Do Sperry Shoes Run Big Or Small? A Detailed Guideline

DATE: June 9, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Being launched back in 1935, Sperry has come a long way in the footwear field. This American shoe brand is now one of the leading names among fashion footwear lovers. But the question is- do Sperry shoes run big or small?

Well, these shoes run a bit larger than your regular size. Compared to other famous manufacturers, their men’s shoes run 1-2 sizes bigger. And in women’s and kids’ shoes, you generally need to go one size down.

So, we highly recommend measuring your feet properly before you order for Sperrys. Although they are one of the most comfortable footwear collections in the world, a misfit pair will never benefit you on the road.

On that note, we prepared a detailed guideline on the Sperry shoe sizing chart below which will come in handy while deciding on your exact size. 

Let’s dive in!

Are Sperry Shoes Good?

Yes, they are one of the best quality shoes you can get on the market right now. Being exceptionally durable, Sperrys are made of premium-grade materials. Also, they are incredibly comfortable with a wide array of sizes.

As Sperry shoes are engineered with premium-quality leather, they are optimally soft and cushioned. Therefore, you can wear them even without socks.

Even with socks, they are roomy enough to accommodate wider feet. Whether you wear them casually or formally, rest assured that you are going to enjoy a comfortable day ahead.

On top of that, most of the Sperry boat shoes have padded footbeds with adequate ankle support. So, they work exceptionally well as walking shoes. 

Thanks to the water-resistant finish, they offer a non-slip grip on the go. 

Do Sperry Shoes Run Big or Small?

They run bigger, mostly from 1 to 2 sizes than your regular shoes. If you prefer a precise fitting, measure your foot accurately and choose a pair from the detailed sizing chart provided by the manufacturers. 

As Sperrys were initially designed as boat shoes, they are supposed to stretch over time. That’s why you need to size down to get a snug-fitting even after the break-in period. Otherwise, they will be looser through wear and tear.

Below, we added a detailed size chart of the Sperry shoes for your convenience. Check the chart thoroughly and pick the right pair of Sperrys for you. 

Sperry Men’s Sizing Chart

CM( CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU

Sperry Women’s Sizing Chart

CM(CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU

Do Sperry Canvas Shoes Run True to Size?

Unfortunately no, and as opposed to Sperry Top-Siders, they run a bit smaller. So, you should order at least half-size larger shoes than your usual footwear.

How Are Sperrys Supposed to Fit?

Sperrys are supposed to be a bit larger. But you can still get a proper fit by sizing up or down while ordering this classic footwear. 

If you are going for leather shoes, you should go down ½ to 1 size as leather is a stretchy material and will get loose over time. But synthetic Sperrys usually remain true to their actual sizes. 

How Do You Make Your Sperrys More Comfortable?

If you find your Sperry pair a bit too stiff, wait, you can get a better fit right now. Just wear the shoes and lace them up snugly. 

Now take a full bowl of lukewarm water and hop into it for a while. In this way, the shoe materials will be expanded and offer a more comfortable wearing experience. 

Of course, you need to air-dry the shoes later.

Do You Wear Socks with Sperry?

Yes, you should wear socks with a pair of Sperry shoes. Although you can wear them without socks too. But socks will make the shoes way more comfortable. Also, they will expand the lifespan of the footwear as well. 

Final Words

So, do Sperry shoes run big or small? What do your findings say?

Hopefully, this question has been well-answered above. Yes, they run a bit bigger, therefore, require sizing down to offer a comfortable fitting. Like most other boat shoes, Sperrys are also architectured with flexible materials with premium craftsmanship. That’s why they tend to expand over time which you could find a bit too roomy.

Still in confusion? Check out the size chart in detail. Then measure your feet properly and match them with the available size in the chart. Surely, you can get a Sperry pair that feels great on your feet. 

All the best!

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