10 Best Shoes That Make You Taller Woman  (In-Depth Review With Buying Guide)

DATE: June 13, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Have you ever wondered why people wear shoes? There are many reasons why people wear shoes. One of the main reasons is to protect their feet from the ground and from any hazards that may be present, such as sharp objects or rough surfaces. Shoes also help to keep the feet warm in cold weather, and they can help to prevent foot problems by providing support and cushioning. Additionally, shoes can be a fashion statement and a way to express personal style.

On that note, women are especially pickier when it comes to shoe selection. They want to look better with a decent pair of shoes. And short women want to look taller by wearing shoes having higher platforms.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should always wear high heels to increase your height. There are a lot of other comfortable shoes as well to add some hidden height without letting you look awkward. They offer considerable height lift due to their chunky platforms with adequate arch aid. 

Below, we have narrowed down the 10 best shoes that make you a taller woman instantly with no bankrupting expense.

Let’s dig deeper!

10 Best Shoes That Make You Taller Woman  (In-Depth Review With Buying Guide)

Best Height Increasing Woman Shoes That Make You Look Taller

Below, we have covered the 10 best height-increasing shoes from the women’s footwear industry to boost height for shorter women. Let’s check out how they help!

1. Best Slip-Resistant- LUCKY STEP Women White Casual Lace-Up Walking Sneakers

The review starts with a pair of women’s sneakers from Lucky Step, a renowned name in the industry. Let’s explore how convenient they are.

Top Pick
LUCKY STEP Women White Casual Lace-Up Walking Sneakers

LUCKY STEP Women White Casual Lace-Up Walking Sneakers

  • Elevator shoes for womenwith5-6 cm of heel height
  • Absolutely true to size
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Slip-resistant shoes
  • Very lightweight as a chunky platform pair

Now, let’s discuss why you should go for these shoes out of so many alternatives in the market. 

Well, truth be told, you cannot go wrong with a pair from Lucky Step, be it a pair of regular sneakers or dress shoes. 

Talking of the conveniences, the amazing arch support of these shoes is truly commendable. You can wear them all day long without any issues. 

Moreover, you will love how they offer support on slippery surfaces. They are slip-resistant after all. 

Best of all, the shoes have high platforms. The two inches platform is a great inclusion for any woman looking for a height lift.

So, you can carry the shoes for any formal occasion to look more confident with that height boost.

And thanks to the sturdy architecture, these sneakers are pretty long-lasting as well. You can wear them for quite a long time even if you use them regularly. 

All things considered, it’s one of the best choices for height-increasing women’s shoes for sure. So, add the pair to your cart before it runs short!

2. Easiest to WearSuperga Unisex Low-Top Sneakers

Secondly, let’s explore a unisex pair from Superga that will elevate your height with a similar type of chunky platform as the LUCKY STEP Women Casual Lace-Up Walking Sneakers.

Runners Up
Superga Unisex Low-Top Sneakers

Superga Unisex Low-Top Sneakers

  • Reliable rubber sole
  • 100% pure cotton upper 
  • 1.5 inches elevated platform
  • Easy-to-wear design 
  • Provides plenty of room in the footbed 

Do you know what the best thing about these shoes is? They are made of 100% natural rubber outsole. No wonder they offer incredible arch support regardless of the terrain.

Another great point of these low-top sneakers is the easy-to-wear feature. Being low-top, they will not let you struggle while putting your legs into these, especially when you are in a hurry. 

Moreover, these classic cotton shoes never go out of fashion, be it a formal day program or a nighttime party. Just pair this up with denim shorts and a casual tee shirt and you are ready to go.

On top of that, they come in a plethora of adorable colors which you will surely fall for. 

Despite the positives, a matter of dissatisfaction is that it needs a few days of break-in period. But once you patiently wait, your struggle will surely be paid off. 

3. Most Stylish- Skechers Women’s D’Lites-Life Saver

Next, we have an amazing pair from Skechers, a brand known for its wide variety of fashion footwear. The core specifications it comes with are as follows-

3rd Pick
Skechers Women's D'Lites-Life Saver

Skechers Women’s D’Lites-Life Saver

  • Very lightweight construction 
  • 1-¼ inch built-in heel
  • 1-inch elevated platform
  • Super flexible rubber sole
  • Pretty long-lasting

To begin with the benefits, you will totally be in love with this incredible pair, thanks to its super comfortable ergonomics. They are truly wonderful for running on the treadmill. 

And the best thing about these Skechers is that they are manufactured with high-quality leather and synthetic material. Resultantly, they perform outstandingly well on the go.

Weighing only 10.6 ounces, they are pretty lightweight and lenient to wear all day long. 

Although they do not come extra wide as advertised, the footbed fits the standard wide legs quite well. Besides, the snug-fitting of the shoes lets you feel at ease. 

