Can You Put Two Insoles In Shoes to Keep Steps Higher?

If you have found a lovely pair of shoes but are a bit unsure whether the size will fit you, the thought of inserting a second insole over the existing one might have crossed your mind! Or maybe, you want a little extra padding, for which you are thinking adding another insole. Actually, many of us are on the same page! 

Can you put two insoles in shoes, though? Yeah, you have a way better to insert two insoles inside your shoes, but this applies to people with certain demands and medical conditions, like those who want additional padding or have severe foot pain.

So, if you need to insert two insoles in your shoes, then here is a way better to apply. Let’s talk more about two insole shoes and their utility below!

Can you put two insoles in the shoes?

The answer is YES. You can actually insert two insoles in your shoes.

There might be a number of reasons for this. Some people use it for extra padding underneath their feet; some wear it to relieve foot pain, while some wear it to avoid foot fatigue while traveling long distances. 

Simply make sure that the new insole you’re stacking fits exactly on top of the current one or the shoe’s footbed without overlapping and causing irritation. And don’t bother to go up a size if your shoes don’t have enough room because footwear with a little more depth and width in the toe box area will make fitting two insoles easier.

There are a number of insoles according to your requirements. For example, thermal insoles for warm feet, gel insoles to absorb impacts, and foam insoles for a little extra comfort!

Why do people wear two insoles

Why do people wear two insoles?

While two insoles might seem uncomfortable to wear, it is actually worn for a number of good reasons, like extra cushioning, foot pain relief, etc

Some people use two insoles, according to their physician’s advice, to alleviate the discomfort associated with foot ailments such as Norton’s neuroma or metatarsus adductus. These foot issues necessitate additional cushioning beneath your feet, particularly if you have to be on your feet for long periods of time.

Again, Some individuals require just the right amount of cushioning and arch support beneath their feet, for which they prefer using insoles.

Moreover, if you own a shoe where the insole is unremovable and a little discomforting, you can always add in another cushioned insole.

Do insoles make your shoes tighter?

When you wear two insoles in your shoes, they may feel a little tight. Because, as you insert the insole into your shoes, it fills in the area between your feet and the shoe, improving the fit.

However, if your shoes are significantly larger, two insoles will actually help them fit better; full insoles are a good option in this case.

Final Thoughts

So now that you have known the technicalities and causes of wearing two insoles inside your shoes, there are some factors you need to follow while doing so.

First of all, check to see if the new insole design you want to insert in your shoe is compliant with it. Alongside, consider the material of the insole; for example, you need to ensure breathability in case of sweaty feet. Moreover, if you are using an orthotic insert, make sure it’s approved by your specialist.

The answer to ‘can you put two insoles in shoes’ solely depends on your satisfaction. If you enjoy the experience and are comfortable with it, then why not?

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