Should Babies Wear Shoes When Crawling?

DATE: July 24, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Babies are the God-Gifted sensitive, and precious assets to their parents. From the newborn to the older, all toddlers are adorable to their parents. Possibly, that’s why conscious parents always want the best decision for their baby.

Particularly, when it comes to the baby’s health, no parents want to compromise it. From the nappy to the baby’s shoes, everything stays under the deep consideration of the parents. 

Do you have a baby who has just started crawling? If so, then a thing might come up into your mind as a conscious parent. And that is, should babies wear shoes when crawling?

We’ll get into a deep discussion regarding this. Also, we’ll give you a broader idea of when it is the best time to give shoes to your baby. Ready? Let’s start!

Should Babies Wear Shoes When Crawling?

However, some over-conscious parents start to put on baby shoes for their newborn babies. But that’s not right to do!

The newborn babies have a delicate body, including the legs. So, it is inappropriate to put on the baby’s shoes on his little feet.

Now, should babies wear shoes when crawling? The simple answer to this question is also no; they shouldn’t. Instead, barefoot is best for crawling babies. That’s what the experts believe.

Some experts also say that barefoot crawling helps babies to learn the crawling fast. Honestly speaking, babies feel uncomfortable crawling when you put on the shoes on their feet like a statue.

The Best Time to Give Shoes to Your Baby

If a newborn or a crawling baby cannot wear shoes, then at what age can a baby wear shoes? The answer is, “When the baby is walking outside.”

When the babies keep their first step outside, they may hurt themselves with multiple objects. Regardless, the babies might lose their balance when walking in uneven spaces outside.

Observe your baby carefully and decide whether he is ready to walk outside. If so, then release him, putting on comfortable shoes.

However, you can also buy pre-walking shoes for your baby. But, if you do so, then make sure to switch them into the walking shoe.

Can Non-walker or Newborn babies wear shoes?

Can non-walker or newborn babies wear shoes? Often this question comes from the conscious parents who are our customers.

Well, research says you shouldn’t put on the baby shoes on your newborn babies. From the non-walker to the newborn, everyone feels uncomfortable wearing the baby shoes for a long time.

Still, when there’s any special occasion, or you’re going out with baby, you can put the shoes on him. It is okay for babies to wear inflexible, soft, and comfortable pre-walking shoes. Honestly speaking, it is harmless!

Importance of Wearing Baby Shoes at the Right Time

The little baby has an underdeveloped and delicate body. Their small legs and leg ligaments are also the same. So, keeping the shoes on the baby’s feet for a long time is a sort of torture.

You shouldn’t give them shoes before they learn to walk and start to walk outside. This is the right age for the little baby to give shoes which you must maintain.

However, selecting the right baby shoes is important. If you cannot provide baby shoes at the right time, your baby might hurt himself with the outside atmosphere.

Should Babies Wear Socks When Crawling?

Socks are a flexible and comfortable foot cover for little babies. It doesn’t irritate the baby if the material is good and soft. So, you can put on a pair of socks on your baby’s feet; but that’s not mandatory.

Anyway, Wearing the socks for a long time might irritate or make your baby angry. That’s because the socks at the baby’s feet enhance the temperature, making them angry and stubborn.

However, the babies can crawl wearing socks, but that is also unnecessary. Instead, it is better to keep the baby barefoot when trying to crawl or walk.

Barefoot helps the baby to get a proper balance without slipping, falling, or hurting themselves. Indeed, sometimes the babies hurt themselves although they’re crawling or walking barefoot. But that’s less than the babies who’re wearing the socks.

What to Look for in Your First Baby Shoes?

After crawling, the step in which the baby puts in is walking. So, you might be prepared with a pair of baby shoes for your walking baby. Indeed, you can give pre-walking shoes to your baby.

Whatever might be the reason, just make sure you’re selecting the right shoe for your toddler’s feet. Let’s get a brief idea of what should be the quality of a toddler shoe.

Lightweight and Flexible

Selecting lightweight shoes is important for the baby’s foot development. Indeed, your baby deserves the best sneaker, which is lightweight and flexible.

Therefore, choose the shoes which are made of soft leather. The soft-soled shoes are breathable. So, these shoes don’t hinder the development of a baby’s feet. Conversely, the Hard soles cause shoe foot pain; consequently, the baby might lose his temper.


If your baby starts to walk out of home, then ensure he gets a non-slip shoe. Typically, the leather-made shoes are non-slip, which protects the baby’s feet from injury.

However, uncountable leather shoes come with a flexible sole that easily beats other shoe types.

Exact Fittings

Baby’s toes are soft and too delicate. If you’re buying pre-walking shoes for the baby, the shoe sizes might be a little bigger. That’s because the baby’s feet grow faster in the first year.

Nevertheless, you must buy the fitting shoes for your walking baby

Baby’s feet development process is quite quicker than ours. So, stay alert when your baby’s feet grow. Switch the small shoes with the bigger ones after the development of his feet.

Shoe styles

If the pair of shoes isn’t attractive, it’ll be a waste of money. That’s because your baby won’t like it. So, apart from the breathable material, the baby shoes also have to be lucrative.


Are Walking Shoes Necessary for babies?

No, babies don’t need walking shoes when trying or learning to walk. Frankly speaking, walking shoes cause a hindrance when babies learn to walk.
But, it’s better to get them walking shoes at the time of walking outside. However, that’s also not compulsory until the outside area is safe and stable.

Is it Better for Babies to Walk Barefoot or with Shoes?

Walking with shoes doesn’t make the baby walk faster than the required time. It creates difficulties for the babies to learn to walk. Instead, Barefoot is good and helps the babies to have proper balance but no hindrance.
Consequently, the babies learn to walk faster when they are barefoot. So basically, walking barefoot is better for babies than shoes.

Does Wearing Shoes Help a Baby to Learn to walk?

No, it doesn’t. Instead, wearing the shoes hinders the baby’s normal walking. But, you must get him a new shoe pair when he can walk properly and is ready to walk outside.
Not all outside has a safe surface. It might be warm or full of hard particles outside. Indeed, that is detrimental for your baby, so he needs baby shoes when walking outside.

Final Word

The conscious parents never compromise their baby’s decision with anything. As you’re here to learn, “should babies wear shoes when crawling,” then you’re the same.

Well, you must’ve got your answer by now. Moreover, you have learned what the right time to give shoes to your baby is. So, why late? Just work on it!

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