Can Your Shoes Cause Sciatica Pain? Don’t Let Shoes Invite Unwanted Pain!

DATE: June 16, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you in a profession that requires you to walk a lot or stand much? Then you must be familiar with a pain in the back that makes it intolerable to continue with the work. Sometimes it makes you helpless, and you stop working. If so, you must know the reasons behind this pain to get rid of it.

Can your shoes cause sciatica pain? Unfortunately, yes. The shoes you wear to save the feet and add beauty to your appearance play a vital role in developing back pain.

Though you wear the shoes on the feet, they have influence over the whole body, especially to maintain balance. When you choose the wrong shoes, it leads to a number of troubles. Sciatica is one of such pains caused by your footwear.

When you detect the issue and take the proper steps, you can remove it easily. This study must help you in this regard!

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Can Your Shoes Cause Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica can spoil your physical condition, especially when you leave it untreated for a long time. So, you must, at first, avoid those issues that are responsible for the pain. Can your shoes cause sciatica pain? You must be surprised to know that your footwear can lead to this pain in the back and affects the balance of your body.

Sciatica may normally result from some specific troubles with your shoes. For example, in case you take the wrong pair of shoes and wear them consecutively, it must invite this pain. The shoes that don’t fit your feet cannot provide the needed support. As a result, your feet and even your hips might be affected when you walk or run on a relatively tougher surface.

Secondly, poorly designed shoes are also equally risky. When you choose a pair that hasn’t been assembled properly, they won’t support the feet and the whole body as they need.

So, while taking shoes, consider these matters to stay safe!

What Other Things Cause Sciatica?

Besides your shoes, a number of other things like being overweight, sitting too much, doing unmatched exercises, putting something on the back, etc., are equally responsible for the back pain.

Overweight causes a number of troubles where Sciatica is one. Again, if you are in a job where you pass most of the time just by sitting at a place, you may gradually encounter sciatica pain. Similarly, the unfit exercises or putting a money bag on the back can also lead to this pain.

So, avoid all these casual activities to stay away from sciatica pain all the time.

What Should You Avoid If You Have Sciatica?

To remove sciatica pain, you have to avoid some activities that can be extremely harmful when you are affected by it. Have a look over the following suggestions.

  • Don’t bend your body at all. When you bend and lift anything, especially a heavy object, it affects your ligaments, bones, and discs.
  • Avoid hard exercises, particularly those that need to stretch your hamstrings. Instead, just walk or swim so that you don’t harm yourself.
  • Don’t sit continuously for more than 15 or 20 minutes. You should rather walk for a while and then sit again. At the same time, never bend forward as well.
  • Similarly, you can’t also lie on the bed for more than 48 hours. Despite the extent of the pain, you must leave the bed at regular intervals. 
  • While sitting, avoid a soft chair or sofa. A wrong chair can deteriorate the pain terribly. So, take a seat that will help mobilize your back muscles.
  • Last but not the least, don’t lose your patience to follow the experts’ instructions and take the medicines to recover the pain gradually.

Unless you are disciplined and have the intention to maintain each and every rule, you cannot get rid of Sciatica easily!

How Long will Sciatica Take to Heal?

Depending on the severity and how you take care of it, Sciatica can take 4 to 6 weeks to be recovered. Sadly, sometimes it may take a longer period of time.

So, you must consult a doctor and follow her advice. More importantly, you have to avoid the risky activities mentioned above to remove the pain soon.

Final Thought

Sciatica can disappoint you beyond description when you leave it untreated for a long time. This study tried to bring some crucial matters about this back pain so that you don’t let it trouble you much.

First of all, you must avoid shoes that invite this pain unexpectedly. So, be sure that the model, shape-size, and other issues like the materials, breathability, comfort- everything of your footwear is safe for the feet.

Besides shoes, obesity, some kinds of unmatched exercise, and putting something in the back pocket can equally be held responsible for Sciatica. That’s why you need to consider all these things to stay away from the pain.

So, don’t get panicked with Sciatica, as your care can remove this pain within a few weeks!

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