Do Reeboks Run Big or Small

One of the oldest brands of shoes, Reebok continuously satisfies the athletic world. It offers a comfortable pair of shoes, and Reebok has a commendable policy regarding any sizing issue for the shoes. It offers a 30 days’ return policy if the consumers keep the shoe unused with the original box and tags are intact.

So the brand is so popular among both our previous generations and the younger generation. For Reebok, people never really think about the quality of the shoes; the only thing they have is, do Reeboks run big or small?

That’s our discussion issue for today. Enough of getting confused about the size. People have different feet, so you can’t judge size by just asking others. Expert’s and researcher’s opinions should be acceptable only. Let’s get started. 

Do Reebok Shoes Run True To Size 

Do Reebok Shoes Run True To Size 

First, the question everyone asks is, do Reebok stretch? Yeah, Reebok shoes stretch a bit when we wear; that’s how the shoe fits on us comfortably. The shoes have been on the market for the last several or more decades. So it knows well, that no matter how often it introduces new shoes, customers trust a brand when they find it true to its word. Reebok gained that trust from the very beginning. 

As Reebok has so many classic shoes, most of them run true to size. But nowadays, Reebok is introducing us to narrow shoes, and it’s not like all-new coming shoes are narrow. Different models of Reebok are slightly different sizes. 

Reebok Classic- Do they Fit

Your eyes will come out of your head knowing that Reebok Classic trainers came out in the market back in 1983 and are still being sold all over the world by footwear retailers. The shoe started its journey as a running shoe, but now it has become a more casual shoe with jeans and a T-shirt. 

So are you a little confused about the size of the Reebok Classic trainer? Hesitating about the size? Guys, Reebok classic trainers are true to size shoes. It means it has a proper size, not any bigger or smaller. So no matter what size you follow in the UK, EU or US, stick with the size you feel comfortable with and will have the perfect size in Reebok Classic trainers. 

 Do Reebok Club C Run Small

Are you looking for a classic silhouette? We think the new generation of cool dudes should get a pair of Reebok Club C, the one of the oldest sneakers models around the world. Even after almost 40 years, Reebok has countless colors and collaborations with other models that are still very tempting for sneaker lovers. 

Club C is a true to size sneaker because it was introduced back in the 90s. So it doesn’t require a size up or down. Still, the pair of Club C feel so comfortable on my feet even after 3 decades. 

Do Reebok Questions Run Big or Small

Do Reebok Questions Run Big or Small

Compared to Reebok Classic and Club C, Reebok Question was first released in 1996, and is quite a new model. Most people love the white/green lows of Reebok Question. Even Reebok Question has many versions, but no matter how new the version is, still, the shoes are maintaining their old legacy of true size shoes. 

We suggest you stick to the size you feel fits on you for Reebok. Because the Reebok Question is not getting any bigger or narrower even now. So stick to a 1:1 fit. If you feel like having a half size bigger because the newer models of Reebok are a half size smaller than Nike, then we’ll say this shoe is not like newer models, still, it follows the older sizing pattern. 

Reebok Size Guide

It’s the perfect time to introduce you guys to size charts of Reebok for both men and women and also help you understand the size compared to other brands.

Men’s Size Chart 

  Size in cm       UK        EU    US
        25.9          7      40.5      8
        26.4        7.5      41      8.5
        26.9        8      42      9
        27.4        8.5      42.5      9.5
        27.9        9      43      10
        28.4        9.5      44    10.5
        29        10      44.5      11

Women’s Size Chart 

  Size in cm       UK        EU    US
        23.1          3.5      36      6
        23.6          4      37      6.5
        23.9          4.5      37.5      7
        24.4            5      38      7.5
        24.9          5.5        39      8
        25.4            6        40    8.5
        25.9          6.5      40.5       9 

Reebok VS Other Shoes 

Do Reeboks run bigger than nike? How do Reebok shoes fit compared to vans? These are the most common questions you have in social media or shoe forums. It’s time to show you guys the comparison table and clear all of your confusion about the Reebok shoe’s size. 

Different Brand’s Shoe Size Comparison Table:  Men

  Length in cm     Reebok (US)    Nike (US)      Adidas(US)       Vans(US)
      27        9      10      10        9
      28        10      11      11        10
      29        11      12      12        11

Here, look at the table. Both Nike and Adidas are one size bigger than Reebok. SO if you have any questions like how do Reebok shoes fit compared to Nike, then from the table, you easily understand you need smaller shoes if you come from Nike or Adidas. For Vans, stick to the same size as Reebok. 

Different Brand’s Shoe Size Comparison Table: Men

  Length in cm     Reebok (US)    Nike  (US)    Adidas(US)       Vans(US)
      23        6        6      6.5      6.5
      24        7        7      7.5      7.5
      25        8        8      8.5      8.5

Now, don’t compare and get women’s shoes by seeing the men’s chart. Then a big hazard is waiting for you. For Women, both Reebok and Nike are in the same size, but Adidas and Vans are a half size larger than Reebok. 


  1. Are Reebok true to size?
  2.  – Most of the older Reebok shoes like Classic Trainer, Cub C, and Reebok Question are true to size. But Newer models are half size smaller than the true size.
  3. What size should I get in Reebok?
  4.  – If you want to have Classic Trainer, Club C, or Reebok Question, then go for the ideal size measuring your feet length in cm, and then convert the size to the UK, US, or Euro size. 
  5. Do Reebok Questions run big?
  6.  – No Reebok Question is an older model of Reebok, so it patterned a long time ago and still maintains true size. 

Final Note 

We suggest you measure your feet with a measuring tape from heel to toe. It would be better if you wore socks. In that case, there is more probability of having the perfect size of your feet. Now you can try any Reebok older models with the exact size of your feet and a half size larger for newer shoes. Hopefully, it will clear you of all kinds of concussions. 

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