Do Mizuno shoes run big or small?

Mizuno is a reputed Japanese manufacturer for producing sports shoes. Because of its high-quality arch support, smoother ride and great speed, Mizuno gets more popular. Especially Mizuno made high-quality shoes for runners and professional golfers. When you think of buying a pair of Mizuno online, you might ask whether Mizuno shoes run big or small?

For your concern, most of the Mizuno shoes come true to size. But not all Mizuno shoes fit the same. Some models come true to size, and some could be run smaller or larger.

Let’s dive into this guide to know details about Mizuno shoe sizing. Also, you will know the factors of an ideal true fit Mizuno shoes. 

Do Mizuno shoes run big or small?

Do Mizuno shoes run big or small?

Mizuno shoes run big or small, depending on the model. Here we discuss on few models of Mizuno manufacturer.

Mizuno Wave Rider 24:

Two Mizuno 24 models, wave rider 24, come with half a size longer. And another is wave knit 24, which comes true to size.

Mizuno Wave Rider 25:

Mizuno wave rider 25 comes true to size. So, you have not gone up or downsize. Since wave rider 25 is a bit smaller than wave rider 24, some customers have thought of going with size longer.

Mizuno Wave Rider Neo:

Wave riser neo fits true to size even though it seems perfect for the customers. Ost importantly, this model fits like a glove. Also, there has enough space for toes inside the Mizuno.

Mizuno Wave Inspire:

It is a perfect fit with true size and has enough width at the front. However, it is not needed to go with a size up or down. You will get varieties of widths for men and women.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion:

There has been a controversy about the wave rebellion version. Some customers got it as their true-to-size fittings. But some said it is a quarter size small and needs to go with a size up.

Mizuno Wave Sky:

Wave sky 5 is true to fit running shoes. It is a bit shallower and doesn’t move around the feet.

Mizuno shoes sizing chart for men and women

This sizing chart is only for Mizuno brands. But do you know that how do mizuno shoes fit compared to Nike? Use a sizing converter can help in this situation. 

ModelsWeightDrop for men and womenStack height for men and women
Wave Rider 249.6oz12 mm for both men and womenHeel 32 mm and forefoot 20 mm
Wave Rider 259.5oz12 mm for both men and womenHeel 36 mm and forefoot 24mm
Wave Rider Neo9.3oz12 mm for both men and womenHeel 35 mm and forefoot 23mm
Wave Inspire11oz12 mm for both men and womenHeel 31 mm and forefoot 19mm
Wave Horizon11.5oz10 mm for both men and womenHeel 36 mm and forefoot 26mm
Wave Sky11.1oz8 mm for both men and womenHeel 38mm and forefoot 30mm
Wave Rebellion8.1oz8 mm for both men and womenHeel 38mm and forefoot 30mm

How to check if your Mizuno shoes are a perfect fit?

How to check if your Mizuno shoes are a perfect fit?

Here are some common factors. By checking these, you can know if your Mizuno is a perfect fit or not.


After wearing it, you will feel that the heel of the shoe is not loose and not too tight. Notice if you are feeling comfortable. It is not a true fit if you don’t feel comfortable and there is any problem.


Midfoot should be hugged at your foot sole. Bud, don’t feel uncomfortable if you got some wiggle. Having some wiggle is natural.


After wearing the shoes, Toes will feel like they can move around. And there should have some extra space inside the toes part.

Tips for wearing a running shoe

However, there have some more factors for wearing Mizuno running shoes.


Some people have bunions with their big toes. In this case, they should use a wide foot shoe. Otherwise, the standard feet shoes will not fit their feet.


Getting blisters with new shoes is natural. Using a soft sock is recommended if you have blisters on your fingers or around the feet.

Toe Bang:

Toe bang means creating one kind of spot at the toes. These spots could create because of the friction between the toes and the shoe’s front part. You can use the runner loop for this problem.


  1. Do Mizuno shoes run small?

Some specific Mizuno shoes run small, but most of the Mizuno come true to size. We want to mention that Mizuno wave rider 24, 25, wave rider neo and inspire, wave horizon, wave sky and wave rebellion are some models that run true to size.  

  1. Does Mizuno fit true to size?

Most of the Mizuno running shoes come true in size. But do mizuno volleyball shoes run small? some Mizuno volleyball shoes might run small. In this case, the user should go with a size up to get the perfect fit shoes. For example, you can go with a 9 size instead of 8.

  1. Is Mizuno good for wide feet?

Do mizuno shoes come in wide? yes, Mizuno is overall good for wide feet. Especially, Mizuno Wave Rider 25 are good for wide feet. This model also provides great cushioning, a wider toe box and support for wide feet. Wave rider 25 is made with extra width.

  1. How do Mizuno trainers fit?

Mizuno trainers don’t come true to size. It runs a bit smaller. So, Mizuno manufacturers have suggested the customers for taking ½ size larger than the standard size. If your shoes don’t fit yet, go with one size larger than the standard size.

Final Notes:

Do Mizuno shoes run big or small? There has no specific answer because not all Mizuno shoes come in small to large sizes, nor do they come in a true fit. We have written some models that always come true to size. Also, we mentioned some models that come a bit smaller than the standard size. After reading this guide, we hope you can choose a favourite model with the right size.

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