4 Best Shoes For Athlete’s Foot To Give You Optimal Breathability and Comfort

DATE: June 4, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you know about fungal foot infections, you would know what an athlete’s foot is. This contagious infection starts developing on the feet, between the creases of your toes as cracked, red, and peeling skin. 

From there, if left uncontrolled and untreated, this may spread to the rest of such areas of your body, behind the knees, in front of the elbows, between your fingers, etc. So what’s the fix?

You can get yourself the best shoes for an athlete’s foot for this. Whether you are an athlete or not, if you engage in high-activity training and workout and if you share showers and locker rooms with people infected with this disease, chances are, you will face the consequences. 

So let’s learn the details of how good shoes can be a starting point of preventing this disease for good!

4 Best Shoes For Athlete’s Foot

Below are the reviews on 4 shoes that let you find the best one for your feet.

Top Pick
WXQ Men's Fashion Sneakers.

WXQ Men’s Fashion Sneakers

  • Features an outsole made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and has an upper made of knit fabric.
  • Has a reduced weight for the EVA outsole that makes the shoe both odorless and tough.
  • Made of an elastic shoe mouth design that hugs the ankle snugly for a great fit.
  • No shoelace is present here as this is a slip-on shoe.
  • Versatile shoe for daily wear, walking or running without causing foot infections.

The first one on the list is from WXQ. An extreme fan favorite for being both casual and sporty, this mesh sneaker can sustain your stroll in parks and intensive workouts in the summer, claiming the position as the best summer shoes for Athlete’s Foot.

The shoes are known for the comfort and the availability of roomy insides if you are someone with wide feet. Despite being comfortable to wear and making you feel as if you have no shoes on, the sole is pretty tough and sturdy and can sustain enough impact for you without hurting your feet.

It has a lightweight design for EVA construction. So you can wear it for long without feeling the burden of the shoe in your knees and ankles. Overall, these shoes make walking noiseless, and the superior breathability prevents the buildup of bacteria from sweat, giving you an infection-free foot inside.

Runners Up
UUBARIS Women's Running Sneaker

UUBARIS Women’s Running Sneaker

  • Features an elastic mesh design in the upper of the shoes.
  • Contoured and narrow overall fit urges you to opt for smaller sizes compared to most shoes.
  • Includes a uniquely made low-heel design that provides arch support to sports enthusiasts.
  • Has the outsole of the shoes as made of ultra lightweight and soft MD material.
  • Includes a tongue with an integrated collar inside with a low-cut silhouette.

Featuring a more athletic yet fashionable design for the Women compared to the Men’s WXQ Fashion Sneakers, here is a pair that is more elastic and more suitable for those with a narrower foot.

What makes this pair one of the best breathable shoes for Athlete’s Foot? 

It’s in construction. Made to be a running shoe primarily, this shoe already has sufficient shock-absorbing cushioning with enough traction and durability to sustain impacts. 

Add to this the softness and ventilation from the elastic mesh upper and breathable cotton insole, and you will understand why it is so skin-friendly.

And as for the fit, it feels like walking barefoot! Whether you are hiking, bike riding, jogging, or doing a workout session in the gym, these shoes are great to keep the ladies’ feet free from athlete’s feet.

3rd Pick
Nautica Kids Girls' Fashion Sneaker.

Nautica Kids Girls’ Fashion Sneaker

  • Features a rubber, non-skid sole for the kids, both male and female.
  • Comes with soft padding that makes the shoe comfortable to wear.
  • The insole is padded with the cushioning present in the footbed too.
  • The overall lightweight design of the sneakers makes them easy to wear.
  • It is available in a wide range of colors and designs for the kids to pick from.

Here’s one for the kids! Nautica specializes in making jogger sneakers for kids, but how good is it when you need to make sure that your kids aren’t getting Athlete’s Foot from their congested feet in poorly designed shoes? Let’s take a look at its features.

Kids’ shoes need to be of a timeless design that can fit any occasion, any outfit, and go with any place they like to strut in without hurting their feet. 

Be it energetic, jumpy kids who are always in the playground or the quiet reader kid that spends most of his hours in the library corner, it is important that their feet are protected from fungal infection from long wear and all-day playtime.

This is why this kid’s shoe features soft padding, decent breathability, and a wear-resistant sole hat that makes sure that no matter what your kid engages in, the feet are supported and cushioned for good.

4th Pick
L-RUN Athletic Hiking Shoes for Men and Women.

L-RUN Athletic Hiking Shoes for Men and Women 

  • Features an upper made of fine stretch material which dries quickly and is flexible.
  • Has elastic band shoelaces that can be removed and adjusted for comfort.
  • The rubber outsole of the shoe is made anti-slip to prevent tripping.
  • Great for swimming, beach volleyball, yoga, or exercises at the gym.
  • A high-quality style that is flexible and feels like wearing socks.

A shoe that suits both men and women, the L-Run Athletic is more popular than both the  WXQ Fashion Sneakers for men and the UUBARIS Women’s Running Sneaker for women. This shoe is a complete balance between the two and is great for swim walking.

