7 Best Women’s Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain With Adequate Arch Aid

DATE: December 6, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you are suffering from lower back pain, you already know how crucial it is to wear comfortable footwear. 

Without proper cushioning and necessary ankle support, your shoes can get on your nerves to worsen the situation day by day. It is particularly important for women as they need a lot of movement to maintain both household and outside activities. 

That’s why we compiled a list of the seven best women’s walking shoes for lower back pain that can effectively reduce backaches.

Let’s check out how convenient they are to help minimize the issue by preventing excessive pressure on your lower back!

Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Lower Back Pain 

After an adequate amount of research, our expert team came up with the following seven walking shoes for women that feature a stable structure to ballast your gait. Let’s explore them with both their pluses and minuses. 

1. Most Comfortable- New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Shoes for Lower Back Pain

First, we came with a super comfortable pair of casual cross trainer shoes for women from New Balance. Let’s break down its key specifications below.

Top Pick
New Balance Women's 608 V5 Casual Shoes for Lower Back Pain

New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Shoes for Lower Back Pain

  • 100% leather made shoes
  • Comfortable rubber sole
  • The EVA midsole offers lightweight cushioning
  • Lenient interior features minimum seaming to minimize irritation 
  • Impact-absorbing heels featuring ABZORB crash pad

Do you know when lower back pain hits the most? Yes, when you are walking or standing on an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

That being said, this New Balance pair comes with a soft rubber sole which is specifically designed for women with severe back pain.

Furthermore, the firm yet flexible rubber outsole offers deep flex grooves to keep you relaxed. While walking for the whole day, it delivers sufficient ankle support with the dual-density collar foam. 

Best of all, the super supportive EVA midsole along with the NB comfort insert ensures optimum comfort without putting much pressure on the discs.

That’s why healthcare specialists highly recommend these trainers as the best walking shoes for degenerative disc disease.

However, it would be better if the toe box were a bit roomy. Other than that, it surely makes a great purchase.

2. Best Breathable- Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 for Lower Back Pain

Next, we have another exclusive pair of women’s shoes from Brooks, the legendary manufacturer in the footwear field. The prime specifications of these running shoes are-

Runners Up
Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 21 for Lower Back Pain

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 for Lower Back Pain

  • The magical mesh upper assures enhanced breathability 
  • Advanced cushioning with the DNA LOFT crash pad on each footfall
  • Offers a balanced and modernized fit
  • Suitable for running, exercising, cross-training, walking, and many more
  • Comes in a versatile color range with a classy exterior 

If you need a breathable pair of trainers, how can you not check these synthetic shoes from Brooks?

What we liked the most about these women’s shoes is the wide variety of colors. Women love colors after all. That’s why it makes a pleasant purchase for all women, especially athletes with its vibrant and attractive exterior. 

Apart from that, the shoes are extremely flexible allowing stable body movements. No matter how your body flexes, it will adjust without restricting it. Isn’t that great?

Above all, the BioMoGo DNA cushioning adapts to your every stride effortlessly. And thanks to the 3D-printed upper, it offers a modernized fit for Adrenaline, reducing excess bulk on the feet.

Overall, it’s one of the best sneakers for lower back pain designed for those who overpronate while walking. 

3. Best Shock Absorption- Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes for Women

Third, on the lineup, let’s introduce you to a Ryka walking shoe that comes with the best impact absorbing properties. 

The key features it comes with are as follows-

3th Pick
Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes for Women

Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes for Women

  • 100% synthetic material
  • Shockproof rubber sole
  • The soft ribbed knit and padded heel collar offers extra cushioning
  • Easy put on and take off with the front and back pull tabs
  • The narrow heel and roomy toe box design perfectly fit women’s feet

To start with the advantages of this versatile pair of Ryka shoes, we must say that it outplays its competitors with the women-centric design. 

Aside from delivering soft and cushioned footfall, it comes with a roomier toe box. Surely, the shoes complement women’s exclusive foot shape for comfortable muscle movement. 

As a result, even after day-long wear, you don’t feel restricted a bit. No wonder, these athletic shoes are suggested for light outdoor hiking as well. 

Moreover, thanks to the RE-ZORB LITE technology with appropriate shock and impact-proof elements, you can rely on this colorful footwear every day.

Despite the positives, we must admit that they don’t smell that good. So, watch out if that’s an issue!

4. Most Elegant-Adidas Ultraboost DNA Sneakers for Lower Back Pain

Talking about Adidas pairs, it’s undeniable that they manufacture shoes with the most elegant exterior ever. No exception in these DNA sneakers as well. Let’s check out the core amenities in detail below. 

