Are Sanuk Shoes Good and Comfortable?

Recently, the Sanuk sneakers are getting massive attention because of their authentic nature, well-making, comfortability, and offering a wide range of feelings.

You can easily wash your Sanuk footbed in your automatic washing machine using the cold setting. That’s one of the top reasons for the Sanuk sneaker’s obtaining such popularity worldwide.

But are Sanuk shoes good for walking? Although it’s slightly tricky to answer, you must learn and understand it.

With the soft and well-cushioning, the Sanuk shoes are undoubtedly comfortable for walking. If your family is on a trip, you must be amazed by the Sanuk shoes’ quality when you’ll need lots of walking.

The Sanuk shoes are helpful for regular walkers, even the runners. Nevertheless, the shoe can’t go everywhere with you, so we gave short briefs below regarding where you can use the Sanuks and where not!

Are Sanuk Shoes Good for Walking?

When you’re hunting for walking shoes, the ” Sanuk ” brand must come to your sight. The brand produces stylish shoes for different occasions, but are Sanuk shoes good for walking?

Walking is a minor activity that you can efficiently perform with the Sanuk shoes. Alternatively, the shoes from the Sanuk brand are good and comfortable for walking.

When you get a comfortable pair of shoes, like Sanuk, you shouldn’t worry about walking long distances. Nevertheless, not all Sanuk sneakers are suitable for walking.

Although you can walk both with the Sanuk shoes and sandals, you mustn’t use the Sanuk sandals for long-distance walking. The Sanuk Sandals are incompatible with use for long-time walking and camping.

Anyway, you can use the Sanuk boots for walking long distances, but they’re also preferred to use occasionally. Otherwise, the outer layer of the Sanuk shoes might get damaged faster.

Are Sanuks Good for Hiking?

The Sanuk shoes are comfortable for casual wearing. But, when it comes to hiking or surfing, some recommend using them without any worry, and some forbid using them.

But, honestly speaking, the Sanuk shoes aren’t really inappropriate for camping, surfing, or hanging out. So, when you’re running for a long-distance tour, the Sanuk shoes can become your best friend.

The Sanuk Shoes provide great relaxation when you’re hanging out with the thin design. Furthermore, you can easily climb the high mountains and track the hills due to the shoe’s slender design.

Are Sanuks Good for Wide Feet?

The Sanuk shoes don’t run true to size to the wider feet, but still, they’re suitable for wider feet. If you’ve wider feet, you shouldn’t face difficulties when using the Sanuk Sandals.

But, when it comes to the Sanuk Boots, you have to buy a size larger than your feet to ensure adjustability. If your foot size is 7, you have to consider the size 8 of the Sanuk shoes for your wider feet.

Still, you mightn’t find the shoes curvy enough according to your feet. You’ll get comfortable in the shoes with their gentle arch supporting the well-cushioning.

Possibly that’s why lots of customers with wider feet have given their positive reviews regarding the Sanuk shoes.

Are Sanuks Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

People suffering from plantar fasciitis must know how difficult it’s to overcome the problem.

If you’re looking for supportive shoes for reducing your Plantar Fasciitis, you must think about the Sanuk shoes. The Sanuk shoes feature a strap for supporting your feet and allows to move feet naturally.

Moreover, the Sanuk keeps your feet warm during the winter and from the hard surfaces. That’s also important for reducing the plantar fasciitis in your feet, but the reaction doesn’t last-long.

You must select shoes with extra cushioning for long-time support to your feet for plantar fasciitis.

Are Sanuks Heal Arch Pain?

Although the Sanuk shoes offer protection from hard surfaces, they’re not so good for healing your arch pain. The minimalistic design of the boots includes a thin sole but no extra cushioning. Therefore, the shoes aren’t so obedient to heal your arch pain.

So, if you want to invest in shoes, particularly for your arch pain, don’t do it. It won’t work!

You might get relief sometimes, but the Sanuk Shoes for a long-time. Consequently, after some time of starting your long walk, you’ll begin to feel the same pain again.


Are Sanuk Shoes Supportive?

The visually appealing Sanuk shoes are lightweight and feature a minimalistic design. The minimalistic design with orthotic properties offers outstanding support to your foot muscles.
That means the Sanuk shoes are supportive if you can select the appropriate size for your feet.

Should You Size Up or Down in Sanuk?

Whether you should size up or down depends on the adjustability of the Sanuk shoes on your feet. The Sanuk shoes run true to their size, although some customers complain the shoes are slightly small.
So, if you’re in doubt, your shoe might get smaller; you can size up your Sanuk shoes.

Can You Wear Sanuk Shoes on Hard Surfaces?

Despite having gel-like cushioning, the Sanuk shoes are unsuitable for walking on hard surfaces. It’s because of the shoe’s thin sole that doesn’t offer proper support underneath your feet.

Can You Wear Sanuks in Rain?

The Sanuks are leather-style shoes, and the leather shoes aren’t protective against moisture. So, if you wear Sanuks in the rain, they would get wet and damaged by the water.

Should You Wear Sanuks Without Socks?

The Sanuk shoes include antimicrobial additives besides having a thin texture. The antimicrobial additives might get harmful to your skin and cause an odor when wearing the shoes for a long time.
So, we recommend using the Sanuk shoes with the socks compulsorily. If you want to use your shoes sockless, you can consider the Sanuk sandals.

The Sum Up!

Everyone has their respective walking styles, so their choice of the best walking shoes is also different. But, are Sanuk shoes good for walking – when someone asks, you should learn that it depends on your walking style and comfortability.

If you’re comfortable with shoes with less cushioning and thin soles, the Sanuk shoes are suitable to choose from. Otherwise, you should move forward to the shoes with extra cushioning and thick soles.

Furthermore, when you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or arch pain, you better look for the extra cushion in your shoes.

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