But a friendly reminder is that always check the Skechers Sizing Guide first before you purchase a pair. Otherwise, you might end up buying the wrong pair. So, watch out!

4. Best Arch Support- LUCKY STEP Women Charcoal Walking Sneakers

In the fourth place of this review, we have another pair of sneakers for women. The key specifications of these shoes are-

4th Pick
LUCKY STEP Women Charcoal Walking Sneakers

LUCKY STEP Women Charcoal Walking Sneakers

  • Lightweight construction 
  • The easy lace-up style makes it adjustable
  • Stylish and elegant outlook
  • Wearable with any outfit
  • Anti-slip outsole

When it comes to walking shoes, women always look for solid platforms. It’s even better if you can find a pair with ankle support.

Saying that we totally loved these lace-up sneakers with a 5-6 cm platform. That’s why you get wonderful arch support while walking. 

As this pair comes with a slip-free rubber outsole, you can tread on wet trails with optimum comfort without any issues.

Best of all, these shoes are reliable, and therefore, a lot more lenient than any regular footwear.

You can adjust the length of the laces based on your requirements. And thanks to the stylish outlook of the shoes, you can unhesitantly wear them in schools, clubs, Halloween parties, or movies. Rest assured that you will be the center of attraction with these chunky platform shoes.

If only they came in a sturdy box, it could be better. Apart from this minor issue, it makes a decent deal though!

5. Best Value for Money- ACE SHOCK Fashion Platform Sneakers for Women

Looking for the best-hidden height-increasing shoes? Lucky you as we have exactly what you are searching for, a pair of high hidden-heel walking shoes from Ace Shock. Let’s check out its key amenities below.

5th Pick
ACE SHOCK Fashion Platform Sneakers for Women

ACE SHOCK Fashion Platform Sneakers for Women

  • 2.4 inches high hidden heel wedge
  • Stylish canvas upper 
  • Easy-to-use lace-up closure
  • Anti-skid breathable design
  • Suitable for any season
Women Fashion Platform Sneakers High Hidden Heel Wedge Walking Shoes

These shoes are really lightweight compared to other regular platform sneakers. Although you can find them in the form of slippers too. So, buy the one that complements your style.

As they are lightweight and breathable, you can wear them in any season, be it summer or winter. Besides, they are suitable for any occasion to turn up your fashion game. 

Thanks to the lace-up closure, you find it easy to adjust the length. That’s why the shoes offer a snug and comfortable fitting too. 

Most importantly, they are very budget-friendly. But rest assured these shoes are not junk just because they are inexpensive. They are pretty decent shoes having standard quality. 

However, we don’t recommend these shoes for everyday wear. You can try the Superga Unisex Low-Top Sneakers in that regard. 

But overall, it’s a must-have pair of sneakers for women who want to look taller wearing shoes. So, don’t miss it!

6. Most Comfortable- Superga Women’s 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

Next, we came up with one of the most comfortable women’s sneakers ever from one of the most renowned shoemakers. Let’s discover what these Superga sneakers have in stock to offer. 

6th Pick
Superga Women's 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

Superga Women’s 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

  • Super reliable synthetic sole
  • From arch to low-top shaft measurement 
  • Around 1-inch high platform measurement
  • 100% classic canvas upper
  • Comfortable textile fabric 

As you all know, Superga is an iconic Italian brand in the footwear industry. Their 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker lives up to its name by offering ultimate comfort while walking outside. 

However, the salient features of these shoes include a very simple design that makes them easily wearable. 

More importantly, they are suitable for any adventurous occasion, be it in the day or at night. Whatever outfit you prefer to style up these sneakers, rest assured you won’t look like a fashion terrorist. 

Aside from that, Superga engineered this pair with a vulcanized rubber sole to offer added traction on the toughest terrain. Besides, the lower-cut ankle provides ultimate support on the go. 

Best of all, the premium-quality cotton canvas ensures optimum lenience even for long-term use. And thanks to the textile fabrics, you can machine wash the shoes keeping any hassle at bay. What a great advantage, isn’t it?

However, it would have been better if the soles were a bit lighter. Other than that, you can consider them ideal running shoes that make you taller woman. 

7. Best Flexible- Superga Women’s Espadrille Shoes Trainers

Another pair from Superga, the great footwear brand of recent times. The key specs of these shoes justify why it’s so popular among shoe lovers for increasing height. Let’s dive into the key specs first.

7th Pick
Superga Women's Espadrille Shoes Trainers

Superga Women’s Espadrille Shoes Trainers

  • Approximately 4″ high platform 
  • Chunky and vulcanized outsole for better traction
  • The breathable cotton line adds comfort
  • Premium quality canvas upper 
  • Elegant rope wrapping around the sole

Actually, these shoes are so elegant that words fall short to describe how beautiful they are. Surely, every fashion footwear lover would love the attractive outlook of this pair.

