10 Best Shoes For Driving Manual Vehicles That Deliver Undiluted Feel On The Pedal

DATE: November 21, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Driving a manual vehicle is surely a challenging job, to some extent tedious too. Because you need to step on the pedals to speed the vehicle up or down. 

That being said, you must be sure-footed while you are sitting behind the wheels. Only a good pair of shoes can let you sense the pedals better and operate the car smoothly. 

Unlike an automatic one, the gear will not switch back and forth here when you accelerate or decelerate. You have to make it happen by pressuring the pedals. 

Of course, your regular running shoes will not work in that case. You need thinner soled footwear with more flexibility and grip to experience a greater pedal feel. 

On that note, we selected the ten best shoes for driving manual cars below. Check them out to make a better buy.

Best Shoes for Driving Manual to Offer a Challenge

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on a mediocre pair of driving shoes, we request you to check our review first. Rest assured that it will help you choose your footwear more wisely. 

So, let’s dig in!

1. Most Durable- Go Tour Men’s Premium Leather Slip-On Loafers

Let’s start our search with a genuine pair of leather from the very popular brand, Go Tour. When it comes to a driving shoe, you can never go wrong with any of their products. 

The core specifications it is designed with are-

Top Pick
Go Tour Men's Premium Leather Slip-On Loafers

Go Tour Men’s Premium Leather Slip-On Loafers

  • Made of 100% leather
  • Super comfortable rubber sole
  • Lightweight and flexible architecture 
  • Quick and easy slip-on design
  • Reliable rubber outsole with optimum traction

If you prefer both comfort and style in one pair of shoes, you should not miss this versatile pair of slip-on shoes in any way. 

Being engineered with the handmade rubber outsole, you can drive with confidence in any terrain. 

In addition, the flexible architecture makes it a perfect choice both as a slipper or a driving shoe.

Also, these are available in a wide variety of colors. So, you can choose based on your taste.

And the manufacturers boast of the quality control in each sector of the manufacturing process to make the loafers perennial. No wonder they last really long without any wear or tear.

Overall, it’s a very good pair of loafers with a premium leather upper. You will definitely love the detailing with a sleek finish. So, go for it right away!

2. Most Stylish- Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin

Next comes the most stylish pair of driving shoes from Cole Haan, the name never disappoints the fashion footwear lovers. Let’s get straight into its key features first.

Runners Up
Cole Haan Men's Gunnison Driver Moccasin

Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin

  • Made of 100% genuine leather 
  • Sturdy rubber sole with maximum grip
  • Simple and comfortable design
  • Features classic moccasin for a cushioned insole
  • The rubber treads on the heel keep you sure-footed behind the wheel

Talking about these Cole Haan driving shoes for men, first, we need to admit that they are extremely stylish. 

Whether you use it as a casual driving shoe or as party wear, the elegant outlook will absolutely seal the deal. Just pair it up with jeans or chinos and you are ready to step out.

Moreover, we loved how simply they engineered those rubber treads on the sole and the heel for added security. 

Although they feel a bit stiff at the beginning, give them the break-in period and they will fit absolutely true to size. 

Above all, you will love all those exclusive detailings of these shoes such as the rugged and rigorous upper or the flexible heel protector.

However, they are high-end shoes compared to regular driving footwear. So, you better be forewarned.

Though the high price tag is paid off by its comfort and convenience! 

3. Most Comfortable- Cole Haan Women’s Evelyn Driving Shoes

In third place, we have another pair from Cole Haan, but for women. The key benefits it comes with are as follows-

3rd Pick
Cole Haan Women's Evelyn Driving Shoes

Cole Haan Women’s Evelyn Driving Shoes

  • A pair of comfortable everyday loafer
  • Multi rubber pod outsole for adequate grip and traction
  • Breathable footbed for more comfy wear
  • Made of 100% leather
  • Soft rubber sole for bruise-free wear

Compared to the Cole Haan Men’s Loafer, it comes way cheaper. But that doesn’t mean it compromises quality. The materials and manufacturing are pretty much the same. They are equally stylish too. 

Aside from being a comfortable driving shoe, it is also a perfect choice for casual wear. You can pair it up with any of your regular outfits. 

While switching between gears in a manual car, your foot must be on the pedals consistently. These reliable loafers bless you with the benefit of keeping you sure-footed always. 

The rigorous rubber sole offers ample traction no matter what terrain you are driving in.

Besides, you can avail of these loafers in four different eye-catching colors. Surely, that’s a big plus for any driving shoes out there. 