4th Pick
Adidas Ultraboost DNA Sneakers for Lower Back Pain

Adidas Ultraboost DNA Sneakers for Lower Back Pain

  • Made of 100% premium textile
  • Super comfortable synthetic sole 
  • Offers snug and sock-like fitting
  • Arch to low-top shaft measurement to reduce foot fatigue
  • The responsive boost midsole supports your every step

One of the most exclusive add-ons of these Adidas shoes is the 20% extra boost from the midsole. That’s what makes these ultra boost sneakers a must-have item in your closet. 

Similar to the Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21, it too consists of a lightweight and breathable mesh upper. On top of that, the seamless craftsmanship is equally stretchable to make the shoes more flexible. 

Another big plus for the sneakers is the adaptive knit upper which molds to the foot providing a natural movement. Resultantly, you don’t feel pressured or unbalanced while walking. 

However, please remember that they are unisex shoes and for women, you have to be careful when choosing the right size. As they are designed too wide, we recommend going a half size down for getting the sock-like fit. 

5. Best Cushioning- Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker

Skechers is a name that needs no introduction in the fashion footwear field. They particularly master the women’s footwear collection by manufacturing the most amazing casual, athletic, or dress shoes ever. 

However, the core specifications of their latest Empire Fashion Sneakers for Women are-

5th Pick
Skechers Sport Women's Empire Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker

  • Soft flat-knit fabric upper with a smooth finish
  • Lightweight midsole for sufficient support
  • The air-cooled memory foam insole adds outstanding cushioning
  • Ultra-flexible outsole with shock-absorbing properties 
  • Offers a roomy fit with the comfortable design

Looking for the best women’s work shoes for lower back pain? Skechers comes with a versatile range of women’s footwear to suffice your needs. 

Their Empire Fashion Sneakers are blessed with the memory foam insole which makes them the most desirable women’s shoes to fight the lower back pain. 

Even more, we liked the extremely flexible traction outsole that can conquer any terrain. 

Most importantly, the bungee stretch-laced front panel permits an effortless slip on and off. 

Best of all, you cannot but love the vibrant color combination with the side S logo. Besides, the woven-in metallic thread design adds more glamor to the entire craftsmanship. 

However, they are not as arch supportive as the Adidas Ultraboost DNA Sneakers. Other than that, it’s a great shoe, indeed!

6. Most Affordable- Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sneakers for Lower Back Pain

Here comes the most affordable option for back pain strain reduction. Skechers literally outdid all their competitions with these budget-friendly Go Walk sneakers.

However, the top features of the shoes are pointed out below.

6th Pick
Skechers Women's Go Walk Sneakers for Lower Back Pain

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sneakers for Lower Back Pain

  • Dual-density Ultra Go outsole for better grip and balance
  • Skechers’ signature Air Cooled Goga Mat insole for sufficient foot support
  • Lightweight construction with comfort pillar technology 
  • Seamless flat knit upper with breathable mesh 
  • Machine washable fabric

Being available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, these premium-quality sneakers are one of the most versatile additions by Skechers. 

Women love the shoes for their striking color combination. Besides, the Ultra Go outsole speaks for its quality. Undoubtedly, you get the best traction on any terrain.

Furthermore, the man-made sole is machine washable. So, say goodbye to those weary days of shoe cleaning.

Nevertheless, they run ½ size small. So, size up if you prefer a better fit.

Keeping this minor issue aside, you should definitely try the sneakers considering their value for the money.

7. Most Responsive- ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes for Women

Lastly, let’s meet a pair of running shoes from ASICS, an elite member of the footwear manufacturing community. Let’s explore what features their GEL-Nimbus 20 came up with.

7th Pick
ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes for Women

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes for Women

  • Exceptionally durable architecture 
  • Adequate cushioning properties in the FluidRide midsole
  • Super responsive sole for enhanced grip
  • Textile and synthetic materials make the shoes more comfortable 
  • Offers customize fitting 

First of all, we would like to praise the durability of these shoes, thanks to the well-made engineering. Being manufactured with all ASICS’ advanced technology, it is way ahead of other sports shoes offering incredible support and sustainability. 

Aside from that, we loved the gradient jacquard-mesh upper as well. Being extraordinarily flexible, the fluid fit upper adapts to your foot shape easily. 

Resultantly, your natural foot movement is not disturbed. So, even if you are going through severe lower back strain, no worries. Relying on these high-tech shoes will notably alleviate it.

Although it’s not the most expensive one on the list, considering all its amenities, there are more budget-friendly picks too. On that note, you can go for the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sneakers for Lower Back Pain.

Benefits of Best Shoes for Back Pain

Benefits of Best Shoes for Back Pain

Using appropriate footwear certainly aids in preventing overpronation and thus helps reduce lower back pain to a notable extent.