But that’s not all, of course. They are pretty well made too to serve the user for a long time as premium-quality shoe. Furthermore, you feel at ease in every step, all thanks to the comfortable canvas upper. 

Do you know what is the most significant feature of these espadrille shoes? The rope wrapping detailing around the flexible sole. You cannot take your eyes off the rope wrap which compliments every outfit you wear. 

As they are available in some eye-soothing colors, you can suit yourself with whatever color you like. 

But they run a bit larger. So, we will suggest going one size down while choosing the right pair. 

8. Best for Casual Use- EpicStep Women’s Slip-On Low Fashion Sneakers

Here comes an adorable pair of women’s sneakers that work incredibly well to add some height to a short woman. Let’s explore its best benefits at a glance.

8th Pick
EpicStep Women's Slip-On Low Fashion Sneakers

EpicStep Women’s Slip-On Low Fashion Sneakers

  • Super dependable rubber sole
  • Soft synthetic leather upper with lining
  • Easy slip-on wear
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Cozy and comfy footbed with proper cushioning

While listing the best sneakers that make you a taller woman, we cannot but include this outstanding pair of shoes from the famous brand EpicStep.

As we all know, they supply some industry-standard fashionable sneakers both for regular and occasional use.  

And this time it’s a simple mid-heel pair for casual use. The thick sole is reliable enough wherever you go. All credit goes to the slip-free rubber sole, you are totally safe even on wet surfaces.

Another big plus for these sneakers is that they come with slip-on construction. As a result, it’s very easy to put them on. Of course, taking them off is equally hassle-free. 

Next, it consists of a cushioned footbed. That’s why the shoes are compatible with the longest-wearing session. Even after wearing them all day, your foot doesn’t feel cramped even a bit. That’s the biggest benefit of any slip-on sneaker, we guess. 

However, they do need a few hours to break in. So, don’t wear them without socks at the beginning. 

9. Most Durable- Adokoo Women’s Fashion Canvas Shoes

Next, we would like to explore one of the most fashionable shoes ever made that goes with almost every outfit. Adokoo is the trendsetter in the fashion footwear field after all. 

9th Pick
Adokoo Women's Fashion Canvas Shoes

Adokoo Women’s Fashion Canvas Shoes

  • 3.4 cm high platform to let you look taller
  • Breathable and comfortable canvas upper
  • Adjustable shoelaces for added flexibility 
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole is quite durable
  • Very lightweight for long-wearing session 

Are you looking for a pair of fashionable shoes that can go with literally every occasion, be it shopping, traveling, or casual walking?

Then don’t waste your time looking anywhere else. We have the exact solution that fits your needs.

First of all, the round-toe design of these casual sneakers is really commendable as they keep your feet protected. Moreover, the super-soft insole is a true blessing when you are standing on your feet for a long time. 

Secondly, you will love the anti-slip outsole which is made of high-quality rubber. Actually, the reliable rubber outsole is soft and thick simultaneously. Therefore, your shoes last ages even if you consider them for rough and tough terrains. 

And all credit goes to adequate air circulation, it’s easy to wear for longer.

The only issue we found is that they feel a bit stiff at the beginning. So, going a size up would be better.

10. Best All-Purpose- Hotcham Women’s High Top Sneakers

Lastly, let’s meet a pair of amazing fashion sneakers from Hotcham that are built with high-quality material. The key specifications of these shoes are-

10th Pick
Hotcham Women's High Top Sneakers

Hotcham Women’s High Top Sneakers

  • Premium-quality bright fabric canvas upper
  • Soft padded insole for better grip and traction
  • Lace-up design for lenient length adjustments 
  • Breathable lining for easy airflow
  • Convenient to wear on and off

As the name suggests, it makes a true all-purpose pair of shoes that you can wear for walking, shopping, traveling, clubbing, daily wear, and whatnot.

Talking of the pluses, it’s constructed with a soft rubber sole with adequate cushioning. Resultantly, the comfort level reaches the next level for wearing these out-of-the-box canvas shoes. 

However, the inner material is pretty snug and satisfying as well. Apart from the high-tech upper, that too adds some advantages to these shoes. 

Also, the classic round head design makes them safer on any trail. Saying that the high-top sneakers offer a notable height boost if you are looking forward to looking taller and cooler. 

Despite the positives, we found a minor issue. The ankle straps are too short to stay attached. Though that doesn’t make it a deal-breaker!

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What Shoes Make You a Taller Woman?

If you are trying to look taller, maybe you should focus on your shoes right now. Here comes the question: what types of shoes can help in this regard?

To be straightforward, pointed toes can make you look taller by elongating the legs. These shoes can add height to both your heels and toes.