Those who sweat a lot will appreciate the breathability and moisture-wicking technology in this shoe. The upper is stretchable, breathable and the shoe is ultralight, allowing you to drain any moisture quickly and allowing cross-ventilation in favor of fungal infection prevention for the wearer.

It is also convenient to wear, and the outsole allows you to save yourself in slippery conditions. At the same time, the honeycomb structure on the insole also protects your feet from getting hurt, thus preventing fungal injection from sweat and other infections from natural elements as well.

What Is an Athlete’s Foot?

fungal infection Foot
This is a fungal infection foot that is called Athlete’s foot

An athlete’s foot is a fungal infection. When you have this infection, you develop itchy feet that may or may not be painful and can be peeling, red, and dry at the same time. 

It can occur between the toes of your foot or on your soles, or to the sides of your feet.

When it spreads to your toenails, it can cause chronic fungal infections. And when you touch these with your fingers or scratch this place and use the same fingers somewhere else on your body, it can spread to other parts of the body. Learn more about fungal infection foot

Causes of Athlete’s Foot

When your feet inside your shoes are moist and warm, that is a good breeding place for an Athlete’s Foot. If you are an active person who is engaged in a lot of movements, chances are you sweat more than an average person, even through your feet. 

Again, those who train at the gym every day are also prone to building dampness in your shoes from which fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot can arise. read more about symptoms

This is a Way to Buy an Athlete’s Shoes

This is a Way to Buy an Athlete’s Shoes

To choose the proper footwear for Athlete’s Foot prevention, here’s what you can do:

Wear Non-Restrictive Shoes

Shoes that bind your feet tightly are also those that cause your toes to cramp up together. This prevents the moisture and the buildup of heat inside from not being able to escape or evaporate. 

Since this cannot then dissipate from your shoes, the moisture remains in the shoe in the toe box area and keeps building up in between toes. 

This creates a warm environment between toes, damp too, which becomes the perfect breeding ground for the fungus. If you have naturally sweaty feet, you should look for shoes that are highly breathable.

Have Extra Room

During summer, and especially for those whose feet keep sweating all year round, having an extra roomy shoe always helps. One, it accommodates the natural swelling of your feet that happens as the day passes. 

And two, it gives the moisture inside the room to escape. During colder months, this extra-roomy shoe also helps by acting as insulation to allow heat buildup and keep your feet warm enough without sweating up. However, in the latter case, you would also need to wear socks.

Choose Breathable Footwear

Make sure that your shoes are high-quality ones that are also breathable. The uppers of your shoes should be made of non-synthetic materials. When you select materials like mesh, canvas, or leather in your upper, it grants you more breathability. 

For shoes that you train in or need to stand long hours in, those should have moisture-wicking linings. 

This will help reduce the risk of Athlete’s Foot development in your toenails. Make sure that they come with internal waterproofing membranes that can help seal water from rain or snow out of the boots from entering yet still allow evaporation of built-up moisture, sweat, or dampness. 

This comes when you pick the best sandals for an athlete’s foot that are airy and breathable as well as weatherproof.

Measure Well

If you want to really make sure that your shoes have enough room, which can eventually help you prevent Athlete’s Foot, then you have to have your feet professionally measured for each pair of new shoes that you get. 

Shoe sizes can be different across brands, and hence you may be a size smaller or larger in the other brand, and you will never know it unless you have your shoes measured professionally. They might use a Brannock to determine the length, width, and arch support for your shoes.


What shoes should I be wearing if I have Athlete’s Foot or want to prevent it?

You can wear breathable shoes, flip-flops, or sandals. Especially if you walk around gym pools, locker areas, and/or visit locker rooms and hotel rooms that others have used, the virus can spread from a potentially infected individual.

Do I need to throw away my old shoes if I have an athlete’s foot?

No. Don’t throw away old shoes or share them with someone else. Instead, disinfect your shoes to prevent the further spread of the infection.

How do I disinfect shoes from the athlete’s foot?

Use a UV shoe sanitizer or a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This will get rid of the fungus for you and prevent its growth.

What happens to an untreated Athlete’s foot infection?

Untreated Athletic fungal infections can spread to other areas of your body through touch or your blankets, socks, etc. Although it is rare to have a severe spread, it is still worth preventing in the first place.

Final words

The best way to keep your feet safe from being inflicted with an athlete’s foot is to get yourself the best shoes for an athlete’s foot that promote breathability, comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. You can try the  WXQ Fashion Sneakers for men and the UUBARIS Women’s Running Sneaker for women, or even the Nautica Fashion Sneaker for kids. 

Once you have the right shoes, you will need to keep your feet dry and always air them out after you wear them outdoors, no matter what duration you wear them for. 

Also, try to remove the insoles if they are removable for a thorough airing out and letting out in the sun that gets rid of the breeding fungus. 

If you are wearing your shoes on a daily basis, it would be wiser to have your shoes cleaned once a week with required cleansing solutions and thus prevent the buildup of the foot fungus entirely.

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