How to Clean Hoka Shoes? Explore the Incredible Techniques Here!

DATE: June 12, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you find your Hoka shoes too untidy or muddy to wear? Shoes regardless of brands or models may become dirty, especially depending on time and the terrains you walk on. But when you have Hokas, your job is pretty simple to drive away all the hard debris and give your footwear a fresh look.

How to clean Hoka shoes? The best news about cleaning any model of this manufacturer is you need neither rare materials nor special cleaning agents. All that you have to do is separate the laces, wipe out the mud or debris and wash the soles and surface using regular shampoo or soap.

Shoes need regular cleaning, no matter which brand or how costly models you have. In this article, you are going to have all the ins and outs of cleaning Hoka shoes.

How to Clean Hoka Shoes? Explore the Incredible Techniques Here!

You must be eager to jump into the action of cleaning your favorite pair of Hokas, which have been dirty, and that’s why you are not wearing them for long! 

To make your effort easy and quick, this study tried to unearth the secrets of dealing with the shoes of this high-class brand. Before everything, you need to have a clear idea about the materials required for accomplishing the task properly.

Must Needed Ingredients for the Core Job

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Regular soap or shampoo
  • Bowl
  • Hard paper or towel

You see, Hokas require no rare or expensive materials for cleaning. Now, let’s look at the next steps to change the shabby appearance of your old shoes.

Untie the Laces to Wash Them Separately

Unless you do this, the long laces can mess up your cleaning activities. So, first of all, take them out of their place and wash them with your hands.

For this, you can rub a bit of regular soap and squeeze them in between your palms. This must be enough to drive the dirt away.

Then dry them in the air, which wouldn’t take much time to absorb all the water.

Wipe Out the Mud

Wipe Out the Mud

Mud is one of the worst enemies for your shoes. Footwear looks extremely odd with mud, so you must take all steps to clean them out.

You should never run the brush over drenched mud. This would spread the dirt across the whole shoe. 

So, at first, let it dry. You know hard dried mud is easy to remove. Then take the brush and scrub it over the hard soil. Sometimes, you need to push it hard to drive the hardest mud away.

Remove the Sticky Dirt with Cleaning Agents

You might find some dirt attached to the surface or soles too strongly to separate them with a gentle push. Here, you have to apply the solution of water and the cleaning agents like soap, shampoo, or whatever available at home.

Pour a bit of the solution on the seemingly permanent dirt and let them soak the liquid. Thus, the hardest piles will soften within a while. Then you can unsettle the debris easily by applying the brush. And finally, use a rag or towel to take even the tiniest debris out of your favorite footwear.

In case you find that there are lots of such strong debris on the surface, soak the whole shoe into the solution and then rub the brush or a rag to loosen and then kick them away.

The Mesh Needs Most Care

Mesh is the softest and lightest part of any shoe. Consequently, you must be careful while running the brush and pouring any solutions over this portion.

So, while rubbing the brush here, do this as gently as you can. Though tiresome, you must run the brush again and again instead of pushing it harshly so that it drives away the dirt without being affected.

Dry Them Well in the Open Air

In case the shoes remain wet for a long time, they will spread an unpleasant smell, and adding to the worse, they may get damaged. So, just after washing them, keep them in the open air. This will be enough to absorb the water.

Don’t put the shoes near the fireplace to dry them quickly. Thus, you would damage your favorite shoes with your own hands!

Do the Cleaning with Hands

Do the Cleaning with Hands

Despite all your hurries and time-limit, you should never go for a washing machine to clean shoes, especially Hoka ones. 

You are suggested so because the ingredients, i.e., leather and mesh, are highly sensitive. The electric machine can damage your favorite footwear when thrown into it.

So, stay away from such machines for cleaning shoes and try to follow the above long but effective steps.

Consider This Particular Matter Sincerely

You cannot apply the same techniques to all shoes. That’s why you must know how to treat different parts, especially when they contain distinctive materials.

The techniques and cleaning ingredients for different models of Hoka may require a slightly different process and materials.

Final Thought

This guideline attempted to bring the easiest and most effective ways of bringing a new appearance to your used Hoka shoes. How to clean Hoka shoes? Definitely, it requires you to follow step-by-step activities.

For example, first of all, you have to possess the materials for wiping out the mud, debris, or sticky dirt. Then take the laces out of their holes so that you can wash them and deal with the shoes comfortably.

When cleaning the mesh, you must operate the brush carefully to ensure that the tool is not hampering the soft portion. Again, for cleaning the strongly settled debris, the solution of water and shampoo or whatever you prefer is to be poured on the spot and let it soften it. Then remove them with a towel or paper. Don’t delay drying the soaked shoes in the air.

Why don’t you try these above-mentioned techniques to clean your beloved Hokas?

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