Do New Balance Run Big or Small You must read it before buy

DATE: October 23, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you are thinking of buying a new pair of New Balance shoes, then you should know whether they run big or small. However, the brand is one of the best for every aged people, and this is a very renowned brand. 

 They are claiming that the New Balance shoes are true in size and it won’t run big or small. So, if you are looking for a good fit, you can select this pair. There are more other information and size charts regarding information that you should not miss at all. So, let’s start. 

Do New Balance Run Big or Small

Do New Balance Run Big or Small

According to the manufacturers, the New Balance neither run big nor small instead, they fit your feet quickly. But, you need to make sure the perfect size for your feet. On the first attempt, your heel will adjust nicely and be snug also. This pair of shoes are true to size, and the quality of the outsole is also very good. 

However, you will get the arch support making a difference in every size available for this shoe. So, you need to check the shoe size chart and all. The New Balance use letters and number to mention their shoe style. You need to be familiar with the shoe style and size so that you can choose the perfect one for you. 

Numbers and Letters Mentioning The Style and Type

So, how do you understand or get an idea about the New Balance shoe from the letter and number? Well, we are here to help you with the show numbering and lettering. If you see a shoe that ends with the number 90, then you are going to get more speed from this shoe while ending with the digit 80; it will offer you neutral cushioning.

For having light stability and nice speed control, you may find the shoe ending with the number 70. If you see any New Balance shoe number ending with 60, then you will get more stability from this shoe. 

 For running and fitness, you can select the shoe that ends with the number 50, and the number 40 has nice control and support. 

The letters mention if the shoes are for men (M), women (W), or kids (G, P, I, or Y).

How to Measure Feet Size 

Well, it’s time to measure your feet and the best time for measuring the feet is the evening as the feet swell in the daytime. Now, take a piece of paper and put your feet on the paper, and take your pension or pen. After that, make a mark on the paper from the hill to the tip of the toe. Now, take your measuring tape to measure the length by the tape on the foot. After taking the measurement of your feet, you need to match it to the size chart. 

Does New Balance Shoe Width Have Any Impact?

Does New Balance Shoe Width Have Any Impact?

IF you have narrow or wide feet, then you will need to choose the New Balance shoe as they are made for this kind of feet. However, before you choose the pair, you need to check the width as well as the length so that you get comfortable while wearing your new shoes. That’s a firm factor as New Balance shoe width has an impact on the user. 

New Balance Size Chart Variation

You will get a size chart variation for new balance shoes for both men and women, and you need to know about the available sizes. If you know the size chart, then you will be able to find the best shoe pair for you. So, have a look-


As you know that there are different types of shoe size charts, and here is the size chart for MEN’s NEW BALANCE shoe-


For Women

This is the size chart for WOMEN NEW BALANCE shoe-



1. How do new balance shoe fit?

– The New Balance shoes are true to size, and they are very well fit your feet. But, you need to measure your feet correctly to get the most suitable pair of NEW BALANCE shoes. 

2. Does new balance shoe run bigger than Adidas?

– According to the experts and the users, we have found that the New Balance shoes are a few millimeters bigger than Adidas, and this dones’t make any change at all. 

3. Is New Balance bigger than Nike?

– As you know that the New Balance shoes are very true to size, whereas the Nike run smaller. But, it happens with Nike sneakers.  

Final Note

 Hopefully, you have known that Do New Balance Run Big or Small. However, selecting a perfect pair of the shoe depends on the feet size and a complete buying guide to guide you to the best shoe. The New Balance shoes are true to size as always, and you can follow their size chart. Hope you will find the most suitable size for you when choosing the New Balance shoe

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