Are Sperrys Non-Slip? Take These Peppy Shoes!

Sperry Top-Sider, the stylish moccasin construction with premium natural leather, has been in harmony with people’s sense of style for decades. Be it summer or spring; their retro appeal made it a staple fashion wear for many!

Even for the workplace, many prefer these classy shoes. They are breathable, comfortable, and flexible, along with being sophisticated, so why not?

Now, if you are someone who works in the medical or food service sectors, you’ll want your shoes to resist slipping and falling on slick terrain. So, is Sperry non-slip enough?

Of course, they are non-slip too. The wave-patterned outsoles contribute much to providing enough grip on all kinds of surfaces. Also, the shape of the outsole contributes to tractions.

If you have decided to choose Sperry shoes to provide you grip, there are some more things you need to consider, like, if they are comfortable to walk in, if you should wear socks with them, and more.

Let’s talk in detail.

Are Sperrys non-slip?

Are Sperrys non-slip?

Yes, Sperrys are absolutely slip-resistant. In fact, the iconic Sperry Top-Sider shoes were invented for the purpose of preventing slipping on smooth slick surfaces.

The shoes’ were originally invented with a 360-degree lace-up system to prevent the boots from sliding off and a patterned sole that would grip the surface without creating scuff marks. You’ll find these traits in modern shoes, too, with the addition of vintage and sophisticated look!

To give you an incredible grip, Sperry’s outsoles have wavelets and deeper patterns that channel the water out of the soles. Also, to keep your feet relaxed, open-cell foam ortholite insoles are included in the construction. These insoles are thin, and though it might seem they lack support, the insoles actually give you the perfect comfort level.

Not only that, but they also take care of your feet and ensure it gets proper ventilation, so a breathable mesh surrounds the upper.

The Sperry Top-Sider is still amongst the best non-slip shoes even after more than 80 years of its invention, thanks to the superior traction it provides on both dry and wet terrains.

How to tell if your shoes are non-slip?

The key feature that distinguishes non-slip shoes from typical casual shoes is their synthetic anti-skid rubber sole, the smaller tread pattern, the grooves, and the bottom. They all contribute together to offer you superior traction.

The first thing you want to do is to check the packaging of your shoes. It’s generally indicated in the product description whether a shoe is slip-resistant or not, which is the best way to confirm such.

Checking out the outsole of your shoes is another way to verify the slip-resistant feature in your shoes. You need a strong, slightly rounded EVA rubber outsole that can stick to the ground. Remember to opt for rounded-side soles because of the fact that flat-edge soles might keep fluid like water or mud within the shoe trapped.

There will be a particular tread on shoes that are oil- or slip-resistant; the patterns are usually circular or hexagonal. For preventing slipping, more of the smaller patterns are preferable to fewer of the larger ones. 

Also, search for grooves in your shoes. Water can channel out from under the sole of flexible soles with grooves, making them less prone to trap it and cause slips and falls.

Are Sperry Shoes Good For Walking?

Yes, Sperrys are good for walking. Whether you want to walk down the street, in the backyard, or even in your office, these shoes are just fine. 

Are Sperry Shoes Good For Walking?

They have natural leather construction, with a breathable upper, a super flexible outsole, and an easy slip-on feature, which makes them perfect for both kids and adults on the go. And their signature non-marking outsole gives you just the perfect amount of traction. Also, for your comfort, they offer a padded footbed and a water-resistant coating.

But they shouldn’t be worn for walking during hikes since they lack ankle support and the traction required for rocky terrain.

Do you wear socks with Sperry shoes?

It comes down to your personal preference whether you should wear socks with Sperry shoes or not. However, for extra comfort and your personal health, wearing socks with Sperrys is thought to be good.

Your feet will be less prone to hotspots or blisters because of the additional layer of material between your skin and the leather of the shoes. Also, the socks will extend the durability of the shoes by preventing sweat from peeling the inside of the shoe through moisture. 

You can go with mid-length or no-show socks to maintain the casual look of the shoes.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have got the answer to whether Sperrys are non-slip and if they are suitable for your purpose. Before ending today’s topic, here are a few tips on your Sperrys.

Though they provide a good grip against wet terrain, they are not waterproof. Therefore they won’t keep your feet dry on the water. They are water-friendly, though; both the shoe and your feet will dry without any damage if they become wet. 

And next, for cleaning and caring for your shoes. You need to keep in mind that leather shouldn’t be handled the same way as normal shoes. It’s not recommended to wash them only in water; instead, you can use a leather cleaner to get rid of filth and stains. That will aid in keeping the leather moist.

It can take you some time to seek the ideal slip-resistant Sperry shoes. But it is worth it!

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