As hard-soled shoes result in restricted foot movements, eventually, your lower body part is badly affected. Shoes that lack adequate arch support or proper cushioning can lead to slipped discs. 

In that case, an ideal pair of shoes with cushioned insoles, roomy toe boxes, and impact absorbing properties could be your best buddy that aligns your feet and body accurately. 

Also, a decent shoe shouldn’t affect the natural movement of the joints. Instead, it would adapt to the foot shape to alleviate back pain and strain by relieving the sciatic nerve.

How to Manage Lower Back Pain

At this point, let’s discuss some nonsurgical treatments to manage your acute lower back issues. 

  • If you are suffering from chronic back pain, start a balanced diet today. Maintaining a healthy weight contributes a lot to curing it.
  • A little bit of exercise helps a lot. Practice exercises that are lower back centric. Yoga, Pilates, etc. are often suggested by doctors to strengthen your muscles around the hip.
  • Always stay active. If you don’t do so, chances are, you will suffer more. So, keep moving to let your body be more flexible. 
  • Try to maintain a proper posture that aligns your lower back accurately. 
  • In the case of degenerative disc disease, smokers suffer more than nonsmokers. Nicotine affects your spinal bones badly. So, quit smoking to see a magical result in reducing intense back pain.
  • Another at-home way of relieving chronic backaches is using heat or ice. However, it depends on person to person which works best for whom. So, figure it out first. 

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Back Pain Management

Overwhelmed by the countless options on the market? Please don’t panic. What are we here for?

Below, let’s break down some of the most demanding features that make a walking shoe the right choice for a lower back pain sufferer.

Arch Support 

Naturally, it should be the first sought-after feature for a back pain-reducing shoe.  Determine your arch type first and choose the shoes accordingly. Whether it’s a high, low, or neutral arch, always opt for footwear that feels comfortable with that arch type.

Adequate Cushioning 

Whether you are buying the best women’s dress shoes for lower back pain or a pair of breathable sneakers, a properly cushioned midsole has no alternative. 

Without enough cushioning, all the pressure applied to the feet will eventually affect the lower back. So, go for shoes that absorb shocks and impacts minimizing the stress level on the back.

Snug Fitting

You might think that tight-fitting shoes will restrict your natural movement. So, it’s better to go for loose-fitting footwear.

In a word, NO. Never go for misfitted shoes in the name of the roomy interior. Truth be told, it must fit snugly to let you move comfortably. 

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too tight to invite bruises or blisters.


While looking for the best back pain-relieving shoes, the material does matter. If you seek expert advice, they always suggest premium quality shoes with high-grade materials. 

Aside from being comfy, top-quality materials are often stretchy. Therefore, they easily adapt to your foot shape preventing pain-related issues. 

Heels and Soles

Even if you have the slightest symptom of backaches, avoid wearing high heels. Because they affect your ankle, feet, heel, and knee so badly that you will end up having chronic back issues.

Similarly, too flat shoes are also harmful as they lack arch aid. 

Moreover, you should always go for soft-soled shoes instead of choosing hard soles. Standing on a hard sole, your feet will feel stressed and squeezed. So, aim for smooth and cushioned insoles that let you stand stable. 


Do good shoes help with back pain? 

Of course, they do. With better grip and flexibility, good shoes ensure reducing lower back muscles stretching and that’s how they let you feel relaxed.

How can shoes cause back pain?

If your shoes cause any imbalance in the lower back part of your body, they can cause back pain. For example, shoes with high heels, higher arches, lower arches, etc. can affect the disc movement. 

What are the different types of lower back pain?

Usually, the three major types of lower back pain are radicular pain, non-specific muscular pain, and muscle spasms.

What is the relation between lower back pain and the feet? 

The most basic link between your lower back and feet is the sciatic nerve. Any deformity on the nerve can result in chronic backaches.

Which shoes are best for back pain?

Generally, doctors suggest shoes with enhanced arch support, flexibility, cushioning, and comfort for battling back pain. 

Can a comfortable shoe help get rid of back pain?

Absolutely yes. Minimizing the slipping of the discs and stress on the lower body, a comfortable pair of shoes can alleviate the back pain for sure.

Final Words

Though lower back pain is a common issue nowadays, you can control it by wearing specifically designed shoes for this purpose. 

Instead of high-heeled shoes, go for soft and reliable insoles and comfortably cushioned midsoles.

On the list of the best women’s walking shoes for lower back pain above, we included some amazing products such as the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes. Aside from being super responsive, it’s the most durable one on the list.

Otherwise, the New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Shoes or the Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes both seal the deal with their extraordinary comfort level and cushioned insoles. 

However, check out all the mentioned footwear with their pros and cons and make a wise purchase based on your study.

All the best!

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