Overall, you cannot go wrong with this versatile driving footwear in any way. So, don’t miss it!

4. Best Breathable- Bruno Marc Driving Moccasin Penny Loafers for Men

Next on the lineup, let’s meet an irresistible Moccasin loafer for men. It is made by Bruno Marc, the name needs no introduction. 

4th Pick
Bruno Marc Driving Moccasin Penny Loafers for Men

Bruno Marc Driving Moccasin Penny Loafers for Men

  • Classic penny loafer design for easy and comfortable put on
  • 100% premium leather interior
  • Breathable insole for all day long wear
  • Made of a durable moccasin with detailed stitching
  • Very easy to clean

Although these penny loafers feature faux leather upper, they are made to last with completely leather-made interior lining. Resultantly, you get to enjoy a convenient wearing experience while driving. 

Another great add-on of these driving shoes is the EVA insole with ultimate breathability. Being sweat-absorbent, it offers dry and comfy wear. 

Therefore, we highly recommend it as one of the best shoes for driving all day.

Similar to other Moccasin loafers, it too features ingenious sewing for long-term use. That’s why it delivers timeless durability even if you use these slip-on loafers as your everyday wear.

Above all, the PVC outsole is made with optimum flexibility to drive confidently on any trail.

However, the toe design is a bit more rounded. Other than that, it’s a great deal for sure. 

5. Best Water-Resistant- Bruno Marc Men’s Bush Driving Loafers

Meet the next pair from Bruno Marc with the same amenities with a bit of different design. Let’s break down its key features below to learn more.

5th Pick
Resistant- Bruno Marc Men's Bush Driving Loafers

Bruno Marc Men’s Bush Driving Loafers

  • Lightweight and flexible loafer
  • Latex cushioned hand-crafted footbed offers more reliability 
  • Made of 100% vegan leather
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Durable water-resistant outsole 

To start with the pluses, these shoes feature an exclusive sewing process which expands their average lifespan. Besides, the latex insoles are adequately cushioned to offer a relaxed driving experience on the road.

What we loved the most about these moccasin shoes is the rugged and rigorous outsole. It features anti-slip materials to be both water and abrasion-resistant. 

Despite being a premium-category driving shoe, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Instead, it comes quite affordable compared to many high-end shoes.

Despite the positives, a slightly annoying issue is that they begin to wear off after a few months. If you prefer a more durable design, go for their penny loafers

6. Best Mobility- Lacoste Men’s Ansted Driving Style Loafer

If you are searching for a suitable pair of driving shoes for your manual car, you have definitely heard about Lacoste footwear. They are a leading name in this field and are worldwide popular for their high-quality shoes. 

Let’s check out what their exclusive driving loafer has in store to offer.

6th Pick
Lacoste Men's Ansted Driving Style Loafer

Lacoste Men’s Ansted Driving Style Loafer

  • Robust and reliable rubber sole
  • Arch to low top shaft measurement for adequate ankle support
  • Provides ultimate mobility to pivot across the pedals comfortably 
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Lightweight and comfortable architecture for day-long wear

Lacoste always prioritizes clients’ contentment and this premium driving loafer for men is no exception. Being architectured with superb craftsmanship, the shoes are extremely comfortable to wear.

On top of that, the carefully designed interior includes no such materials that will cause even a little bit of discomfort. You can trust these shoes for a bruise and blister-free ride altogether. 

And the best part is the mobility it offers. The smooth and non-elevated rubber sole doesn’t restrict your ankle to operate the pedals easily. So you can enjoy ultimate freedom behind the wheels to run the car safely. 

All things considered, these are the best shoes for driving long distances with a manual vehicle. 

7. Best on Budget- SNEKARMIN Canvas Driving Sneakers for Men

Here we have a budget-friendly pick from SNEKARMIN. Let’s look forward to what these breathable wide shoes offer.

7th Pick
SNEKARMIN Canvas Driving Sneakers for Men

SNEKARMIN Canvas Driving Sneakers for Men

  • Slip-on sneakers for easy put-on and take-off
  • Washable materials make it easy to clean 
  • Comfortable and breathable canvas upper 
  • Soft and elastic EVA sole
  • Elegant and fashionable outlook for everyday wear

Do you know what lets these slip-on sneakers make their place on our top ten list? The exclusive combination of a super stylish exterior along with a cozy interior. 

Being available in four eye-soothing colors, the sleek and flashy outlook is absolutely top-notch. Besides, the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole seals the deal with its incredible softness and cushioning. 

