Can Flat Shoes Cause Back Pain? Be Sure to Avoid Fatal Consequences!

DATE: August 6, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you feel a constant back pain that causes disturbances to your normal life? Probably you have already visited experts and invested a lot. Yet you haven’t got rid of the pain! Have you ever checked your shoes, especially the flat ones? Maybe, your favorite flat shoes can be held responsible for your physical handicap!

Can flat shoes cause back pain? Simply put, yes. Flat shoes can invite an intolerable pain to your back, resulting in putting you in horrific situations. The prime cause behind this pain is the lack of ability of these shoes to give support to your back, ultimately the whole body.

You cannot ignore back pain anyhow. This study can help you tackle this pain and remove it soon!

Can Flat Shoes Cause Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common health troubles people face frequently. This pain hampers you terribly, especially when you leave it untreated for quite a long time. The best you can do with the pain is to detect the causes behind it. You can find a lot of different matters responsible for this pain. Can flat shoes cause back pain?

You might be surprised to learn that this popular shoe model can cause serious pain to your back. The things that you wear to cover your feet and add beauty to your appearance can bring intolerable pain to your body resulting in tremendous constraints to your movement or regular activities.

Because of their distinctive design, flat shoes cannot provide you with the required support. Consequently, your spine fails to maintain its accurate alignment. So, when you walk on a rough surface, you feel terribly uncomfortable, and that turns into a pain in no time.

Moreover, the insufficient arch support of flip-flops affects your heels. A recent study by finds that flat shoes disturb the balls of your feet. These troubles together invite back pain and spoil all your comfort and flexibility.

Why Do Flat Shoes Hurt?

The main cause of posing pain in the back by flat shoes is their lack of support and the limitation of their proper cushioning.

Flats have such designs and patterns that cannot give you the best cushioning. Consequently, this footwear lead to intolerable pain when you wear them continuously.

What Shoes Should You Wear for Lower Back Pain?

To get rid of the intolerable lower back pain, you must change your habit of wearing flip-flops and take the best shoes with no mistakes.

Prioritize the footwear that has the best arch support. This is the key issue to creating this trouble

With such supported shoes, you can move freely, which reduces the pressure on your legs. Besides, the shoes must have insoles particularly designed for spinal alignment to remove the pain quickly.

So, these above conditions ensure that running or fitness shoes and tennis shoes, in particular, would work magically when you suffer from lower back pain.

What Shoes Should You Avoid for Lower Back Pain?

Needless to say, you will not continue wearing the flats being affected by back pain. Besides, you have to avoid some more models not to deteriorate the condition unexpectedly.

Like the flats, high heels are equally detrimental to your body as they hamper the curvature of the spinal column. They even cannot support your body, especially when walking on a tough surface and using the stairs.

So, first, consider your health and then decide what type of shoes you will go for.

Is It Good To Wear Flat Shoes?

No doubt, the simplicity of flat shoes attracts all. They are incredibly comfortable too. But the limitations of this model also need your consideration when you think of wearing them continuously.

Besides back pain, over-wearing these shoes can cause terrible pain in your ankles. As they cannot support your body properly, they lead to the inflammation of the fragile tissue.

Another research by Vox digs out that the lack of support by flip-flops causes misplacement of your spine, pelvis, hips, and knees. You can suffer from an ingrown toenail, which is caused by ballet flats. The narrow and tight design of this footwear squeezes your toes and forces the toenails to grow inward.

So, never forget to consider these issues before taking and wearing flat shoes to stay healthy and safe always!

Final Thought

When you look for lightweight shoes, you have a few better alternatives to flat shoes. But this study found that wearing flats frequently is detrimental to your health, especially the lower back. That’s why you should avoid wearing this model every now and then.

Experts say so because these shoes cannot provide you with support while walking. Thus they invite back pain, including other physical troubles. So, when you are affected by the pain, you must stay away from flip-flops and high heels as well. Instead of these designs, you should prefer those that have the best assembling to support you always.

So, while thinking of wearing flat shoes, consider the above issues to stay safe!

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