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, we recommend sending your pair off for professional cleaning every few months –– just make sure you check with us first before doing so!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of wearing comfortable yet stylish Kizik footwear without having to worry about damaging them in the process! Thanks for reading our post about are kizik shoes machine washable.

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