As a result, you can trust this pair for long-term use, be it for driving, walking, or something else. 

Similar to the Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin, you can wear them with both casual and party outfits. 

However, they run a little bigger. So, beware while choosing the accurate size. 

Aside from that, it’s really one of the best driving sneakers available at a surprisingly affordable price point. So, get this pair before it runs short!

8. Most Natural Fit- TIOSEBON Men’s Slip-On Walking and Driving Loafers

Next, we have another inexpensive driving loafer from the very well-known TIOSEBON. The prime specifications it features are pointed below.

8th Pick
TIOSEBON Men's Slip-On Walking and Driving Loafers

TIOSEBON Men’s Slip-On Walking and Driving Loafers

  • The high-rebound insole offers responsive cushioning 
  • Athletic mesh fabric upper naturally expands while walking
  • Classic slip-on style for quick and easy on/off
  • Wear-resistant rubber sole
  • Provides extra comfort with the padded heel

Honestly speaking, you should not judge the shoes by their cheap price tag. Once you practically use them, you will understand their true worth. 

They are, indeed, a convenient pair of driving shoes with all the amenities a premium shoe offers. 

For example, they feature ultra-lightweight rubber with super-responsive cushioning. Resultantly, you get a better pedal feel while driving. 

Besides, the stretchy fabric offers the most suitable fitting for any foot. As the athletic fabric upper naturally expands, you can walk more comfortably having the snuggest feeling ever. 

Most importantly, the responsive rubber sole is both wear and tear-resistant. So, they last pretty long apart from ensuring a stable grip. 

Nevertheless, it would have been great if they provided a bit of better ventilation. But this minor issue doesn’t make it a deal-breaker though!

9. Most Flexible- Vostey Casual Penny Loafers for Men

While running a manual car, flexibility is one of the most crucial features to look for in your shoes. On that note, we came with this super flexible penny loafer from Vostey. Let’s check out if this pair lives up to our expectations or not!

9th Pick
Vostey Casual Penny Loafers for Men

Vostey Casual Penny Loafers for Men

  • 100% synthetic material
  • Lightweight rubber sole
  • Fast and facile put on and take off
  • Cushioned and breathable insole
  • Ultimate friction and flexibility with the rigorous outsole

To start with the advantages, first, we want to praise the latex cushioned footbed. It literally delivers the most comfortable riding experience ever without hurting your feet. 

Next, the soft and durable outsole fills the bills by delivering stable traction and flexibility regardless of the trail. You can drive safely on any terrain without running the risk of losing balance. 

Above all, the smooth and breathable upper makes it a perfect selection for regular use. 

However, these are synthetic shoes definitely not with the top-graded stitching. So, if you are looking for better quality, try the Lacoste Men’s Ansted Driving Style Loafer instead.

10. Best Footbed- Sperry Men’s Wave Driver Venetian Loafer

Finally, we have a pair of handcrafted loafers for all the manual vehicle drivers out there. Living up to the legacy of the iconic brand Sperry, these shoes are built with the following features. 

10 Pick
Sperry Men's Wave Driver Venetian Loafer

Sperry Men’s Wave Driver Venetian Loafer

  • 100% leather material
  • Responsive rubber sole for better grip
  • Approximately arch to low top shaft measurement for sufficient ankle aid
  • Genuine handsewn craftsmanship 
  • Stain and water-resistant material expands its lifespan

The first thing to notice about these shoes is the memory foam footbed. The full-length footbed provides ample cushioning to keep your feet relaxed.

Another exclusive add-on of these Venetian loafers is the adequate arch support. Those facing ankle issues regarding inappropriate footwear can try out this pair. Undoubtedly, they would feel better. 

Besides, the genuine hand-sewn construction makes the shoes more unique. You will fall for the smooth leather finish for sure. 

However, the only issue we found is the expensive price tag which isn’t justified by its quality. You can get similar quality shoes on a more affordable budget, SNEKARMIN Canvas Driving Sneakers for Men, for instance.

Why Van Shoes Are Good for Driving?

People who are always behind the wheels usually prefer Vans the most as the most comfortable footwear. But why are Vans shoes so popular among drivers? What specialties do they offer for driving long distances? 

