8 Best Skate Shoes for Flip Tricks | Top Picks You Must Consider!

If you’re a skater trying out one or two flips would always be one of the key areas you’d want to focus on. 

But, flip tricks aren’t as easy for beginners as you may see it being done by the more professional ones. 

Many different items are required for performing different skateboarding stunts, and getting the best skate shoes for flip tricks can really help you perform different eye-catching maneuvers using the skate. 

But one of the issues with the newcomers is that they may find it a bit challenging to find the right shoes from the market. That’s where our guide comes in! 

8 Best Skate Shoes for Flip Tricks 

We’ll discuss some of the quality skate shoes that you can consider in the list below. We’ll detail both the strengths and weaknesses of each unit so you get a complete comprehension of them. 

Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar

Adidas Originals Men's Superstar

In the first part of our highly detailed guide, we have a quality item to be speaking about. Adidas is by far one of the best shoe manufacturers leading the world of sports and should offer you a quality skating experience. 


  • Casual design 
  • 8 different design variants 
  • Quality fitting enhancing lace-up 
  • Rubber sole 

One of the best things about this shoe is its exceptional comfort level. You’d find it a highly comfortable skating shoe for an effortless skating session. 

Plus, they’re pretty grippy, which will help you get the stunts done without much difficulty. Style is one of the best selling points of this incredible shoe; it’d set you apart from the regular crowd anytime! 

Fitting is pretty good in these shoes as well. However, the durability can seem like an issue if you skate on these, but on the whole, it should be a quality starting point! 


  • Exceptionally comfortable for long skating 
  • Grippy soles offer quality stunt possibilities 
  • Tremendously stylish appearance 
  • Comes with quality fitting 


  • Can have slight durability issues 

DVS Men’s Celsius Skate Shoe

At the 2nd spot, we have another quality shoe specially constructed for skaters like you. Let’s talk about it in detail. 


  • Specially designed for skating 
  • Leather construction 
  • Breathability enhanced design 
  • EVA midsole technology 

One of the things that often bothers the skaters is the durability aspect of the shoes, something we already talked about. But unlike the average ones, this one offers you an incredibly durable body, so you can skate for a long time wearing them! 

Like the Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar, this one also offers a tremendously comfy wearing experience. This will come in handy for long skating sessions. 

This one can easily outperform the average ones in terms of aesthetics! Coming with an unorthodox outer design, this will surely give you an edge in terms of standing out in a crowd. 

Finally, the skating performance. These are specially designed skate shoes that will offer you exceptionally effective skating flip tricks potential. 

The fitting can be an issue for these shoes, but overall, you must try them out every time! 


  • Highly durable build for lasting performance 
  • Spectacular outer design 
  • Quality skating performance 
  • Comfortable wearing experience 


  • The fitting can be an issue 

DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoe

If you’re looking for pure skating shoes, this one by DC can surely be a good option to try out. Let’s find out the inner qualities of this one. 


  • 4 different design variants 
  • Rubber sole for better tracking 
  • Leather construction 
  • Patterned tread 

First and foremost, these are incredibly well-built shoes you can try. Usually, skating requires shoes that are built tough, and these would surely match the requirement. 

Like the DVS Men’s Celsius Skate Shoe, this one is pretty comfortable and should offer a quality skating experience. 

Furthermore, this one is built exclusively for skateboarding, so this is something you can use to try out for flip tricks or other stunts. 

Looks are always important for any shoes and in this department too, they’d provide you a satisfactory output. 

They may run a bit too small, which is one of the minor drawbacks you should consider, but given the plenty of benefits, these should surely be quality shoe options you can consider. 


  • Highly durable construction
  • Outstanding outer design 
  • Specifically designed to provide quality skating 
  • Tremendous comfort level 


  • May run slightly smaller than expected 

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

At the fourth spot in the list, Vans has another quality item. Let’s go through this one and see how it can help you get the desired output. 