Which Running Shoes That Make You a Taller Woman?

Honestly, there are some outstanding women’s height-increasing running shoes as well. These running sneakers make the legs look slimmer instantly and thus elongate your height. 

To be more particular, you should choose sneakers that feature height-boosting wedges along with cushioned platforms.

How Much Taller Do 2-inch Heels Make You?

A 2-inch heel can add around 5 cm of height to your shoes. Resultantly, you will get a notable height boost which is neither too much nor too little. 

In fact, this is the most comfortable mid-height heel for women longing to increase their height by wearing shoes. 

How Much Height Do Logger Boots Add?

Logger boots are usually 1.25″ to 2″ taller than casual boots. So, they can make a notable height enhancement when someone wears them.

How Tall Should a Girl Be in Heels?

The standard heel size for girls is 2 inches. That means a girl should look for shoes that can offer a maximum 2-inch of height rise. 

Actually, the ideal heel height is 1-3 inches and 2 inches height boost is considered the industry standard in this sector. 

Is 5’7 Too Tall for Heels?

Not at all. If you are a fashionista and want to look like those gorgeous models out there, a height of 5 ‘7 is quite normal to wear high heels. 

Is 5’10 Too Tall for Heels?

Well, it might be in some cases. But you can still wear heels. Actually, when you are a 5’10 woman, you are not aiming at height enhancement. 

Rather you want to look fashionable. And who doesn’t know a better solution than a sexy pair of heels to look stylish instantly? 

What Height Should You Not Wear Heels?

Truth be told, you should not go for shoes that come with more than 3 inches of heels. They can badly affect your biomechanics while walking by harming the ankle. 

And please remember that the standard height difference between the front and back of a pair should never exceed one inch.

Can a 5’9 Girl Wear Heels?

Why not? Even if a girl is as tall as 5’9, she can still wear heels if she wants. It’s just that they shouldn’t look for too high heels that will make them look much taller.

Why Do Legs Look Better in Heels?

Generally speaking, heeled shoes make the legs look more toned. They shape the legs by elongating them. 

Also, high heels lift the thighs and glutes which contributes to making the legs look better.

How Can I Wear High Heels Without Pain? 

Well, a popular way of wearing heels without pain is to rely on height-increasing insoles. Wearing socks also helps but these layered heel inserts give more height lift. 

On that note, you can try the ERGOfoot Air Cushioned Insoles which offer an adjustable fit. To add some hidden height, this works amazingly well.  

Buying Guide of Shoes That Make You a Taller Woman 

Buying Guide of Shoes That Make You a Taller Woman 

Now that you have developed an idea of the best shoes that make you a taller woman, let’s check out what you should consider before buying them.

Heel Thickness

As you want a notable height lift, you must consider the heel thickness first. The thicker the heels, the more inches it will add. Besides, thicker heels are more comfortable as well. 


It’s a mandatory factor to check out. Heel height is a crucial thing to make you taller. But remember that ultra-high heels could make you appear shorter. So, consider your shoes with 1-3 inches of heel height. Not more than that. 


As shoes are the platform your legs rely on for a long time of the day, the fitting must be appropriate. Too-tight shoes will give you bruises and blisters. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be too loose that your feet come out. 

Also, measure your feet properly before ordering the shoes. It’s a common fact that two feet don’t have the same measurements. In that case, order shoes based on the bigger one. 


Height-increasing shoes should not necessarily be high pencil heels only. There are some other shoes like sneakers, wedge boots, heeled boots, platform shoes, etc. that can give a hidden height boost. Moreover, they do not pressurize the ankle to be uplifted. 

So, choose your footwear wisely so that they can provide day-long support if needed.


Be it height-lifting shoes or regular shoes, the material plays a vital role to decide the quality. In terms of shoes to add some inches, flexible canvas uppers are preferable as they don’t create discomfort. 

Besides, if the insoles aren’t adequately cushioned, you might end up having leg pain. 


Additionally, shoes with thick insoles must be lightweight. You are going to wear them outside, right? So, if they feel heavier, you cannot move freely. Then every step will feel like a load. That’s why you should always aim at lightweight pairs aside from being height-boosting. 

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, we would like to add that shoes that make you taller women are becoming more popular day by day. Not only because they give you a lift of a few inches but also make you appear stylish and appealing. 

So, even taller women try these shoes to keep track of the trends. That’s why you should carefully choose footwear that will complement your physique and make you look attractive. 

On that note, we recommend Hotcham Women’s High Top Sneakers as a versatile pair that makes you stand out on any occasion. Or else, you can pick the EpicStep Women’s Slip-On Low Fashion Sneakers for everyday use. 
But particularly, we suggest the ACE SHOCK Fashion Platform Sneakers for Women as the race winner for a hidden height boost.

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