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DATE: May 13, 2022

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Do you find yourself struggling to decide which size of boot you should go for? You must know it’s not only your problem to be in a fix while buying boots following the very size of their shoes!

Are boot sizes the same as shoe sizes? Yes and No. The size may be similar for some people. Again, differences or similarities between boot and shoe sizes depend on some issues. 

For example, sizes may be different based on the way they are measured. Brand is also another cause for it. Different brands follow different measurements, which results in differences in sizes between footwear like boots, shoes, sneakers, crocs, and others. Don’t forget the roles of weathers and places as well.

In case you feel interested in knowing more about this tricky matter, the following authentic findings of our experts must satisfy your hunger.

Are Boot Sizes The Same As Shoe Sizes?

Are Boot Sizes The Same As Shoe Sizes?

Rarely can you find two pairs of boots and shoes of the same size that fit you perfectly. This is because in most cases boots sizes are not the same as shoes.

So, are boot sizes bigger than shoe sizes? They are indeed, but not absolute for always. Boot sizes may be bigger because they are heavier for being made from more materials compared to other types of footwear.

Weather conditions highly influence the measurement too. In winter, it becomes mandatory to wear extra pairs of socks to keep the feet protected from the harsh cold. So, it may need a half, or an inch extra room in the toe box of your boot.

Sometimes the manufacturers themselves make things tricky for the common wearers to determine the size-puzzle of boots and shoes.

Are Boot Sizes The Same As Shoe Sizes? The answer might be no, too. The same producer may measure their own boots and shoes in different categories. Consequently, a size 10 boot and a shoe of the same size of the same brand may not be equal all the time.

So, as you can’t avoid so many matters, you have no way of ignoring these differences between boot and shoe sizing.

How Do You Know Your Boot Size?

Are you one of those who don’t know what exactly their boot sizes are? Then you must know your size to avoid any cheats and buying smaller or bigger sizes online

Here’s the easiest technique to weigh up your boot size.

First, make sure that you have the following materials.

  • Measuring tape
  • A pen or pencil
  • A hard paper, of course, larger than your foot
  • Socks 

The first activity you need to carry out is wearing socks. Place the paper on a plain surface. Then put any of your feet on the paper making sure that both the heel and the forefoot are inside the paper.

Now, take the pen or pencil and mark the outer part of your forefoot, toes, and heel. Measure the distance between your heel and the toes to find the highest distance. For some people, the longest distance is found between the heel and the big toe, while the index for others.

Your job is half done. Now, wrap the tape centering the widest part of the foot to measure the width of the foot.

Follow this same process to measure the other foot.

This is your foot size. Now, add 1 inch to this size to buy the perfect size boots. If you find taking these materials boring or time-consuming, you can take a Brannock device to make things easy and quick.

A Comparison Chart of Shoe Sizing In Countries

With the ample differences of all things from country to country, the way and criteria for measuring footwear also differ in places. Here is a comparison chart of shoe sizes in various countries and continents for your better understanding. How peculiarly sizes vary in different places!


Should Your Toes Touch The End Of Your Boots or Shoes?

The answer is a big NO for both items. You must remember that whatever you wear, they must fit properly. Otherwise, you can never enjoy walking, working, running, and whatever you do.

Wearing unfit shoes or boots, you may easily suffer from blackened toenails. Besides, the toes and feet may feel intolerable pain. Sometimes too tight footwear can blockade natural blood flow.

All these unwanted consequences make it urgent to select boots or shoes that allow a minimum space inside to move the toes free.

Is It Better To Buy Boots Bigger Or Smaller?

Is It Better To Buy Boots Bigger Or Smaller?

Whether you should buy bigger boots depends solely on the weather conditions around you. But smaller shoes are never encouraged.

You won’t need to wear socks all the time in summer. Even if you do, they must be soft and thin. So, during these days, you can go for the accurate size.

On the other hand, the shivering cold of winter changes the necessity. Then you need to wear double socks to keep your feet warm. These extra socks make it undeniable for you to pick a bigger pair of boots.

Are boots the same size as shoes? You rather put on the boots physically and find out if there are any differences.

Final Thought

As you’ve seen, we precisely discussed the related points to boot and shoe sizes. Are Boot Sizes The Same As Shoe Sizes? In most cases, the reply is NO. Different matters that impact the sizing process are responsible for this negative answer.

First of all, as different brands follow different ways to size their boots and shoes, a pair of boots may be bigger or smaller than the shoes with the same tag. Varying weather conditions also have an impact. In winter, as you insert more socks, the same boots may become smaller in practical use.

Similarly, sizes change in countries, too. As you see, like brands, countries use different numbers to measure up the same size. As a result, the same boots or shoes which are size 8 in the US are counted 7 on the other side of the Atlantic.

Again, depending on the weather, you should buy smaller or bigger boots. But make sure that your toes get enough room to move easily even after wearing an extra pair of socks.

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