  • 25 design variants 
  • For both male and female 
  • Rubber sole for grip 
  • Specially constructed for skating 

The thing we’d look at first is the skating performance. If you’re all about tricks and stunts, these shoes would just be the right option to go ahead with. Coming with insanely effective skating performance possibilities, they should help you do whatever you want with your board! 

They come with a gorgeous appearance and have a range of different options to pick the one that suits your style.

Being highly durable shoes, they should offer you a longer usage potential, and a comfortable feeling lets you skate for longer. 

Being a bit narrow, this one can be difficult to wear for people with wide feet. However, this one would surely be a good pick all in all! 


  • Exceptional skating performance 
  • Quality outer design 
  • Sturdy construction for longer use 
  • Comfortable wearing experience 


  • It May seem a bit narrow for people with wide feet

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Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe

Now we have another quality option for your skating needs. Let’s learn more about the Emerica Romero Skate shoes. 


  • 42 different design variants 
  • Comfort enhanced construction 
  • Rubber sole with added grip 
  • Tread bottom 

Similar to the Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes, these shoes, too, are extraordinarily well designed and come in many design variants to suit your style! 

If you’ve been looking for a quality pair of skating shoes, this one should surely be a quality option. You can get them if you like to try flip tricks or similar stuff. 

Besides its outstanding grip, you can also consider the increased durability it offers for long and heavy use. Finally, this one will certainly be a quality pick with added comfort. 

Keeping aside the tight-fitting issues, these should be an ideal skate shoe overall. 


  • Tremendously stylish appearance 
  • Stunning performance for skaters 
  • Added durability for extended lifespan 
  • Comfort friendly wearing 


  • May fit tight 

Globe Men’s GS Skate Shoe

Here in the list of quality skate shoes, we have the Globe Men’s GS skate shoes. Time to learn more about it. 


  • Special skating shoes 
  • Variety of designs to pick from 
  • Shocked technology 
  • Minimized tongue and collar 

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on some quality shoes that can help you try out some flip tricks and other maneuvers, then these shoes by Globe Men would be a good pick.  

Another positive is the cushion it offers. Cushioned sole and the top area would let you skate with ease wearing them. 

Added elegance like the Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe we just talked about would surely provide a quality style display. 

The extra grip would make it more secure and easy to bike and skate. They may seem a bit flimsy, but all in all, they should be an outstanding set of shoes to bring in. 


  • Offers quality skating performance 
  • Cushioned sole and top for added comfort 
  • Elegant design 
  • Added grip for extra security 


  • It May seem a bit flimsy 

DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes

We have the DC men’s skating shoes at the final parts of our long guide. Let’s find out more about it. 


  • DC shoes for skating 
  • Leather construction
  • Rubberized sole for traction 
  • Comfort friendly design 

If you’re looking for durable shoes and something you can wear for a long time, then these shoes are surely a good option. Like the Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe, they are also highly well built. 

Fitting is an issue for many and people with wide feet in particular. But these would be incredibly well matched for them as well! 

Incredible skateboarding performance is another positive of this one. With added grip and comfort enhanced design, this is as good as skate shoes can get. 

Well, these aren’t multipurpose shoes, meaning you may not find them that good for walking and running. But, all things considered, they should certainly be a quality pick! 


  • Durable build for long use 
  • Quality fitting for people with wide feet 
  • Exceptional outer appearance 
  • Added grip for better performance 


  • It May seem a bit difficult to run or walk 

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

Finally, we have the Etnies Jameson to wrap our list up. Let’s have a brief look at these incredible shoes. 


  • Comes in an unlimited number of style variants
  • Rubber sole for better grip 
  • Comfort friendly design
  • Skating special shoes 

Similar to the DC Men’s Court, this one, too, makes outstanding skating shoes for skating. So if you want the best shoes for kickflips, these are the ones you must try. 

These Etnies are specially designed for men of taste. If you’re looking for shoes with an exceptionally striking appearance, they’re something you should go ahead with. The comfort level, too, is pretty good. 

The grippy outsole would offer a better hold to the skate. However, the shoes may seem a bit too narrow in terms of fitting. But overall, they’re quality shoes you can go ahead with. 