The key reasons behind going for Vans are-

  • They are utterly responsive on the pedals delivering an undiluted feel. You can literally feel the pedals while running the car.
  • Vans have a super versatile footwear collection for driving. They produce sneakers, loafers, casual shoes, slip-on, and whatnot. Besides, Vans make the best shoes for heel-toe driving. 
  • Driving shoes must be lightweight and thin-soled and so are Vans. Yet they are sturdy enough to last long. 
  • Being made with non-slip rubber outsoles, they make sure you remain safe while driving. 
  • Unlike an average driving shoe, Vans offer sufficient ankle support to reduce foot fatigue. Resultantly, you don’t get tired even after driving for the whole day.
  • Most importantly, they allow easy and effortless heel and toe movement for driving a manual car. That’s why Vans are the unparalleled choice for many car owners out there!

What Is the Difference Between a Loafer and a Driver?

Have you ever wondered why some shoes are called drivers? Because they are meant for driving, as simple as that. Being constructed usually with a laceless design, they are quick and easy to put on and take off. 

Usually, drivers are designed with some extra grip with unrestricted foot movement to run a vehicle smoothly. 

On the other hand, leather loafers are pretty much the same having some shared features. They are also lace-less shoes with easy slip-on and off. In fact, they never come with laces or buckles. That’s the biggest difference between these two. 

Also, loafers are considered a bit more formal compared to a driver. 

And loafers might not have rubber soles but a driver will surely have it. 

While comparing the weight, drivers are more lightweight as loafers generally come with penny bands, kilts, tassels, etc. 

In terms of versatility, loafers are way ahead as they suit a wide span of occasions. 

How to Choose the Best Driving Shoe

If you are torn apart regarding how to choose the most suitable driving shoes for your vehicle, let us lend a helping hand. Below, we narrowed down some specific features to look for in the best drivers. 

Let’s check them out.


Comfort and convenience should be your topmost priority while looking for drivers. If you don’t feel relaxed, you cannot concentrate on the steering. So, never trade off comfort for anything else. 


Always go for shoes with soft and flexible materials. Rigid shoes will only cause foot pain and blisters. So, why hurt your foot by having unnecessarily rigid materials? 

Besides, running a car requires a lot of heel-to-toe movements. So, the shoes must permit unrestricted foot shifting to pivot the pedals.

Thin and Solid Sole

On the one hand, you need thinner soles so that you get a real-time feel on the pedals. 

On the other hand, it should be sturdy enough to last long without any wear and tear. 

So, choose your footwear wisely both with thin and solid soles to have a better impact while running a vehicle. 


In the case of running a manual car, mobility is a must-have feature for the driving shoes. Otherwise, you can’t move your feet free to switch between gears in an emergency. 

Therefore, experts always advise going for responsive drivers with absolute agility.

Easy On/Off

Putting on a pair of drivers must be fast and facile. You should be able to put on and take them off at a glance just like the slip-on. 

Moreover, they must be lightweight enough not to cause any discomfort while pressuring the pedals. 


What are the best shoes for driving? 

Aside from the high-end Vans, Cole Haan, Bruno Marc, Lacoste, etc. make premium-quality driving shoes.

What type of shoes should people wear when driving for maximum safety? 

Usually, a slip-on or a loafer with adequate grip, friction, and flexibility are the best options for driving safely.

What shoes do professional drivers wear? 

Generally, professional drivers prefer thin-soled racing booties made of genuine leather upper. 

Can I wear Converse for driving? 

Absolutely yes. In fact, they are highly suggested for running both manual and automatic vehicles. 

What footwear can you not drive-in?

You should not wear bulky work boots, high heels, house shoes, wedges, flip-flops, and mules, etc. while running a vehicle as they can affect the accelerating or braking. 

Is it safe to drive barefoot? 

Not really. You cannot evenly distribute the force if you are barefoot. Besides, your feet can get sweaty which might lead to serious car crashes.

Is it illegal to drive in high heels? 

No. It is not legally prohibited. But you shouldn’t drive in high heels for your own safety.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the shoes stated above meet your standard of the best shoes for driving manual vehicles.

Whether you are driving by passion or by profession, running a manual transmission vehicle always requires more flexible footwear with proper fitting. 

So, you can try the TIOSEBON Men’s Slip-On Walking and Driving Loafers that offer the most natural fit. Otherwise, try the Bruno Marc Men’s Bush Driving Loafers for water-resistant performance. 

However, we recommend the Cole Haan Women’s Evelyn Driving Shoes as the most comfortable selection on the list, thanks to its breathable footbed and soft rubber sole. 

So, have you decided on your pick? Let us know by commenting below. 

Drive safe!

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