Do I Sleep with My Walking Boot On? Dig Out the Truth to Get Well Soon!

DATE: July 2, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you currently putting on a walking boot to recover from a fracture? Then you must be careful while walking or doing favorable activities with it. Then you have to follow the rules and advice of your doctor or experts, even while sleeping.

Do I sleep with my walking not on? You must put the walking boot on even while sleeping in case you wish to get well soon. As walking boots help the fractured part get back to its normal shape early, the longer you keep them on, the better result they will return to you.

Though it would be uneasy or disturbing to have a sound sleep with the boot, you have no alternative to bear the pain to recover ASAP.

But prior to all, you need to know how to wear the boot and how you have to deal with it on the bed and elsewhere as well. Proceed on with your sincere study of this guideline to get all the ins and outs here!

Do I Sleep with My Walking Boot On?

When the fracture or strain is severe, you must put a walking boot on to expedite the recovery. The straightforward answer is- Yes, you can and should wear a walking boot while sleeping. You must not take it off for multiple causes. 

Firstly, you wear this boot to prevent the fracture from deteriorating further. The well-balanced structure of the shoe helps you get well soon without danger

Particularly when you are out of control while sleeping, the straps and other parts of the boot keep the balance and protect you from any unwanted problem.

In case you are at the beginning stage of wearing this boot, you must wear it as long as possible. You cannot even take a shower during the first few days. 

Only after 5 to 7 days or even longer can you take it off while bathing. Though the leg then needs to be covered in something so that it doesn’t get wet.

Once you take this boot, you need to know, more importantly, when and how long to wear it, when and under which circumstances you can take it off, how you can take care of the outfit to increase its longevity, etc.

As the boot requires to be worn systematically, this study attempted to find out the crucial matters you need to know. Don’t miss reading the following things to grasp the best of a walking boot and get well in no time!

How to Sleep With a Boot on My Foot?

As you have almost no control while sleeping, you must wear a walking boot then to ensure safety and recovery. Certainly, it’s tough to keep such a boot on ceaselessly. That’s why you need to follow some techniques to make its wearing always less pain-striking.

Before you go to bed, take the boot off for an hour. This will give you some relaxation to put it on the entire sleeping time. Then wear it again and go for a safe and sound sleep.

In case you feel too tight with the boot, you can loosen the straps a bit. This will increase the breathability and enable you to wear it longer.

Your positions while sleeping influence things greatly. When wearing a walking boot, you must get the most comfortable side. You can try sleeping on the back. This will allow you to keep

Can I Sleep Without My Boot After Ankle Surgery?

The severity of the fracture sometimes may lay you on the surgery bed. Then the urgency for wearing a walking boot becomes more crucial.

Just after the surgery, the fracture or strain goes through the most critical stage. During this time, you must be careful to avoid any odd consequences. That’s why the experts advise you to wear a walking boot, especially while you sleep.

Can a Walking Boot Make an Injury Worse?

In case you wear it carefully and systematically, a walking boot should never hurt you or worsen the injury.

As mentioned earlier, you must be careful when sleeping. You have to prefer a comfortable side, too. At the same time, don’t try to walk a long time, or take off the boot too frequently, especially during the early stage.

If you can ensure these things, a walking boot must help you improve the injury in a quick time.

Things That Deserve Your Sincere Consideration

Unless you put on a walking boot while maintaining its rules, it might cause extremely unwanted consequences. So, never forget to ensure these following issues.

First of all, make sure that the boot fits your foot perfectly. In case it is tight, it will hurt you bitterly. Again, a loose one won’t allow you to walk comfortably. Besides, you must tie the boot properly to ensure the best service from this special shoe.

While going up or downstairs, you must be careful. If possible, use a walker. If not, at least take a stick so that you can avoid utter fallings. Whether climbing up or down, walk slowly- step by step.

  In case the strain is severe, besides the boot, you should take a walker. This will help you do the regular exercise and other favorable activities comfortably and get well soon.

  Try to keep your body, especially the affected foot, dry and clean. When you are at the primary level, don’t take even a shower, if possible.

Despite all the uneasiness, don’t take the boot off too often. This would deteriorate the fracture terribly. While walking or sleeping, try not to move too much to delay the recovery.

In case you find any discrepancies, consult the experts immediately. Before taking the boot out finally, talk to your doctor. Don’t apply anything without the doctor’s advice.

You mustn’t be happy to walk with a fractured leg for months. Then you have no alternative to following these above-mentioned preconditions properly.

Can a Walking Boot Cut Off Circulation?

Depending on how the boot fits your foot or how you tie it, a walking boot sometimes can cut off blood circulation. How disappointing and intolerable it will be!

To avoid this situation, you should never go for a tight boot. Besides hampering the circulation, such boots can hurt the toes dangerously and worsen the fracture. 

So, make everything sure by tightening the straps, allowing enough space for airflow. This will help you wear the boot as long as you need, posing you no threats or disturbances.

Final Thought

So, this guideline tried to solve all your queries regarding when you should and shouldn’t wear a walking boot. Do I sleep with my walking boot on? For exaggerating the recovery, you must wear this boot, particularly while lying on the bed.

A walking boot can save the strained foot from further deterioration. Moreover, it helps join the fracture and get back to its normal position by the expected time. 

As you have almost no control over the feet while sleeping, you might then harm the fracture by uncontrolled moves. Then this boot can save you from any uncertainty.

At the same time, you must keep the boot always dry, put it on as long as possible, and follow other rules strictly.

How do you feel now about wearing a walking boot?

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