  • Quality skateboarding performance 
  • Grippy outsole for better grip 
  • Exceptional outer appearance 
  • Comfort friendly design 


  • It May seem a bit too narrow 

Types of Skate Shoes

There are different types of skate shoes. 

Low Top 

Low tops refer to shoes with a comparatively lower height than the average ones. They won’t go above the ankle. 

Mid Top

Mid tops are the shoes that come with a slightly more height than the low tops. They’d extend to the ankle level. 

High Top 

As the name suggests, high-top shoes are longer than any other types mentioned. They go above the ankle. The positive of high tops is that they offer plenty of ankle support but may seem a bit heavy. 

Tips for making your skate shoes last longer

You can follow the given tips to make sure that the shoes last longer than usual: 

Glue the Stitched Areas 

Applying glue to the stitched areas would offer tremendously strong bondage and reduce the possibilities of loosening the stitches. You may also want to apply glues on the holed areas, but that won’t be a good idea as you’d lose the grip. 

Patch the Holes 

Patches can develop due to continuous skating. In that case, you can use the shoe goo. Shoe goo is a specially designed shoe repairing adhesive that can work tremendously well to patch holes. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Skate Shoes for Flip Tricks

Buying Guide to Get the Best Skate Shoes for Flip Tricks

Buying Guide to Get the Best Skate Shoes for Flip Tricks

If you’re willing to get the best shoes for skating, you must consider a few factors that can filter out the average ones and help you pick the right one for the job. Check the key considerations down below: 


The most important part while choosing your pair of skating shoes durability should be the number one consideration. The area where skating shoes receive the most complaints is durability. 

Skating can make your shoes wear down faster than usual; in that case, there are no alternatives to going for a highly durable shoe. 

Skating Capabilities 

Another highly crucial factor to consider while getting shoes for skating is their skating abilities. If your shoes aren’t built to perform complex skating tricks, you may end up regretting the purchase. 


No matter what, style is and always will be a key factor while getting shoes. While meeting up with your skating buddies, you don’t want to look dull; that’s why you must prioritize the outer appearance like the other factors we mentioned. 

Comfort Level 

Your shoes are not worth it if it’s not easy wearing. The level of comfort should be emphasized while getting a new pair. Plus, it will also lengthen your time on the board. 

On the other hand, if they’re not comfy enough, you may not enjoy skating or walking on them. Try going for the highly padded shoes to get the maximum comfort. 


Last but not the least, you must check if the shoes fit well. You should measure your feet precisely before ordering any shoes in this particular case. 

Some of the shoes can seem a bit narrower than your actual feet size. In that case, wearing it well may become extremely difficult. So, always make sure you’re getting the shoes that would grip your feet well while leaving slight breathing space. 

These are the factors you should consider while getting quality skating shoes.


What is the best skate shoe ever?

Some of the best skate shoes include Vans Half club, Air Jordan, and DC Men’s Court Graffik.

Which company has the best skate shoes?

Vans are known to be special in terms of making skate shoes. Etnies Jameson, too, makes quality skating shoes. 

 Are low tops or high tops better for skating?

Low tops are usually preferred over high tops while skating. 

Are high tops bad for skateboarding?

High tops may not be preferred because they may seem a bit heavy. However, they provide quality ankle support. 

Does it matter what shoes you skate in?

Obviously, it does. Skating shoes can greatly improve performance. As they’re built specially, keeping in mind the needs of the regular skaters, they’d always be better than the regular shoes. 

Final Thoughts

Well, throughout the entire guide, we’ve talked comprehensively about skate shoes. We’ve brought to light some of the best skate shoes for flip tricks, detailed their features, and highlighted some of the negatives as well, so you get a clearer understanding of each one of them. 

Most of the shoes we talked about are made to fulfill the skating needs of the average skater. Tricks and regular rides should be done without much issues using the shoes mentioned in the list. 

However, you should still compare and pick the best one among them that suits your style. So, what makes you wait?

Get your hands on the best skating shoes right now and enjoy the tricks!

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